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Jet A Mission Viejo, California | May 14 2013
Lisa was able to help Blue to meet the needs of our daughter, who is diagnosed Asperger's(autistic). Lisa's sensitivity and experience teaching special needs children made her the perfect choice. Blue's Service designation has given our daughter a larger world. I am eternally grateful to Lisa & Nelson and Bark Busters. Permalink
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Rhoda S Beverly Hills, California | May 14 2013
I have just finished working with Marci and Joe Natale, Behavioral Therapists with Bark Busters. They are not the first professionals I used so I had my own personal references to use for comparisons. While I know this is their career or job if you will they approach their work as an extreme love of animals. It is as if they have never seen a pup they did not love or cure. Interestingly enough, the pups know that as well and are immediately responsive to them. Obviously repetition and homework are two of the keys and while the owners lose patience, Joe and Marci never do. They are both so very flexible with appointments, as well as issues, one always feels they have a good friend helping. Is my Matie perfect, of course not, BUT a far, far cry from whence we began. He is a loving companion with an obedience level of more than 95%. Joe and Marci do an amazing written follow up email after the lesson and leave nothing to question. On a personal note, after the sessions are concluded, there is sadness because these two fine people have already become your friends and it is hard to say good-bye. There is not one word of negativity for me to report. It is perfect from start to finish and I will always be grateful. Permalink
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Tampa, Florida | May 13 2013
Very practical approach that worked right away. Quite a relief, no frustration Permalink
Tampa, Florida | May 13 2013
Cathy and Jeff were very knowledgeable about training techniques. I feel much more confident now. The techniques were simple and effective. I found Jeff and Cathy to be a pleasure to work with. Permalink
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Tampa, Florida | May 13 2013
Cathy and Jeff Drier are effective trainers. They were pleasant to work with and the results with my dogs have been amazing. I am very pleased. Permalink
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Chicago, IL | May 12 2013
I have a 10 year old ShibaInu named Foxy. Foxy had a severe phobia about wearing a collar and walking on a leash. He would freak out when you put a collar on him and he would not walk on a leash. My husband would carry him. Foxy weighs 45 lbs. We are moving to AZ and driving there with them. It became imperative that Foxy wear a collar and walk on a leash. I contacted Bark Busters because we failed miserably with Foxy. Thanks to Marlene's endless patience and expert guidance Foxy is wearing a collar and walking on a leash. I was walking my dogs and a neighbor commented on how well behaved they are. Thank you so much Marlene. Linda D., Chicago Permalink
Trainer note from Howard & Marlene : Post Trip: We finally made it to AZ. left 6/14 6:30 am arrived 6/15 5:30 pm. I was worried about Foxy and the car trip to AZ. My husband picked him up and placed him on the backseat. He was a little stressed. I had Casper our pug. He was so good and stayed in the backseat. Marlene, Foxy has adapted to his new home. I would say he loves it. Thank you so much for help with Foxy. He is a dog to be proud of.
Myrna F
Myrna F Clawson, Michigan | May 11 2013
JOHN WAS WONDERFUL. He explained things wonderfully. I intend to sing the praises of Bark Busters and John & Lisa! I will let everyone know how great they are. I appreciate them so much! Permalink
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Diane H
Diane H Esopus, New York | May 11 2013
The first lesson was yesterday. Today I am so truly amazed the improvement in Abby's behavior! Barbara is vey nice. I liked her immediately and she had an instant connection with Abby. The techniques is almost miraculous. Things we have been strugging with for 2 1/2 years have literally been solved overnight. We couldn't be more pleased and are looking forward to the next session. Permalink
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Chicago, Illinois | May 10 2013
We highly recommend Howard and Marlene Marks! We called them after our almost-2-year-old French Bulldog, Mason, started barking when we left him alone. We live in a condo building in the city, so neighbors were complaining, and we knew we had to do something -- but we needed help! Howard and Marlene came to our home and met Mason, and from their first visit started to teach us how to work with Mason in a way that established our authority and made him feel more confident. With each visit, we learned more technique, and Mason's demeanor and behavior started to change. We still have more work to do, but we're happy to report that our neighbors no longer hate us, and Mason is quite content when we leave him alone. That's right -- no more barking!! Our main goal achieved, we are also seeing many side benefits, e.g., Mason is learning to listen better overall, he's a better walker, and now has great door manners ... and we are learning so much as well! Call Howard and Marlene if you need help! It's worth every penny and they are very kind, patient, and great people who genuinely want to see you succeed! Permalink
Bridgeport, Connecticut | May 10 2013
I can not believe the instant turn around in my dog Meatball. It was incredible. After 10 minutes he was listening to commands. Meatball is half pit bull half bulldog, he is very strong...I was used to him pulling me around but after one session with Mike he now knows how to walk on a leash. I am so happy with the transformation with Meatball and I look forward to the years that will be shared with him instead of worrying that I will never be able to take him for long walks!!! Thank you Mike!!! Permalink