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Barb S Fort Collins, Colorado | May 11 2015
Carol is an awesome trainer/teacher!! She makes the training seem so simple. I never would have thought my 4 1/2 year old Yorkie could be retrained. However, Carol's Bark Busters proved me wrong. My Yorkie is so much calmer. She sits when I command and the barking is so much less. We are happier with each other. I also like that I can call Carol any time and she will come help me. Carol's personality is perfect for dog training - calm, soft-spoken, but she means business. Permalink
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Barbara Wood W Livonia, Michigan | May 11 2015
Maril is very patient and very encouraging. She has helpful gadgetry. By the end of our first lesson Rob Roy walked nicely on the leash and waited for me to say “free” at both doors. The techniques are natural and non-punitive. I recommend Bark Busters training because it is humane and rewarding in nature. ****** 6 out of 5 Stars Permalink
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Trainer note from Maril and Bob : Roy Roy is a feisty Scotty who really didn't want to be in charge. He is sooooo very happy Barbara has become the leader he needs.
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Suzanne G Oak Park, Illinois | May 11 2015
OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! It's a miracle!!!!! I took the pups for a joint walk this am (it's raining and I didn't feel like getting wet twice). No pulling me down the stairs. When I got to the bottom and started walking, no leaping forward like they were shot out of a cannon. I never had to correct either one!!! Loose leash all the way! EVEN WHEN WE PASSED DOGS IN THE PARK!!! No leaping, yanking, barking, bouncing. I cannot believe this. Permalink
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Marianna H
Marianna H Des Moines, Iowa | May 10 2015
Deb took the time to listen to the issues I have had with my dogs and focus on the proper training. After the first session with Deb, Louie's barking at the front door and at every person and dog walking past the house has completely stopped. My friends are amazed that his behavior has changed and he isn't barking or jumping on them! I do need to focus on Lassa's barking but believe that can also be controlled. Thank you for the great training!! Permalink
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Beth G Schwenksville, Pennsylvania | May 09 2015
Jeri has been a wonderful resource for us and trainer for Finnegan. She is always available and has been fantastic! She even met me at the Vet office when our dog was having issues with visiting the Vet! Amazing! So glad we found her! Permalink
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Roe A Richmond, Texas | May 09 2015
Very helpful! Permalink
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Debra S Denver, Colorado | May 08 2015
Becky is very supportive and helped us with our new family addition, Moxie. She is very knowledgeable and gave us instructions on how to work with Moxie, seeing things through a dog`s perspective and helping her become a member or our family. Thank you Becky! Permalink
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Raul F Miami Shores, Florida | May 08 2015
Today I am very happy with the result of the techniques learned. I was about to return the dog only by the behavior in the first three weeks and I gave myself the chance to hire a coach to see if things changed ... and now I really love my dog and my original idea of returning back the dog seen like something crazy !!! Can't do it now!!! My biggest problem is that being my first dog I did not know how to communicate with her and now I understand how dogs can get to understand what you are trying to teach them and achieve good behavior... Thanks you Luis!!! Permalink
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Trainer note from Luis : My pleasure! Cocoa is a wonderful girl. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you with her education.
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Roxann L West Des Moines, Iowa | May 08 2015
We are so grateful to Deb for teaching us to manage/train our Old English Sheepdog puppy Willow. After just one session Deb had her responding to us and was no longer a problem when entering and leaving our home. Now sitting and staying and verbal commands are respected not ignored by our puppy of 5 months. It was so exciting to work with Deb and learn how a few simple tricks could make our lives and Willow's so much happier. A well mannered dog is loved by everyone!! Thanks Deb!! Willow loves you and so do we!! Permalink
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Trainer note from Debra : Thank you for your kind words. Willow is so worth your commitment in helping her to be a happy, well-behaved dog!
Patti M
Patti M Howell, Michigan | May 07 2015
I am so grateful and in such SHOCK! I HIGHLY recommend Bark Busters for dog training and corrective behavior. I especially HIGHLY recommend Ruth Skinner. She is AMAZING! I'm exhausted. I just spent and hour and a half being trained myself then working with Onyx (my 2 yr old German Shepherd male). I was successfully able to have her knock & ring the door bell on two separate attempts and Onyx did not charge the door nor BARK. He even actually sat down once I opened the door & he could see her. INCREDIBLE! We went out back too. He did really well being corrected and allowed her to get near the fence about 5 feet away. She then got my neighbor to come out to test him. My neighbor and the trainer stood in my neighbor's yard near her house and Onyx did quite well. My neighbor even told the trainer that he's drastically different. Background on my dog Onyx, we were attacked a couple times by two different sets of two dogs that got out of their yard. At 7 months old, the first attack by two pit bulls happened. My pup at the time protected me and scared them off. He hasn't been the same since. He's always on guard whenever anyone is outside or comes to the door. Prior to that attack, he was very social and everyone could be around him even multiple (100's of people at a time) and he'd just be very relaxed and social and even lay down. I want that dog back and Ruth has made such a difference in just an hour and a half. God bless her. Permalink
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