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Cheryl G New Paltz, Ulster, New York | December 29 2022
We adopted "Bella Rose" when she was 5 months old. She had been through a lot in those first five months and it was negatively reflected in her behaviors. We found Barbara's business via an internet search, and am very happy we did. Barbara's extensive knowledge helped us realize what training Bella needed. The training tools Barbara provided (both written and physical) were very useful/helpful in obtaining our goals with Bella. Barbara is a great listener which helped alleviate some of our stress just by voicing it to her. It's comforting to know, Barbara will always be there for us throughout Bella's lifetime - thank you Barbara!!! Permalink
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Susan C Rhinebeck, Dutchess, New York | October 21 2021
Barbara Fassett is an amazing trainer! From the very beginning we saw positive changes through the use of the Bark Busters' methods. At 9 months, our pup is continuing to make progress (as are we) with this stellar program. Permalink
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Emily R
Emily R RED HOOK, New York | August 12 2021
Barbara Fassett was excellent! She took the time to explain all of the processes and the reasons behind our dog's behaviors. She addressed all our questions, was responsive, and her directions helped our boy immensely! He was extremely nervous and resourced managed me. I am so happy with the process and the results! We also had a big move thrown into the mix, and Barbara gave us tips to make it easier on him, and he traveled and adjusted great! The change in him is amazing - not only is he less nervous, but he is also less reactive to other dogs, he listens better, eats more regularly, and he is more affectionate! Permalink
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Michael S Rhinebeck, Dutchess, New York | May 20 2021
I'm happy to give an entirely positive review to Barbara Fassett: Our new rescue dog Elly came home with us, only to start chasing our two cats. This after the the shelter had said they'd tested her with a cat. (It's quite possible that this chasing behavior might not have manifested itself until she arrived home with us.) When Barbara came, she explained her training philosophy and then started to put us through our paces. It was our job to do our homework, and we started to see Elly respond to our corrections fairly quickly. Now, a month and half later, we have plenty of pictures of Elly next to the two cats; she and they are calmly going about their business. Yes, when she's excited - meal times, for sure - she'll dart after them. But she seems to correct herself once she get close a cat. And they're no longer fearful of her. Good job all around! Permalink
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Stephanie S Salt Point, New York | February 09 2021
I am so happy with Barbara Fassett from Bark Busters!!! She was so knowledgeable, friendly, patient and always punctual. She did a wonderful job training Scooter (and me )! Prior to Scooter, I'd trained or had a dog trained before so I had no idea what to expect or how long it would take for him to do the few things I need him to do (sit, stay, come, and walk without dragging me behind him on a leash). After our initial discussion, she come to my home (kindly accommodating my work hours) and we had a more in-depth discussion and Scooter's first training session. Let me tell you, not only was that discussion incredibly informative, but by the time she left that night, Scooter would come to me when called!!!! That blew my mind; I was not expecting that at all. And things progressed like that at every appointment thereafter; whatever it was we worked on Scooter would do it for me by the end of that session. Our homework was always to continue to work on those commands to really solidify it for him and she would give me helpful pointers to make me a more effective "pack leader". She would explain the training every step of the way, and not just what to do, but the why behind everything (which helped me better understand how to effectively work with my dog). It only took 4 lessons with Barbara to get Scooter to a point where he knows all the commands I need him to know. And I love that there's a lifetime guarantee; which means if I need her in the future, she'll be there for me and if I have questions at any point, I can just reach out to her for some guidance. If you're looking for a trainer, she is the person you want to work with. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. This was money well spent! Permalink
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Trainer note from Barbara : Thank you so much for your kind words, Stephanie. You and Scooter were a dream team to work with. You did everything I asked and he responded perfectly. Keep up the good work and, as you know, if you need me, don't hesitate. In the meantime, stay safe and be well.
Lori A
Lori A Pawling, Dutchess, New York | November 20 2020
Bark busters has been invaluable in shifting our puppy from over exuberant to well mannered. Jumping, nipping, pulling through doors, cruising and stealing have all been curbed. The puppy had been a little too rough with my preschooler. That’s also been checked. The tools are simple, the instructions thoughtful and easy to understand. With a bit of “homework” in the form of repetition, we were able to make the lessons stick. If your dog is giving you grief, don’t hesitate to use Bark Busters. It’s made our house a happier home for us and for our dog. Permalink
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Trainer note from Barbara : Thank you for you kind words. It was a pleasure meeting you and working with Brutus. If you have any questions or issues in the future, please don't hesitate to contact me. Be safe, be well and have the happiest of holidays.
Rebecca S
Rebecca S Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, New York | November 19 2020
Barbara was the absolute best when it came to training our newly adopted 5 month old Golden Retriever. She helped us correct and overcome his behavioral issues and stubbornness (resource guarding, basic commands, and manors) without any physical force or food reward! I highly recommend Barbara for any level of training needs you may have. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Jumping up, Puppy management
Trainer note from Barbara : Thank you so much for your kind words. Its was such a pleasure working with you and Franklin (DJ too). Questions or problems in the future, don't hesitate to contact me.
Katie H
Katie H Poughkeepsie, New York | August 05 2020
August 2020 - Barbara is an amazing trainer and wonderful person. She has been great help to us with our pug Charlie since 2009. She is reliable, professional and very responsive. Highly recommend! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Separation anxiety
Trainer note from Barbara : It has been such a pleasure working with you and Charlie through the years. You are one of the best doggie moms that I know. Thank you for your kind words.
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Robin F Lagrangeville, Dutchess, New York | December 18 2019
Barbara was wonderful. She taught us techniques that were essential to our coexistence with our new rescue Bobbie. We actually had no idea what we were doing. Barbara made it fun, because we were seeing progress, but in reality, it involved work and patience. She certainly has a way with animals. That was quite obvious. I would recommend her to anyone that has a challenging situation with their pet, and needs guidance. Permalink
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Adam S Rhinebeck, Dutchess, New York | September 25 2019
Barbara and Bark Busters have been a tremendous help in getting our dogs on the right track. She makes herself available to help whenever the need arises and provides professional and sound direction on eliminating and managing issues with your pooch. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Pulling

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