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Hyde Park | May 24 2007
We have a black Lab/Rottie mix weighing in at 115 lbs. at 10 months old. We were skeptical at first when we were told that we would see an improvement in 2½ hrs. The method of training is very effective and easy to understand. We now enjoy our dog. Permalink
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Stormville | May 24 2007
Barbara was very patient and understanding with any question or concern we expressed. I was extremely impressed at how our dogs immediately responded to the training. My husband and I do not like forceful aggressive training and were impressed with how quickly the dogs responded to the remarkably easy commands. Once we understood the "whys", it was interesting to watch our dogs look at us with a different sense of respect. I realize that just as with children, we humans have to be trained first. Barbara was exceptional and so patient. Permalink
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Mt Prospect | May 24 2007
It was like someone swapped dogs when we weren't looking. Permalink
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Arlington Heights | May 24 2007
Brad was easy going and easy to talk to. I don't like pinch collars; this was better than the others we have tried. Permalink
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Arlington Hts. | May 24 2007
There is not enough room to write how happy we are with Bark Busters....We were amazed at the quick and successful response. Permalink
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Mount Prospect | May 24 2007
Remarkable Results! . . . It was/is very beneficial to making our home happy again! . . . Brad is an EXCELLENT instructor ! Permalink
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San Clemente | May 24 2007
We LOVE your service. Daisy is doing well and listening. No barking after the first couple of days of training! Permalink
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Laguna Niguel | May 24 2007
We called Bark Busters because we had just adopted a 4-year-old dog from Rescue. She had issues with barking and lunging at other dogs, gardeners and truck. Lisa and Nelson spent a great deal of time explaining the way dogs thinks and why it was important for us to show Casey we were her "leaders." We applied their approach and Casey is much better! Permalink
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Laguna Beach | May 24 2007
The dog's (2 mastiffs) behavior before was unruly, and now, with training, they respond to our commands! Permalink
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Moraga | May 24 2007
We were surprised at how fast Louie caught on to and responded to the training. Don listened patiently to all family members' opinions and made us all feel like we had something worth contributing. Our dog is now relaxed enough to enjoy how we work with him. Permalink