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Amber E San Diego, California | September 22 2016
Justin is remarkable! I have a 1 1/2 year old Boston Terrier, Bentley, who has had growing leash aggression, anxiety around other dogs, whimpering at home when dogs would walk by and just generally thought he was the boss. I had come to the point where I was scared to even walk past a dog not knowing how he would react, which in turn was creating more anxiety and aggression in Bentley. Within one session, Bentley was a changed dog, and I was a changed person. Justin showed me how to speak dog - and it worked! He adjusted the training to be specific to Bentley, who was very sensitive and needed lots of praise after he heard the "BAH" (You'll know what that means and how it works soon enough!). The very next walk Bentley and I went on, I wanted to walk by dogs, just to see how awesome Bentley was doing. I've now heard "what a well-trained dog" on my walks a few times and share Justin's information on the street! As Bentley became more comfortable with his new boss (me!), he started to push the boundaries a little more while walking. Justin and I met again and we went through how to proactively manage each situation. Justin even brought his own dog and mine together so that I could understand how I should handle introductions. Instead of growling and jumping, Bentley was submissive and sweet. He took his time meeting Justin's dog and before the end of the lesson was giving dog kisses and rolling on his back around the other dog. Bentley is now happier and more importantly, stress and anxiety free. Having worked with other trainers in the past without sustained improvement, I can tell you that Justin's passion and knowledge are beyond worth the investment. I am now armed with the tools to be prepared for any situation and know that Justin is there if I need him! I highly recommend him - you will be amazed at the change you will see! Permalink
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Jeff K Jacksonville, Florida | September 21 2016
Having gone through another trainer before without lasting results we decided to give Bark Busters a try as we felt that we needed a pet behavioral therapist to deal with some issues that our two Danes were exhibiting. When Linda arrived she was very professional and shortly after meeting the girls she had a plan. The first meet went well and I was pleasantly surprised at how well Grace had responded. We were taught the necessary training needed to move the girls along and after some practice the results were amazing. We had two more sessions after that and after each session things were better all around. The third session was a bit of a tune up session to address some lingering issues and needless to say, it went very well. Tonight the girls are responding much better. Linda does a great job and knows her stuff. It was money well spent!! Thanks Linda. Permalink
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Patricia M Naples, Florida | September 21 2016
The training techniques were easy to understand and were easy to follow. Ella was very much in tune with following instruction after the sessions. Very humane - no shock collar, scolding, yelling - perfect. Very interesting and enjoyable for both dog and owner. June and Colin are wonderful people and know how to get the job done quickly, efficiently and pleasantly! Permalink
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Trainer note from John and Elizabeth : Delightful and intelligent 2-year old Maltese enlisted on our Gold Program (Guarantee of Lifetime Support).
Darren A
Darren A Seattle, Washington | September 21 2016
David Wiley changed my walking my sweet dog inside/cujo outside into an enjoyable experience and gave me techniques that work! And he is very cool. Permalink
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kathy W forest park, Illinois | September 20 2016
We adopted Payton, a lab mix, from a rescue center when she was about 7 months old. She had severe separation anxiety issues. We were also concerned about her behavior around other dogs and people. She was very fearful and would growl, bark and even snap while on walks or when people came over. We tried a couple dog classes but she was clearly uncomfortable and they were not helpful with her fear and anxiety issues. We then contacted Christine. She came out to our home and was very patient listening to our issues and concerns and offered extensive ideas and suggestions. She worked with us on behavior techniques and exercises. We went on walks where Christine showed how to effectively control Payton so she wasn't lunging at every dog and squirrel we came across. We also worked on exercises to help her overcome her anxiety issues. Christine is available by phone, email and whenever we needed her to come out to the house. She also is a wealth of information on everything from dog toys to healthy foods and snacks. In a few short months under Christine's guidance Payton has flourished. Payton is now happy rather than aggressively fearful when she meets other dogs on our walks. While she will probably never be a total fan of the crate, she willingly goes into it on her own or when instructed. We feel so much more comfortable when people visit. Christine has given techniques and suggestions to help Payton not feel overwhelmed or threatened when meeting new people or animals. We had a 7 month lab puppy visit and they had a great time playing. We took her to a doggie daycare to see how she would react and she did great.. tale wagging the whole time with both trainers and other dogs. None of this would have been possible without Christine's efforts... We cannot say enough good things about her and the program...Thanks! Permalink
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Jennifer C Greensboro, North Carolina | September 20 2016
Amy was very helpful. Our dog was responsive to her techniques. He is already learning and adapting. We are too! "Bahhh" is so simple and effective. We are already seeing positive results. He is jumping less, coming when called, and playing appropriately. Permalink
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Lindsay and Rod L Fort Collins, Colorado | September 19 2016
Our dog was aggressive and had bit someone. We were afraid we were going to have to get rid of her but Carol's training has helped so much. We feel much more in control of Nona and are confident that we can eliminate her aggressive behavior. After the first 2 lessons, Nona was already much more responsive and looked to us for guidance/commands. Using the "dog language" has been much more effective than treats or other training techniques we have tried. It has been nice to be in control of our dog and it has made both us and Nona more relaxed and led to greater enjoyment. Permalink
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Kathy F Fort Collins, Colorado | September 19 2016
Carol did an excellent job explaining the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. She reinforced the training with every visit. My dog became much more "trainable" with each session. Because my dog is overweight, it was good to learn verbal commands and not use food rewards. I enjoyed all of Carol's visits and learned a great deal about my dog's behavioral potential. Carol is very knowledgeable of dogs' behavior and how to effectively apply training methods to reinforce good behavior. She was always willing to help, whether with a visit, email, or phone call. I would definitely recommend her! Permalink
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Kim M Melbourne, Florida | September 19 2016
Pam was as good at training me to be a better pack leader as she was training the dogs! I went into the training with 3 dogs who did not listen to me and they were misbehaving in the house.. Chewing, peeing, etc. After my first lesson with Pam, the whole dynamic changed and the dogs began to understand I was the leader. After the next two lessons, I was able to handle the dogs and they were behaving! She knows her stuff and the methods work very well. She listens to you and works on the areas that you want help with. Permalink
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Joann and Adam B Lemont, Illinois | September 19 2016
We are very pleased with how Vicky handled our Lab mix named Fred. Fred is a Lab, but has issues with aggression if people approach the house, yard or car. Vicky handled his aggression very well and by the time she left they were best friends. Her techniques worked on the first visit, and we continue to use them each day. We look forward to our next visit to learn more. Fred continues to bark at anyone ringing the doorbell or visiting, but we now know ways to minimize it. We look forward to continuing to work with Vicky. Permalink
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