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Palm Harbor | April 04 2008
Vito did an excellent job explaining the techniques to me as well as putting them into action. I have seen a great turn around in Harley and Zeus. They actually listen to me and we enjoy our walks now rather than it being a daily hassle. Thank you! Permalink
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Birchrunville | April 03 2008
The training is easy and fun to do. Tess and Hannah have responded well to the techniques. We are looking forward to traveling with both of them now. I would recommend Jeri to our friends. Permalink
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Phoenixville | April 03 2008
We found the training to be easy, interesting and enjoyable. We are looking forward to great results with Aces. Permalink
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Fort Myers | April 03 2008
Bark Busters Works! Very informative and an enjoyable experience. We finally understand who the head of the house and and who should be. Patrick explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. The natural training techniques is one of the reasons we chose Bark Busters. Who know the effects that the three letters "B A H" could have! We really appreciate the fact the training takes place in our own home. I can't believe, at the end of one training session, I'm walking the same dog. It has become much more enjoyable now! I already have recommended Bark Busters. Bark Busters works! Permalink
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Brandon | April 03 2008
I observed noticeable results, especially with other dogs. I was surprised on how much it worked. Permalink
Waterford | April 03 2008
Couldn't be more pleased. You made our lives so much better, the house, the door bell, everything --- even the nice, long walks. Thank you! Permalink
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Farmington | April 03 2008
Maril is very patient & kind in her training. We got many good pointers from her instruction. Ginger, our pug, responds very well to the correction and is making good progress. The techniques are very humane and simple to follow. It was a very enjoyable experience in the privacy of our own home. Permalink
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Sparks | April 03 2008
I think this method of training is so much better than physically discipling one's pet and hurting them rather than helping to change their behavior. Katherine made it very enjoyable and was very knowledgeable in the course of the training. We really had a blast working together with her. Granted we still have a ways to go with our training. My husband and I noticed immediate results in our dogs behavior. She was very thorough in her explanation and gave us many opportunities to try out the techniques while she was here. I will definitely recommend Bark Busters to any and all of my friends that have problems training their dogs. Thank you for the wonderful suggestions, training, tips and techniques. Permalink
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-Fenton | April 03 2008
We are really impressed with the progress we have made with Riley (our Pomeranian) after just ONE session. Patrick explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. We observed noticeable results by the end of the training and we pleased with the natural training techniques. The training experience was interesting and enjoyable. We would absolutely recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors. Permalink
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Longmeadow | April 02 2008
Scot was very thorough & explained the techniques in a completely logical way. Permalink