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Villa Park | January 04 2008
We were pleased with the immediate results and with the ongoing results as well. Karen kept the training interesting throughout. Her demonstrations were easy to follow and the concepts were fun to learn. It may cost a few bucks but your dog's well being is well worth it! THANK YOU! Permalink
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Wheaton | January 04 2008
New techniques were introduced that were specific to our concerns. Immediate results were noticed. I would recommend Bark Busters because the techniques are practical for everyday and produce great results. Permalink
Rochester | January 03 2008
Before Bark Busters came to our house, I was a messed up dog. I would jump all the time, bark for attention, and mouth with my toys. But after some proper teaching methods I am now a happier dog and my parents love me even more. Permalink
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Chicago Ridge | January 03 2008
Vicky was very informative and made sure that I was comfortable before she left. She made sure that I was ready to train Bandit and answered all of my questions thoroughly. Thanks! Permalink
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Ruckersville | January 02 2008
Cinder, my aggressive girl, has been very responsive to training and is now very meek and eager to please. The Bark Busters training has helped me read my dogs and understand them. I am getting better at identifying when they are being submissive and when they are trying to lead. Permalink
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Cohoes | January 02 2008
Rachel illustrated and explained the training techniques very clearly. It was easy to recreate the techniques after the training session. Results were so positive, I felt silly even having to ask for training help. Other people who interface with Willow immediately noticed the improvement in her behavior. I couldn't be more pleased. The techniques were simple, straightforward and sensible - and work marvelously. It was great learning the theory behind the training method, and this also helped reinforce the technique. I have spoken highly about Bark Busters, and given Rachel's contact information to others. Thank you so much - Willow and I are more "in tune" than ever. Alleviating her anxiety by teaching her she did not need to be our pack leader has worked wonders. Permalink
Berkley | January 01 2008
It was amazing to see the changes in behavior happen so fast! We didn't think it was possible. It's hard to believe that we could get Rocky to listen with such easy commands. It was great to see him show respect and listen to us! Permalink
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Farmington Hills | January 01 2008
I was amazed at the things we were doing to create stress for my dog. Maril was very informative and so helpful - we saw results after the very first session! Permalink
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Alameda | December 30 2007
I have already recommended Bark Busters to my Friends and Family. Gail was very good with my very stubborn dog. Permalink
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Castro Valley | December 30 2007
It was unbelievable how well my foster out-of-control dog responded to Gail. The training aids work really well with Teddy. I've only had to use them once or twice. We highly recommend Bark Busters as we saw such great results after one session. Permalink