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Christopher B Meriden, Connecticut | March 29 2016
Richard and Vicki helped instantly with Riggins. They taught us how to "speak dog" -- praising him when he deserved it and scolding him in a non-physical way that resonated with him. We had previously struggled to implement the training methods of another trainer -- they were simply ineffective and difficult to execute. With Richard and Vicki we saw quick changes. By the end of the first session, Riggins was exhausted. On a personal note, Richard and Vicki are patient and personable. They've given us so much insight into our little guy's psyche. Permalink
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Allison S Waxhaw, North Carolina | March 29 2016
We sought out help with Bark Busters because our dog Penny was being extremely aggressive with visitors in our home and at the vet office. She was also aggressive towards other dogs outside of the home. We had trouble with her running the fence and aggressively barking at our neighbors in their backyards and it was almost impossible to reign her back in the house. She was also play biting and hurting me to the point that I had bruises all over me and dreaded taking her in the backyard. She also charged the front door whenever we had visitors. Christie Price has been helping us get past many of Penny's terrible behaviors in a humane way. Penny was a rescue and, as you can see, has had lots of behavior issues. We are currently experiencing a happier, more well adjusted dog in our home and the issues are getting much better with the coaching Christie has provided us. It is worth taking the step to ask for help. You will be glad you did because you will have a happier home and a happier pet. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall
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Andrea C Richmond, Texas | March 29 2016
I was very happy with how quickly Piazon took direction. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall
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Christine D Beaverton, Oregon | March 29 2016
This has been a life changer for us! Our dogs seem so much calmer and happier even after just one session! I feel more in control of how to care for my dogs and how to be a leader. This has helped us limit negative behaviors and teach our dogs the "rules" of the house. Lisa explained everything very well and answered questions in a very detailed way. Our dogs now bark less and everyone is happier! Permalink
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Cheryl E
Cheryl E Billings, Montana | March 28 2016
Tony couldn't have been nicer. The training and instruction started the minute he walked through the door, before I even knew it. It's only been four days but already my dog is responding to the techniques he shared with me. Tony used visual aids and reinforced the teaching by frequently quizzing on what he had gone over. He could obviously tell when I was distracted (I'm a little ADD) and redirected my attention patiently. Then he demonstrated the techniques he had talked about. My dog surprised me with his obedience, something I used to have to bribe out of him. Working with Tony was a very positive, enlightening and empowering experience for me. Permalink
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carol R matawan, New Jersey | March 26 2016
I have a different dog!!!! one lesson and Sergio was soooo much more attentive, responsive and looking to me for the answer!!! We even saw a dog and he didn't even flinch; no more pulling and a couple of barks at the doorbell and sitting quietly - not on top of the door. I am sooooo impressed!!!! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Recall
Trainer note from Keith : Great job Carol and thrilled with the results!
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Theresa A Yonkers, New York | March 26 2016
Our two year old, Maggie, has become increasingly aggressive over the past year and even more so since we brought home a new puppy a month ago. She is very protective over the puppy and the family to the point we couldn't allow people she didn't know and like in the house. After one session and the exercises Sarah showed us, there is already a change! I do believe that if we follow what Sarah is showing us, we will actually be able to comfortably have company in our house again! Day one and I have already emailed Sarah a couple of times and she was so prompt and helpful with her responses. I swear this woman can read our Maggie's mind! I highly recommend Sarah and Bark Busters to anyone who has a dog with issues. Permalink
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Anna S Arlington heights, Illinois | March 26 2016
Mitch was having issues while walking on his leash. He was also becoming very fearful of strangers and even friends. He took to Brad right away and has been doing much better on his leash and with general door manners. You can tell he's much more relaxed when he meets people and he's even conquered his fear of our neighbor. The training techniques work great when I do them correctly. Permalink
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Carrie S Kimberly, Wisconsin | March 26 2016
Couldn't be happier with our already MUCH more peaceful home!!! Not all areas were addressed due to time and puppy being tired. Was assured will be addressed next visit. Permalink
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Trainer note from Ruth : Rico and Oreo (a Boxer puppy and a Shih Tzu) were having trouble getting along. Rico at only 5 months old just wanted to play, but Oreo wanted nothing of the sort! After Oreo found out the owners were taking control, he felt safer with their decisions and didn't try bossing Rico around so much. It was so nice and quiet by the end of the session!
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Fred G Harrison, New York | March 25 2016
I was very impressed with the whole program and Mark in particular on how well Max responded to the instruction and Mark. It is a work in progress as Max has been spoiled for about 7 years but I am very hopeful that with the instruction and changes we are doing his behavior will improve dramatically. Permalink
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