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Naseem S Englewood, Colorado | February 08 2014
This was great and speedy training. We tried to teach our old dog with joint problems to go up a ramp into the particularly high back of our SUV, but all he did was get scared of the ramp. Becky of Bark Busters taught him to get in, and had us getting him alone (without her assistance) in about 40 minutes. She left us with detailed instructions about how to reinforce it (how often/ how many repetitions/for how many days). She was nice, friendly and encouraging to us, and our dog liked her. It was amazing how fast and easily he learned it. Permalink
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Trainer note from Becky : Such a pleasure to help an aging dog maintain his abilities to enjoy the pleasures in his life! I love my job!!
Anna E
Anna E Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey | February 08 2014
Today - a miracle happened at my house! I have struggled with a rescue dog (a small Maltese) for 2 years who constantly barked at anyone who entered the house and continued barking until the person left - whether that was 10 minutes or 2 hours. She started getting aggressive about it and chasing the person sometimes with light nipping. I was truly at the end of my ropes since I already has 2 other trainers try to help me with no success. Thank God, I decided to try one more time with Greg. Greg entered our house today and after 30 minutes of discussion (and non-stop barking from KoKo), he explained to me that KoKo did not have confidence in me protecting the household so she felt she had to do it. He then explained the techniques to use so that I could become the protector in KoKo's eyes thus relieving KoKo of the responsibility ergo - no barking! OMG, within 5 minutes of practicing the techniques that Greg showed me, KoKo actually stopped barking, then laid down and then went to sleep!! Greg left me with "homework" so I can continue reinforcing with KoKo's training (or should I say my training - lol). All I can say is if you have a problem with your pet, please, please, please call Greg - you will not be disappointed! Permalink
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Jennifer C Charlotte, North Carolina | February 08 2014
We were very pleased with Bark Busters training techniques! It was extremely easy to understand and execute. By the end of the session, Zoey was like a different dog! If this training with Bark Busters could work for Zoey, it could work for anyone! Permalink
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Trainer note from Karen : Zoey is quite respectful! She obviously understood canine communication and was relieved to have a leader to look to for direction! Good job!
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Dianne M Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina | February 08 2014
Bark Busters is very easy to understand! Mollie responded to the BAH 75% of the time by the end of the first session! Bark Busters techniques are so much better than harsh word of physical punishment! Everyone with a dog would benefit from Bark Busters training! Permalink
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Trainer note from Karen : What a sweet little beagle! At almost 2, she still looked like a puppy! However, Mollie knew how to use her cuteness to her own advantage! I believe with some consistency on the part of Mollie's owners and working with Mollie on a dog's level, they will have a different and almost perfect dog!
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Amanda D Rockwall, Texas | February 08 2014
We saw results immediately. We were so worried, because our dog is so hardheaded, but she responded immediately. Permalink
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Tammy T Cornelius, North Carolina | February 07 2014
My dog improved ... it will take some practice for me! I was pleased with the natural training methods and I'll recommend it to my friends and neighbors because anyone can learn it! These were great reminders that I need to engage with my dog every day! Permalink
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Trainer note from Karen : This little Havanese had decided that since he did not see a strong leader in his den, it was up to him ... and he took his job quite seriously! He had even nipped at a workman that entered the home to do some home repairs! Tammy called Bark Busters ... and when Tammy showed her dog that she was capable of being the boss, he gave up that job to her in a heart beat! Good job! With consistency, this family will have a much more peaceful and quiet home!
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Margie W Houston, Texas | February 07 2014
The stop barking was unbelievable. We are so pleased. Permalink
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Ashley B Houston, Texas | February 07 2014
David was clear and very patient. He gave us excellent tools to use in the future. We learned a lot and are eager to continue working. The concepts make sense and we are excited to put them to work. We already see improvement in our dogs' behavior. David is great. He is a patient teacher and very knowledgable. Permalink
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John and Sandra G Naples, Florida | February 06 2014
Neighbors watched and were also impressed. Permalink
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Trainer note from John and Elizabeth : Welsh Terrier puppy.
Amy & Kevin M
Amy & Kevin M Troy, Michigan | February 06 2014
LISA WAS AWESOME at breaking down dog language and behavior -- Easy for ANYONE to understand. Lisa taught us what behavior was OK from our dog and what was NOT OK. Sadie was no longer charging the door and jumping on guests by the end of the initial session! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Pulling