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Linda and Marty R
Linda and Marty R Boa Raton, Florida | February 22 2020
Marc was professional and easily explained the system we were going to use to train Dexter. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall
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Mat F East Brunswick, New Jersey | February 21 2020
It's been about 24 hours since our first session with Keith, and the results are well beyond my expectations. It's like our dog, Grace, knew the rules this whole time, and just realized that they weren't optional yesterday. He taught us how to build leadership by communicating with Grace in a way that she understood. It even seems like she's happier now, which I attribute to her better understanding what we need from her. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Other, Recall
Trainer note from Keith : Thanks for your kind review Mar, you're on your way!!!
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Marlene F King City, Oregon | February 20 2020
Oh My Gosh what a change in my puppy. When Dick started with us our little 15# 8/month old Bear was totally out of control: barking, jumping up on everyone and everything, chewing up whatever he could get in his mouth, digging and nipping at us for attention and never standing still long enough to catch him. Now, 4 weeks later he is a different puppy. He walks/heels on leash, has stopped aggrrssive behavior toward us, obeys commands to stop jumping up and barking. Dick Messenger is such a good trainer and Bear is progressing better than any of us could imagine. I highly recommend that you give him a call. Permalink
Mary Ann J
Mary Ann J Cypress, Texas | February 20 2020
After one lesson with Bob, Jasper is walking like a pro. I never thought I could have dog walk so nicely! All of his tips and suggestions have transformed our pup! I look forward to working with Bob if any other issues arise. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Puppy management
Maria E
Maria E Miami, Miami-Dade, Florida | February 20 2020
Luis is an exceptional trainer. He teaches the owner first to be able to train the dog. Romeo was hyperactive on walks and around people and he completely changed after our first session. I would highly recommend Luis and Bark Basters to anyone looking to improve their dogs behavior. I have undoubtedly seen fast and quality results in my dog. Thank you so much for changing out lives! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling
Trainer note from Luis : Thank you so much for your kind words and commitment to the training. I truly enjoyed helping you get the best out of Romeo. You’re amazing!
Frank and Lisa A
Frank and Lisa A Wellington, Florida | February 20 2020
Marc addresses a list of specifies behavioral issues and corrected each one by the end of he session. We are very pleased with the results! I have used many types of training tools and services but this by far is the most effective in the least amount of time. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Hyperactivity, Sibling rivalry
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Stephanie P Stafford, Texas | February 20 2020
I thoroughly enjoyed my training and I can see how this will improve my pups way of life. She loves children and people so much but since she is a jumper, people were less likely to want to greet her. I think after this, she'll be able to make many new friends. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Jumping up, Other, Pulling, Recall
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David B Monsey, Rockland, New York | February 19 2020
Hi my name is David, I rescued my Pit mix Logan from NYC.  I was told he was tested with cats but when I picked Logan up and brought him home I was very upset to see saliva pouring out of his mouth as he tried to get at my friendly tabby cat!!  He was so aggressive that I absolutely couldn't believe it!!! I tried everything,  introducing them through a gate, a door with a window, on a leash. Logan wanted to get at him in the worst way. The horrible thing is my cat is like a dog and gets along with all animals.  Logan got along with my other pit mix and my cooker spaniel so I feel like he never saw a cat in his life. One day I came in from outside and Logan had his head on a swivel trying to locate my cat.  I reached out to the person who fostered Logan and he told me Logan had a very high prey drive and has brought back some dead animals.      I would cry at night as a grown man not knowing what to do and I didn't want to give up on Logan as he was already on the kill list at the ACC and he really became close with my other pittie.   I begged people to please take him as I feared for the safety of my cat. I was given a name of a trainer by a woman in the county that does rescue work with dogs and she gave me a dog trainer's name so I called him. When we spoke he basically said I'm not going to waste my time and I'm not going to take your money because he has a high prey drive and it's in his DNA, nothing you can do. He was very pleasant but just felt as their was nothing that could be done. I cried all night and called my sister and she felt so bad. A few days went by and my phone rang and it was my sister, she says David I think I found someone who can help you!!  I said dude please who?  She said this lady Michelle Mccarthy from Barkbusters and I said OK please send me the info and she did. So I called and spoke to Michelle and went over everything and she made an appointment with Logan.      So the day comes and Michelle comes to my house to work with Logan.  Here is the end result, after just 3 sessions I can leave the cat alone with Logan AND I even rescued a 2nd cat. Logan no longer tries to kill anyone but he does lick them to death,  lol but when I call him he leaves the cats and comes. Michelle is AMAZING!!!  we still have so much work to do with Logan but the home front is great regarding the cats.  I'll be calling Michelle over for some other issues but the main issue has been nipped in the bud.  I would tell anyone if your dog has any issues Michelle Mccarthy is the only 1 to call.  I give her 5 stars. She's professional,  caring,  very knowledgeable,  honest and she takes her time and has a phenomenal personality.  She even found me a great dogsitter!!!  THANK YOU MICHELLE!!! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression
Trainer note from Michelle : THANK YOU SO MUCH, David, for your kind, heartfelt words! Wow. It was truly my honor to help you with Logan and get him adjusted into your fur family. I have loved hearing from you and being kept up to date on the progress you continue to make with him. This is why I do what I do and any time you need help, I'm here for you! ~Michelle
Silvia A
Silvia A Sanford, Florida | February 19 2020
John was great! I learned good tips on better ways to teach Skye. Some tips I did not know and will be using from now on. Will definetly be reccomending him. Learned some dog psycology as well. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Jumping up, Pulling, Puppy management, Toileting
John S
John S Naples, Florida | February 19 2020
You're the only ones worth it. Thank you! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Jumping up, Pulling, Recall
Trainer note from John and Elizabeth : Two sharpei pups and a very switched-on owner - now all enjoying our unique Guarantee of Lifetime Support.