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West Haven | July 26 2007
Richard was pleasant and encouraging. The method isn't physical or threatening to the dog. The dog gets praised frequently. Permalink
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Waterbury | July 26 2007
We observed noticeable results by the end of the training. Permalink
Portland | July 25 2007
My wife and I have had our Nelly (beagle/pug) for around 4 to5 years. She is a great dog, although she has a few quirks that for her happiness we would like to resolve. . . . Within the two hours Lisa was here, we saw immediate results with Nellie. I am sure that with our continued practice and patience, we will finally see Nellie learn to be the loved and cared for stress-free dog that she deserves to be. I am most impressed by the complete absence of any physical corrections and hands-off approach to dog training. I will without a doubt refer any clients with issues to Al and Lisa as I am sure there isn't a dog they won't be able to help. Permalink
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South Windsor | July 24 2007
Everything was explained very clearly and all of our questions were answered. We were amazed at how quickly Franky & Missy responded and we felt like we were the ones in control, not the dogs. We have told many people about the results we have seen and we are looking forward to our next session. The dogs are so much more enjoyable to have now! Permalink
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Orland Park | July 24 2007
Vicky Harper & Jim Unton were very sincere as soon as they walked in. We noticed a change within the first hour. The one-on-one training at home, we believe is really going to work. So many things made sense when they explained why dogs do some of the things they do. The therapists were very well trained and made us feel that they were truly there to help us. We really didn't know what to expect; we thought this might be a rip-off program. We're glad we were wrong! Permalink
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Homewood | July 24 2007
Very easy to understand and dog responded well. Very friendly, knowledgeable, listened to the owners problems with the dog. Very helpful so far. Permalink
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Frankfort | July 24 2007
Country Club Hills | July 24 2007
Vicky Harper did a very good job in teaching me how to train my 1-year and 2-month-old German shepherd. She gave me very useful tools to help stop his jumping and to train him how to stay and walk correctly on a leash. I am looking forward to seeing how my dog will develop as the weeks go on. I work at a vet clinic, and I will tell the vet to recommend Bark Busters as a way to train even the most untrainable dogs too all our customers. They were only here a few hours, but in those hours, I have learned how to be the leader and how to stop my dog from jumping without yelling and sometimes spanking him. Permalink
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Knox | July 24 2007
Absolutely incredible! I have already recommended Bark Busters twice so far. The natural training is so effective that it only took a few days for Nicky to understand and obey. Permalink
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Greenville | July 24 2007
Larry is great ! His training was very informative. He started off with basic techniques leading into more advanced ones. I was quite please with the changes in my dog in just the first session. What I like best about your approach is that it is compassionate and just makes good common sense. Permalink