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Katie and David L Beaverton, Oregon | August 24 2014
Lisa explained the training techniques, was easy to follow, and the leave behind material is great. Diesel seems to show off for the teacher, but he shows comprehension after each session. We love not having to carry treats around. He doesn't always respond to the natural methods (i.e. growling), but the squirt never fails. We have learned a lot and it's gratifying to see the immediate response from Diesel with the exercises. We would definitely recommend Bark Busters! We were so worried Diesel was going to be more than we could handle. You guys have been lifesavers! The last thing we wanted was to maybe have to return him to the breeder, but we are confident now that he is a permanent addition to the family! Permalink
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Sheri C Lake Park, Florida | August 23 2014
I have a five month old pit bull, Jaxson, who Mary has been helping us with puppy management since he was about three months old. It is amazing to see that how well he responds is directly related to how much work we put into him. He is coming along beautifully. Today we worked on pulling on the leash with the Wagg Walker harness. It was amazing. When Jaxson smells something, he tries to pull you towards the smell and you have to give hime a few good short yanks and growls before he redirects and starts walking again. With the Wagg Walker it was two quick tugs and he was on track. The leash attaches to the front of the harness and turns his body instead of pulling his head. It's brilliant. It takes a few minutes to adjust it to fit properly, but so worth it. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with Mary to make Jaxson the best boy he can be. Permalink
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Ryan T Katy, Texas | August 23 2014
Great Job! Noticed an immediate change in behavior in Beau. I would recommend this service to anyone. Permalink
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Cheryl M Marco Island, Florida | August 23 2014
Amazing results within minutes! The examples and deeper explanations were very beneficial. Understanding what dogs respond to and why is invaluable! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Other, Pulling
Trainer note from Colin and June : Lovely springer spaniel who was/is an absolute pleasure to train.
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Janice and David P Des Moines, Iowa | August 23 2014
We are very pleased to see improvement in both our dogs already in regards to barking inside and outside, jumping on people, sitting and staying. They respond to the "BAH" command quite quickly and stop the negative behavior. We will work on these habits exclusively for at least a week and then add teaching them to go down the stairs and to ride in the car without howling. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Jumping up, Other, Sibling rivalry
Trainer note from Debra : This testimonial came in the day after the initial training lesson! The number one issue with these cuties was BARKING so we tackled that first! As adult dogs they can go up the stairs but have always had mom and dad "airlift" them down the stairs… We'll be taking baby steps with teaching them that they CAN do the stairs on their own.
Josh W
Josh W Seattle, Washington | August 22 2014
David Wiley was wonderful in helping show us how to teach our new puppy. He gave us many tips and tricks for Sam's attentiveness and how to establish passive authority. We look forward to working with David with body language cues and voice control in the future. Permalink
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Trainer note from David : Josh and Karen - you guys are great examples of why it's important to begin training as soon as you bring your new puppy home. Sam was just 10 weeks old, but he can begin to learn even at that young age!
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Anne B Melbourne, Florida | August 21 2014
Christmas was an out of control puppy who did pretty much as she pleased, Pam is not only training the dog but myself as well on how to handle myself so the dog will respect me and will be easier to control, The dog still has a ways to go but Pam is only a phone call away when you encounter a problem and most of the time can be resolved over the phone. I have recommended BB to several people and they all have enrolled their dogs in the program with good results. Permalink
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Stephanie A
Stephanie A Renton, Washington | August 21 2014
David Wiley was great! He focused on our needs and wants, and was very effective at making the process work for us and our dogs. Permalink
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Susan C San Antonio, Florida | August 20 2014
We just simply could not believe the difference in our dog's behavior after only one session with Joanne. The Bark Buster philosophy on training works and we are so glad to have found them! We highly recommend Bark Busters for dogs with all training needs...those who need just a bit of refining to those who need full hands on dedicated training. You will be happy you called Bark Busters! Permalink
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Lesley N San Antonio, Texas | August 20 2014
Very clear and easy to follow. So happy to real lasting results without any use of shock collar or other devices. It was so enlightening to find out it was much of the way I communicated with my dog is the response I get back from her. Very happy with the results an continued support. Permalink
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