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Bonita Springs | April 02 2013
Bark Busters WORKS! It was amazing how quickly my dogs responded. I've never been able to have the front door wide open without my dogs running out. I am pleased and impressed. With Bark Busters I could feel in control and not be physical with my dogs like with other trainers I have used. We worked for a good two hours, but time flew by. I recommend Bark Busters of Fort Myers because it works, the techniques were easy to learn and my dogs responded even after Patrick left. My family now feel comfortable with my Bruno, a Pit Bull, and aren't suggesting I get rid of him anymore. Permalink
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Jo Ellen G Katy, Texas | April 02 2013
I appreciate the "hands-on" training. It helped me to learn how to work with my dog. Permalink
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Highland Mills, NY | April 01 2013
I have to tell you it has been so much more quiet since the training! Seriously, Angie has been responding very well each day we practice. Today, she was out with me on the driveway off of the leash when a neighbor came out of their house. Her first instinct was to bark and run. I gave one (correction) and she stopped barking and turned around and came back to me! I was shocked. When I open the back door or the basement door she has not barked like she used to and she sits and stays until I tell her she can move. She has not bothered the cats since Friday and she has been allowing me to take the lead when I walk her around the house on the leash inside and out. Of course, she still needs a bit of practice but she has been much more enjoyable to be with and I haven't had to yell once! Thank you so much for all of your tips and training advice. I will continue to work with her each day. Permalink
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Central Valley, NY | April 01 2013
This was clear and concise with very quick results. There was no hurting or roughness. Makes a lot of sense. I was given quick and simple instructions. Thank you! Permalink
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Cape Coral | March 31 2013
I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone interested in a new life with their old dog. I saws great results in one, two hour lesson. Bark Busters is about positive reinforcement and very natural for the dog. Permalink
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Fort Myers | March 31 2013
Patrick explained everything in a way that was easy to follow and understand. I saw a big difference in just one, two hour lesson. I will tell everyone I know about Bark Busters. Permalink
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Naples | March 30 2013
Colin and June were great. I have a much better understanding of how to handle my dog, whom I love. Permalink
Charlotte | March 30 2013
I had a 2 year old Schnauzer/Shih Tzu mix that I obtained from a rescue facility. At the time, I couldn't understand why anybody would leave a great dog like that at a shelter... until somebody came to my house. She bit my visitor! Actually, she bit 7 visitors over the next few months. She also would almost go insane at the sight of another dog anywhere on "her" street. I was desperate as I was sure it was just a matter of a few months before I would start hearing from somebody's lawyer. I called Bark Busters. Ms. Price came out to the house and spent a morning with me and Bowser (yeah, I know: odd name). That was the LAST TIME I had a behavioral problem with her. Suddenly she caught on to the concept of walking on heel. She no longer defended the street or even my house. She was friendly with visitors and incurably inquisitive. I took to walking her without a leash and simply used voice commands to control her. Amazingly enough, I could stop her from chasing a cat simply by telling her "NO", though I had to do it before she got a full head of steam. After all, she was a terrier... anything that moved was potentially something to chase. But she had no violence in her any more. Even when she caught a cat it was just to play. I had to put Bowser down a few months ago at the age of 10 because of a neck injury and I miss her tremendously. Nobody in my new neighborhood can believe that she was the dog I described from so many years ago. She was so well behaved. The amazing thing was this complete turn around was from one session! Even though I was offered lifetime services, I never needed them. Bowser was an absolute joy once we came to an understanding as to who ran the pack. Permalink
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Pottsgrove | March 30 2013
Ginger immediately took to Jeri and I saw immediate results. She explained the process well and answered all of my questions. Permalink
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Anne Marie F Unkown, Florida | March 30 2013
The training worked well and made sense. Amazing results. We tested dogs with mail man sameday-they both stayed and didnt bark. Linda was patient, informative and effective. We reccomend Barkbusters to anyone who has dog. Permalink
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