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Lehigh Acres | November 14 2012
Patrick is awesome. He showed us how to have our four Beagles respond to and respect us. With the Bark Buster training we can now walk into our home without being barked at or jumped on. Permalink
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Evanston | November 14 2012
Marlene and Howard are AMAZING!!! We rescued a 7 month old pit bull mix that we thought was beginning to show signs of aggressive behavior. We met with another dog trainer before we found Bark Busters and she told us, after an hour of work with her, that our dog was aggressive and we should consider surrendering her because we would not get the quality of life that we wanted from her. Then we met Marlene and Howard and the tools and techniques that they taught worked immediately and my dog "Tina" changed overnight. The mistakenly identified aggressive behavior completely disappeared. We LOVE the water bomb! We now have the sweetest puppy that loves to snuggle and play with my 7-year-old son! Thank you Marlene and Howard you saved our puppy! Permalink
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Fort Myers | November 13 2012
We have seen wonderful results. We are so very pleased. No more mayhem when answering the door. Patrick gave concise analogies relating human and canine behavior. The training was all about training us humans to be the leader and it was very enjoyable. The method is very effective. Patrick was assertive and took charge immediately and helped us be more accountable. Patrick was AWESOME! Permalink
Birmingham | November 12 2012
I find this training GREAT!! Permalink
Rochester Hills | November 12 2012
THANK YOU! It worked very well for us. Bad behaviors stopped RIGHT AWAY! Very easy! Permalink
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St. Augustine | November 11 2012
We were amazed that in one visit we saw a significant change in our Chihuahua. Permalink
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Jacksonville | November 11 2012
The trainer gave us more time without any price increase. He really showed he cared about helping us achieve our goals to lead our puppy to be on his best behavior. Mr. Branch was excellent! Permalink
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Middleburg | November 11 2012
James went over some things two times when I didn't understand. Pup Pup Listened to me on the first visit! This is a great program! I got over my fear that my dog would not bite James. James is very patient. He is a great teacher. My dog even let him in the house! Permalink
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Fernandina Beach | November 11 2012
James made instructions very clear. He also showed a lot of enthusiasm. Remarkable! He had our 2 dogs not barking at the front door when the doorbell rings. James showed respect and affection towards both of our dogs. James was very clear and knowledgeable about training and dog behavior in general. I definitely recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
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Orange Park | November 11 2012
Our trainer was very knowledgable and used examples that even my children could understand. It was incredible! We thought we had an agressive dog but the trainer showed us we had a confused dog. He was walking without pulling in minutes! We were surprised at how simple dog language was. Mr. Branch illustrated points with stories of experience. It was very interesting. I already plan to share Bark Busters information with local animal control employees and a collegue of mine is calling soon! We had decided to euthanize our biting dog for safety. Our entire family cried for days thinking we were losing our precious Booger. Our vet suggested Bark Busters as a last resort. James saved our baby's life!!! Thank you so much!!! Permalink