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Lynne S
Lynne S Johnston, Iowa | March 09 2017
We asked Debbie to come back for a quick revision on a couple of issues we were having with Kya, our two year old German Shepherd. Once again, like our first visit with Debbie back in January, she gave us a few `light bulb' moments and has pointed us in the right direction in which we can help Kya to become the best dog she can be. What we learnt has made a huge difference over the past few days. Thanks again Debbie for all your wonderful help. Permalink
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Marlene U
Marlene U Toms River, New Jersey | March 09 2017
Paul is an excellent trainer. He knows exactly what to do for every circumstance. Every question my husband and I asked him regarding our issues, Paul had the solution. We have been training our puppy, Jimmy for three months now and he has made tremendous progress. Of course, we've made some progress too. We would definitely recommend Paul Pagano for anyone looking for professional help to train their pet. And, he does the training in your home which was a plus for us also. Permalink
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Lorie T
Lorie T Grand Prairie, Texas | March 09 2017
Jazz responded instantly to Nancy. Nancy used the growl and the squirt bottle to keep her from jumping up on her and Jazz sat down immediately and looked at Nancy waiting for her to give the next command. I couldn't believe it. She never had to squirt her again. I noticed all the little differences because I was doing the training but it really didn't resonate with me until others commented on how much she has changed and how well behaved she is compared to when we first got her. Permalink
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THOMAS & KIM F LITTLE FERRY, New Jersey | March 09 2017
Greg did a great job. He taught us and Shady very well. Permalink
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Missy M
Missy M Colleyville, Texas | March 09 2017
We just finished up our 3 months of training with Nancy at Bark Busters today! What a life saver she was. When I first called, we were struggling with our 10-month-old Goldendoodle. Nancy reminded us that we needed to be the leader and now we have a very well behaved Doodle. No longer are we fretting on how we will deal with the dog. She listens, knows commands, and stays next to us during walks. I highly recommend Bark Busters to anybody that might need a little help. Nancy was the best for our family and our Doodle fell in love with her! Permalink
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Jim and Debbie J Portland, Oregon | March 08 2017
Duke is doing great! Looking forward to our next class. He is like a different dog. Thanks Dick. Permalink
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Jeff and Mary Jo B Portland, Oregon | March 08 2017
Dick Messenger is a great trainer. He is easy to understand and very thorough. When he left our training session, it was like we had a different dog! Permalink
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Trainer note from Dick : Jeff, Mary Jo and Matthew are deeply committed to training their dog and it showed right away. "Cooper" is lucky to have such great owners!
Tiffany J
Tiffany J Enfield, Connecticut | March 08 2017
Scot was simply amazing. He was flexible and understanding. He came in with a great session structure in mind and got straight to work. Our dog has been so well behaved since we have been consistent with the techniques he taught us. Permalink
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Lynn D
Lynn D Jackson, New Jersey | March 08 2017
We cannot say enough about Nicholas Pagano and this program. We have used Nick before with our boxers who have now passed, to help us when one was showing aggression towards the other. Long story short, we were taught how to work with both our dogs and resolve the problem. Fast forward 8 yrs and we have just adopted a Bull Mastiff who can get a bit mouthy when he becomes excited. He is not aggressive just wants to engage in tough play. Nick is once again teaching us how to redirect him and show him that we are the pack leaders. What a difference in just a few weeks. Nick is always positive , patient and so knowledgeable. We learn more with each session and work with Rumson to reinforce what is taught in between. We highly recommend the Bark Busters program and especially Nick Pagano who really cares about the dogs and is like family to us now. He is devoted and wonderful at what he does! Permalink
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Savannah B Greensboro, North Carolina | March 08 2017
Before Amy worked with Joban he barked at all people and all dogs. Anytime he heard a sound he would bark and he would not come when called. After just the first session Joban is already responding to all the new techniques and our house is quieter. Permalink
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