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Naples | October 07 2008
We recommend Bark Busters. We observed a noticeable change in Angus, our Chow mix, by the end of the training lesson. We were pleased with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters, and Patrick, our trainer, explained the techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. Permalink
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Bellevue | October 07 2008
AMAZING! Bark Busters taught me how to understand my dogs' desire to follow a pack leader and transform us into a pack that ROCKS! No more barking at every little thing. No more pulling at the leash. The dogs are happy because there is a clear leader of the pack (me) and they don't need to fill in for me. What a beautiful system -- to lead in a way the dogs understand. Jack is delightful to work with -- and Sarah and I hit it off right from the start. ***** 5 stars!!! Permalink
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Weston | October 06 2008
Sheyna is doing such a great job. We practiced everything you taught us last night. The word BAH and the body language really make Sheyna obedient. Thank you so much for helping us train Sheyna. Sheyna is really off to a super start! Permalink
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Mount Pleasant | October 06 2008
After 7 years, Bark Busters still honored their lifetime warranty & I was so excited! My dog is so different! Permalink
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James Island | October 06 2008
Gator seemed to have a lot of issues. James & Michelle helped me understand that he really only had few. We have learned so much in such a short period of time. Our relationship is enhanced -- I am enjoying my dog again. It is rewarding to have him respond to me and to get his impolite behavior corrected. Permalink
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Norristown | October 05 2008
Jeri was very knowledgeable and had good suggestions for every issue we had. We saw noticeable results immediately. Our dogs stopped jumping on the sofa right away. We were surprised by well the techniques work! I was skeptical and did not think I would learn anything new. This was really different and exciting to get specific instructions for specific issues. We were very impressed with the creative training methods. Jeri is great to work with. Permalink
Charleston | October 04 2008
Bark Busters REALLY does work! We saw immediate results the day of the training! My dog is now well behaved, walks correctly on a leash, and responds better to the commands that I want him to follow! I recommend Bark Busters to anyone who may want to see quick changes in their pets!!! It is a WONDERFUL program! Permalink
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Chino Hills | October 04 2008
Our trainer, Wendy Blanch, has helped me to reform my spoiled and misbehaved Lab into an enjoyable and lovable pet as part of our family, through the Bark Busters training techniques. Thank you, Wendy, for all your valuable time and effort in working with me and my dog. Permalink
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Clive | October 04 2008
Deb was wonderful. She helped us understand how our actions and reactions affect our dog's behavior. The training methods are easy to understand and implement. I am a big fan of Bark Busters. Permalink
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Kitty N Albuquerque, New Mexico | October 04 2008
The techniques are simple and very effective.We have enjoyed using them and observing our dog's reactions. The results were almost immediate. It is amazing. This is a lifetime investment in the behavior of our pet. it will make everyone's life happier. Permalink
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