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Kyle F Carlsbad, San Diego, California | May 27 2023
I absolutely recommend hiring Justin as a dog trainer! He is incredibly passionate about what he does, and has transformed our Chili into a calm well behaved dog. We’ve been working together since she was a very small puppy and we couldn’t get her to stop barking in her crate. He showed us how to fix that in our first session. Along the way Justin has shown us how to keep her in a calm and relaxed state. He’s shown us how to fix her reactivity and barking which was driving us crazy, both in the house and on walks. He has been so helpful and responsive along the way, and I’m not sure how we would have had a shot figuring out this stuff without him. Couldn’t recommend him more! Permalink
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Arah L La Jolla, San Diego, California | May 22 2023
Justin in San Diego has been AMAZING. It's been 4 days since we started training with him and the results are already so drastic! Ranger has a problem with pulling when on leash. Justin was able to get him to stop pulling within 10 ft of stepping outside. I've never seen him that calm and walking slowly on a walk before! Ranger is also reactive to the doorbell. Within the second doorbell test, Ranger was calm, away from the door, and no barking. Back then, even if I get him to quiet down, as soon as the door opens he goes berserk again. But with Justin we were able to open the door, let the guest in, and Ranger didn't get up to greet whatsoever. Our biggest concern was that Ranger liked to herd my niece and nephew by nipping at their ankles. The first day, we weren't able to recreate it. After 3 days, we finally went back to my sister's. He has not herded the kids ONCE. He's been sooo nice to them. He's been going up to them and laying next to them on his own. He's been giving them kisses instead of nipping at them. I have NEVER seen Ranger like this before. This is such drastic improvement in just one session! We can't wait for future sessions with Justin. Can't recommend BarkBusters enough! If you're looking for a behaviorist, I HIGHLY recommend BarkBusters! Permalink
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Renae T Del Mar, San Diego, California | May 17 2023
Oh. My. Dog. Seriously. They're not enough words to describe how amazing Bark Busters was. We had a 10 yr old 70 lb rescue (pitbull/rhodesian ridgeback mix) who had a checkered past (had been used as a bait dog). We have had her for 9 years and she's been good. Iffy with some dogs so we just kept her out of dog parks. Mid January we rescued another dog (pitbull/staffy/? Mix) He is about 1yr old and was found running in a parking lot, emaciated. Well introductions didn't go well. He was partially house trained and knew how to sit but had NO doggy manners at all. He'd pull horribly on the leash, jump and climb all over us and the other dog. At which point she'd growl and then he'd try to bite her Throat. It was at the point we had baby gates installed and had to keep them separate. We were desperate And worried we might have to send the new dog back to the Humane Society. ONE SESSION with Justin, at our home and the difference was LITERALLY night and day. I even had the two of them laying in our bed together! He walks nicely on the leash now, and we can even FEED them together!!! I can't say ENOUGH about this trainer. NO shock collar/prong collar/choke chain needed. And no excessive use of treats needed. I know. sounds like voodoo or something but IT WORKS. He's pricier than your standard "obedience" training but it's worth it!!! He works with you AND the dog. He comes to you so your dog is being trained in the home environment. TLDR: BEST. TRAINER. EVER. Worth every penny! YOU WANT THIS TRAINER. TRUST ME. Permalink
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Aly E Carlsbad, San Diego, California | May 13 2023
Justin's great to work with! He's so patient with my pups which is definitely needed because I have 3 (Nala, Baxter, Chloe) that he's helping me work with. My main concern was their barking but during training I realized that my youngest pup Chloe was starting to get aggressive with other (stranger) dogs on the leash. It was awesome to see immediate results after the first day. Even better is that it wasn't hard to get follow up appointments. In addition, Justin is easy to reach through texts if I have questions in between appointments. His methods work really well and he takes the time to make sure I'm doing it correctly (half the battle is me implementing the corrections correctly lol) and is patient and good about correcting me when I lapse and do something incorrectly. When one method doesn't seem to work well, he's got another one we can try. My aunt even commented that she noticed a huge difference in Chloe's behavior when she saw her. She hasn't seen the others yet but I'm sure she would say the same for them. I'm super glad I went with Bark Busters and Justin and I'm definitely going to be working with Justin again for any future pups! Permalink
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Martin J San Marcos, San Diego, California | May 09 2023
Justin from Bark Busters was 1,000% more than we could have hoped for. We called Bark Busters after our initial trainer recommended finding a dog behaviorist for our 8 month old male Red Heeler rescue puppy, Koa. After scouring Google, we stumbled across Bark Busters's site and are so glad we did! We rescued Koa at 5 months old and he was very anxious, nervous, territorial, protective, distracted on the leash, and clingy .... but super cute so gotta love him. An example of our issues was extreme alertness and aggressive barking anytime someone came up the stairs to our apartment, including barking at the neighbors that have lived next door for a month. Koa could not deal with strangers in the house, but with Justin's guidance we were able to correct and calm Koa down within 60 seconds. LITERALLY 1 MINUTE! Our dog went from "psycho" to calm and smiling within just 1 minute! Justin showed us how to correct unwanted behavior, become the pack leaders our dog needs, and keep our dog in a calm state. He showed us how to walk our pup the right way and now walks are more pleasant than we could have imagined. This training was worth every penny and I would recommend Justin (and his whole team) to anyone who needs serious help with their pups. Permalink
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Mariah M Encinitas, San Diego, California | May 07 2023
It has been about 1 year since our first training session, and we are still using and loving the tools today' It's not like a one time lesson and our dog was instantly fixed. In fact, we fell off from using the tools we'd learned for a few months, then realized we needed to get strict with our behavior so Koa could go back to his relaxed state of mind. The onus is on us as Kia's humans to do the work so he's a happy, healthy pup, and that was one of the biggest lessons from Justin. A year later I still think the training was worth every penny and I recommend it to anyone even slightly interested. Thank you again, Bark Buster's!! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Chewing, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall, Separation anxiety
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Dana G La Jolla, San Diego, California | May 02 2023
I cannot recommend Justin enough for anyone struggling with their dog's behavior. He has been a game-changer for us and our dog Ziggy. We came to Justin when Ziggy was exhibiting leash reactivity, separation anxiety, and excessive barking, which was making it difficult for us to enjoy walks and even leaving the house without worrying about our neighbors complaining. From the very first consultation, Justin was incredibly patient, knowledgeable, and kind. He took the time to listen to our concerns and understand Ziggy's personality and tendencies. He explained the psychology behind dogs' behavior and how we could communicate more effectively with Ziggy to help him overcome his challenges. Justin also gave us easy-to-follow homework and guided walkthroughs that helped us build confidence and trust with Ziggy. We saw significant improvements in Ziggy's behavior after just one session. He is much more relaxed and comfortable being left alone and coming in contact with other dogs and people. Most importantly, Justin was always available to answer our questions and provide support whenever we needed it! He truly cares about his clients and their dogs, and it shows in his work. Overall, I cannot recommend Justin enough for anyone looking for a knowledgeable, patient, and effective behavioral dog trainer. Best decision we could’ve made to help our dog, and we are so grateful for his help! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall, Separation anxiety
Trainer note from Justin : Dana we are so glad Ziggy is doing so well. Congrats to you for doing the homework.
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Randy M Poway, San Diego, California | April 30 2023
Jenna Finch is a miracle worker!! My two Havanese dogs, ages 5 years and 7 years have had numerous classes and private trainers over their lives. Despite being affectionate and friendly each had developed behaviors that made them less than desirable neighbors in high rise buildings. No trainer was able to change those negative behavior. Rushing the front door, going into frenzies when guests arrived and being very demanding of attention from those guests were the most frustrating behaviors. In one visit, Jenna eliminated all of those actions and the new behavior has remained consistent with reinforcement homework by me. I discovered by accident that my older dog barked constantly when my husband and I are both gone from home. Jenna showed me how this was classic separation anxiety behavior. With the assistance of a nanny cam and Jenna's patient guidance and support, my boy has stayed quietly in his bed during our absences. I had to make sure the camera was actually working I was so astonished! All of these incredible results after only a week! Jenna is a pleasure to work with, explains everything then gives you very clear guidance in writing. She has been unfailingly available , including on nights and weekend. I couldn't be more delighted by the results of her training!! Permalink
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Jesse S San Diego, San Diego, California | July 01 2022
Justin was INCREDIBLE. Highly recommend!!! He was truthful about the challenges of my dog and the situation in general. His feedback was so honest and genuine despite the difficult nature of my dog. I can’t recommend him any higher. Thanks so much Justin. Permalink
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Sadie K
Sadie K San Diego, California | February 16 2022
I am still in shock with how quickly my dog went from an anxious aggressive dog to a calm happy dog. Justin is incredible. We have worked with multiple other trainers for over a year and within one session, our dog was transformed. The photo attached is our dog who is so relaxed she is ASLEEP right next to another dog. To be honest, we had given up hope before meeting Justin. His tips are simple and yet effective. Don't waste your time with anyone else. Hire Justin- he understands dogs!! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Pulling

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