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Kelly F Magnolia, New Jersey | March 14 2020
My husband and I adopted a sweet, goofy, 2 year old German Shepherd. Chloe was previously food and crate trained, she adjusted wonderfully! However, we soon found out she had difficulty with leading on walks/interactions with other dogs. We love our Chloe-bear and are overjoyed he and I can give her the best life! I will admit, at times I found myself crying because her walks were too hard to manage. (Don't even get me started on visits to Petsmart haha.) Knowing Spring is approaching and more dogs will be out and about, we had no choice but to seek help. As a customer, I am always reading reviews! That is how we discovered Bark Busters and Keith. Within the FIRST training, Chloe showed tremendous improvement! Keith is prompt, kind, approachable and highly professional. (He loved to give Chloe her scratches!) My husband and I continue to work closely with Keith and we are grateful for the ongoing support!!!! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Jumping up, Other, Pulling
Trainer note from Keith : Thanks for the great review Kelly and Mike, awesome job with Chloe!
Maggie B
Maggie B Naples, Florida | March 14 2020
June and Colin explained the methods and reasoning behind them very well. We had a good grasp on our dog's issues beforehand, but did not know how to manage them. The results on the first visit were amazing! Now we have to keep up the good work! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Jumping up, Pulling
Tiffany G
Tiffany G Fort Myers, Florida | March 13 2020
This is my second review of Patrick Logue with Bark Busters, having posted my first review on August 27, 2019. Once again I'm struggling to put into words just how impressed I am with Patrick and his level of skill working with both dogs and people. During our session last August Patrick taught me how to properly communicate with my dog, and the results of this have been nothing short of incredible! My dog was a complete lunatic before we met Patrick, but since that day he has been understanding and listening to me (because I speak dog now) ALMOST all of the time. He has been a perfect boy EXCEPT when we would pass another dog, bicycle or person running while we were on walks. I saw a huge transformation in every other aspect of my dog's behavior but was struggling so much with this that I questioned whether my dog was even capable of remaining calm in these situations... Today Patrick came back for a second session and within TWO MINUTES (I swear no exaggeration!) he had my dog walking as though he has always been a perfect angel and I was just making up stories about him lunging and barking and seeming possessed! I must have been slurring my words in doggie language because as soon as Patrick corrected me, I was able to walk my dog calmly past kids running, a man on a bicycle and other people walking their dogs. I even recruited some neighbors to try to trigger my dog's inner maniac so that Patrick could see what I had been dealing with, but they couldn't! As long as I did what Patrick said, my dog wasn't phased by a thing! I clearly need to practice and become more fluent in speaking dog, but it was so reassuring to see that my dog CAN be unreactive in these situations as long as I "speak" clearly! I'm so excited to continue working on this, and hope we encounter some more bicycles on our walk tomorrow! Patrick's ability is one of those few things in life that seem too good to be true....but REALLY IS that good! Thank you Patrick!!! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Other, Pulling
Brad F
Brad F Tigard, Washington, Oregon | March 13 2020
Dick was a great trainer! His professionalism and commitment to our dog, Benji, was a key component of Benji’s success. We rescued Benji from a meat farm in Korea and he has needed a lot of socialization. We have made tremendous progress in just a few weeks with Dick’s training! We can’t wait to keep working with him and help Benji continue to grow. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall, Separation anxiety, Sibling rivalry
Tinamarie S
Tinamarie S Maitland, Florida | March 13 2020
Very easy techniques explained well ! Friendly service Will definitely recommend. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Jumping up, Pulling, Puppy management, Toileting
Cathy G
Cathy G Orlando, Florida | March 13 2020
Very helpful training - learned how to correct behavior and how to lead our dogs appropriately good information. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Pulling, Puppy management, Toileting
Judith O
Judith O Sebastian, Florida | March 13 2020
Awesome! Piglet listened to our trainer immediately. Easy instructions and easy to follow. Our dog is following directions ans seems like a brand new dog. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Hyperactivity, Other, Puppy management
Jhonson G
Jhonson G Winter Park, Florida | March 13 2020
Our experience was amazed, because the training teach us in the correct way how to train our dogs. We discovered how smart are our dogs. We learn alot. We are very satidfied with the service Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Jumping up, Other, Pulling, Separation anxiety
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Tracey B Jupiter, Florida | March 12 2020
The session was well structure and we had an opportunity to practice the new skills with our dog, The instructions were clearly explained. We saw immediate Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Other, Pulling, Recall
Nikki D
Nikki D Huntersville, North Carolina | March 10 2020
My goldendoodle is not the same dog after just 1 training session with John & Diane. He is 15 months old & has progressed from constantly barking inside & outside to relaxing & sitting quietly, just from that 1st training lesson. They took the time to really explain what my dog was communicating to me, so I could understand how communicate what I want him to do. They are so knowledgeable about dog behavior & compassionate about your struggles with your pet. I highly recommend their services to anyone who wants to learn how to correct their dog’s behavior so he/she can really be your best buddy! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Jumping up, Pulling