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Fremont | March 17 2013
I have only had one session with Gail, and already I feel like she's been my friends for years! My dog already showed improvement in the time frame of our first session, and by the next day, my dog had picked up on leave it, no jumping, stay and how I could make her calmer when visitors came over to distract her. I'm able to enjoy my dog more now because she can be in the house more than prior because of her jumping on everyone. My kids can love their dog, more than her being an annoyance like a annoying little sister. Gail is very thorough and goes over everything with you first and why dogs may do certain things. She has a lot of patience and is great at what she does. You can see her love for what she does and that she truly loves dogs and just wants you to know how to enjoy your dog better than it being difficult. She gave me her cell and said I can call her anytime even if I just had a question or a new issue arrived prior to our next appointment. I felt like I have my own on-call trainer. But because she taught me great tips, I haven't had to call her yet! :) I would recommend this for anyone with a dog even if there is just one little issue ... it's worth it, and you will see the results. As you can see, after our first appointment my son was able to lay with our dog in her side table crate without her knocking my son over or jumping all over him. Permalink
Ken A
Ken A Rochester, Michigan | March 17 2013
THE DIFFERENCE IN BOTH MY DOGS WITHIN JUST DAYS HAS BEEN A BLESSING IN MY HOUSEHOLD! The stress level has reduced abundantly. The results have continued to get better and better. The barking has decreased and no longer waking up my children. I look forward to having my dogs be obedient even in public areas and listening to every command without hesitation. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Pulling, Separation anxiety
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Crest Hill | March 16 2013
We noticed immediate results/response from Izabel, the older of the two. It was quite impressive. It was wonderful to see the positive interaction between the two dogs. Permalink
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Schwenksville | March 15 2013
Jeri did a great job explaining. We've seen improvements in most areas. I would absolutely recommend Jeri to friends and family. Permalink
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E. Norriton | March 15 2013
I've already recommended Jeri! Wish there were more group classes available. Permalink
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Marco Island | March 15 2013
June and Colin were wonderful in training us and Girly Girl! They are dedicated and professional. :-) Permalink
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Woodburn | March 15 2013
Dick was patient, thorough, gave good demonstrations; loved the immediate feedback, love the explanation of why. We're still a work in progress but the results are already good. So far, everything seems effective and thoughtful. I loved working with Dick and he was so easy to understand and follow - a great teacher. He was very available when trouble spots hit! Permalink
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Norristown | March 15 2013
Jeri took the time to show us how the program will work. We noticed almost immediately positive results with Jazzy and were amazed. We liked the positive training techniques instead of punishment. It was easy to understand the principle behind this type of training. We have already recommended Jeri to friends for their new puppy. Jeri is very upbeat and handles the clients two legged variety as well as the four legged variety fantastically! Permalink
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Fort Myers | March 14 2013
I was amazed at the front door exercise. Bark Busters of Fort Myers helped me to understand the way a dog communicates relative to a human. I learned some new things and saw things in a new way. Bark Busters of Fort Myers is friendly with great results. Permalink
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Naples | March 13 2013
The training techniques were very easy to learn and understand, and we couldn't believe how fast Woody responded. The training experience was very interesting and enjoyable, and we can't believe how easy everything was. Woody is doing very well. Permalink