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Lynne S Appleton, Wisconsin | July 24 2015
My main concern was Remi having occasional bowel movements in the house. The techniques Ruth Suggested worked! I don't get many visitors, so I could not train to the door crowding issue - I am looking forward to some help with walks and staying in the yard - setting boundaries. So far, so good. Permalink
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Nicci M Magnolia/Seattle, Washington | July 23 2015
I got in touch with David Wiley as our French Bulldog Atticus was having pretty serious dog aggression issues, as well as a couple of other minor things. David spent the first lesson giving me some basic tips, showing me how to change my hold on the leash and making me walk up and down our little driveway giving me pointers all along. I was able, on subsequent walks with Atticus, to be more confident and not as anxious about bumping into other dogs. With time, our walks got better and better and things are hugely improved. David trained us both with incredible patience and calmness which I think contributed to my increased comfort on our walks. On our last lesson we went up to the off leash dog park and though we couldn't go inside with Atticus, we walked up and down outside so that he had more exposure to other dogs. I've done this a few more times and I think pretty soon Atticus might be just fine dealing with other dogs. This has been a great experience and I would highly recommend David Wiley to anyone looking for a trainer. Permalink
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Ellice L
Ellice L Closter, New Jersey | July 23 2015
Greg was amazing! I must say his way of training made so much sense. We had other trainers before but Greg's training was so effective we saw results right away which was truly amazing. We realized that that my husband and I must both be on the same page and in agreement while teaching our dog. Greg was very patient and reassuring. I called him the day after the training to just go over something we weren't 100% sure of and he took the time to re-explain it and go over it again. He was very clear in explaining everything and we fit alot into our session. We are all on the same page, and the support he has shown us is wonderful. I wish I had found him 2 years ago when we first got our dog, but it's never too late. Thank You Greg! Permalink
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Mike O Appleton, Wisconsin | July 23 2015
Great tips, both dogs responded immediately. Looking forward to working with Ruth! Permalink
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Trainer note from Ruth : Eve is a big Golden Doodle who just needed to learn to settle down a bit. She is new to the family and Charlie, a Cockapoo, did not think they needed another dog. He became stressed about several things and refused to eat - for about a week and a half! His veterinarian put him on some anxiety medication, but that didn't get him to eat. Luckily we did get him settled down a bit, and he did eat some scrambled eggs that day (we just wanted him to eat anything to start, then get him on a good diet after he was eating regularly). Charlie is an anxious dog, and his owners Speaking Dog with Bark Busters techniques will help him realize he doesn't have to worry about anything.
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Sarah L Lexington, Kentucky | July 23 2015
Kendra keyed in to our behavioral problems and offered immediate solutions that worked then and now. Very pleased with the results. Permalink
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Sharon S Royersford, Pennsylvania | July 22 2015
Jeri is fantastic. I needed to be trained how to deal with Tully. He was running the show, but now I am in control. The tools, techniques and Jeri's support have really improved Tully's behavior. A friend came over a few weeks after training began and said "what a different dog". Permalink
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Diana T Appleton, Wisconsin | July 22 2015
Ruth was extremely patient, instructive, and knowledgeable. she gave us plenty of opportunity to practice the techniques. Permalink
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Susan K Glenmont, New York | July 22 2015
We strongly and enthusiastically recommend Rachel Baum and Bark Busters. We have had rescue dogs and have concluded that we would just have to live with their issues and problems. We had consulted a dog trainer 15 years ago who took a dominant, physically overpowering approach--the dog was terrified and was a fear biter thereafter. A few years later we tried a local dog behaviorist who took a kinder, gentler approach but that involved merely distracting our biting dog by throwing pieces of hot dog while our guest snuck out of the house. We concluded we would have to live with any issues our dogs had. When our latest rescue started to nip people, we decided to give Rachel a try before making him a dog that would have to be in a crate when people visited. Unbelievable--one two hour session later, the transformation was amazing. Rachel is a true dog behaviorist--she understands why dogs do what they do and, most importantly, how to change that behavior. She is firm but extremely kind and it is clear she loves the dogs and only wants them to become the happy, healthy and balanced pets they need to be to become true members of the family. The first two hour session saw absolutely amazing progress and it is now up to us to consistently enforce the specific tips and rules that she has given us. I could not recommend her more highly and will always use her for any future pets and any future problems. Permalink
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Catherine & Greg S
Catherine & Greg S Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina | July 22 2015
We are so happy with Bark Busters. They have been so helpful and so effective in helping us to train our dog Sebastian. He was acting aggressive on walks around the neighborhood to the point that we were avoiding taking him out. He also would always charge the door whenever a visitor came by. We worked on both of these things with James and were given specific tools/tips to use to continue training him and very quickly we saw improvement in both. We have really been impressed with our experience with Bark Busters. We completed dog training in the past with another trainer and it was never this effective! Now our dog is more obedient and seems happier and more at ease. Permalink
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Kelsey D Kingston, New York | July 22 2015
Very clear and helpful explanation and discussion of the techniques.Saw differences in both dogs and was impressed with the initial changes. We liked the techniques and non-judgemental discussion and training. Permalink
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