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A.J. H
A.J. H Chantilly, Fairfax, Virginia | July 22 2023
Mark Renshaw saved my sweet Zena. We adopted Zena from a shelter. She is a Tree Walking Coonhound and we discovered pretty quickly that she was a barking, howling, neighbor infuriating two year old that would not listen to a thing. We also soon discovered that she could be reactive to new people, and a bit aggressive at times. The biggest problem was that she simply could not be controlled or reasoned with. We were on the verge of bringing her back to the shelter, but she is also sweet and very loving that we had to try something to keep her with us. Bark Busters was her last chance. Mark met with us and we started to work with Zena...the first meeting was a bit tenuous. Zena approached Mark with her usual aggressive bark and attitude. He took it in stride and started to train me and Zena on some of the techniques that would help her be less aggressive, reactive, and quell her attempts at being dominant. There was an amazing difference after that first training session. One of my neighbors said, "You'll have to pinch me, I'm dreaming, that can't be the same dog.", another thought that we had decided not to keep Zena. It has really a miracle turnaround. Zena is staying, and she is really the wonderful dog that we knew she could be, thanks to Bark Busters and Mark. We are still working with her every day, and it has been worth the time and cost of the training. Zena is an incredible Best Friend and family member who will be with us for years to come now. I can only say thank you to Mark for his patience, with me and Zena, and for all that he invested in us for this success. Permalink
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Don B Herndon, Fairfax, Virginia | March 01 2023
We had a wonderfully great experience with Mark at Bark Busters Home Dog Training Northern Virginia. It was absolutely surprising and shocking how effective Mark's techniques worked with our two pups. I did not expect these two cuties to respond so well and immediately to the guidance and leadership Mark showed us. Mark thoroughly covered the psychology of how dogs perceive their world and the dynamics of how they interact and respond. With the tools and techniques Mark gave us, our pups began obeying our space restriction the first day (not rushing the front door when the bell rings, allowing us to pass through doorways first, and stop jumping up on us or visitors when not wanted). We still have some work to do on going up and down stairs and some house breaking, but we're confident now that our pups will succeed at those in short order. Mark was attentive to our dog's reaction to the training and adjusted to their personalilites as needed. He answered all our questions and provided fantastic advice and guidance on working with these pups going forward. Best of all, Mark is available to us at anytime to return for adjustments and further training as needed, should issues arise in the coming years. We are so pleased that we chose Bark Busters Home Training Northern Virginia for our pup's traning because ultimately it's all about making and keeeping these cuties calm and happy in the "Green Zone." Both of our dogs are rescue dogs from two separate rescue situations. One from Mississippi and one from Texas. They are both very young, one about 6 months old and the other about 4 months old. Permalink
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Richard B Chantilly, Loudoun, Virginia | June 13 2019
We had amazing progress with our first dog training session with Mark Renshaw at Bark Busters, Northern Virginia. He explained the leadership relationship between humans and dogs and helped us understand and speak dog. He explained and demonstrated all the exercises and techniques for us to command our dog Dash. We were amazed of the progress in completing the exercises with Mark’s help. We are looking forward to continuing to practice the training exercises and making Dash the envy of the neighborhood. Moreover, Mark made us feel comfortable about following up with any questions and training assistance. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall
Jennifer S
Jennifer S Vienna, Virginia | June 11 2019
Theia is our 6-month-old, near 60lb Bernese Mountain Dog who has done quite well with basic puppy training when we got her at 9 weeks old; however over the past few weeks, has had recurring issues with mouthing, jumping and boundaries. Due to her current size and growth expectations (and my aching muscles from trying to control her), we needed Mark's services and help. When he walked in and stated we would see a change by the end of our time together, we were skeptical, however, we saw Theia's behavior change immediately. A few days later, we still see a great change in her that actually allows us to enjoy our time with her much more. The biggest thing I realized during this training was not that Theia was being trained to do what we needed, but that we were being trained on the correct communication skills so she had the opportunity to learn the habits we wanted her to have. Permalink
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Meg C
Meg C Leesburg, Virginia | April 29 2019
I am absolutely shocked by the huge change that one visit has made on me and our dog. Even though we have done some training and I have read various websites, the session today with Mark was simply amazing. If I wasn't there I wouldn't believe the changes. This was 100% worth every dollar and minute spent. Permalink
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Jose N Aldie, Virginia | November 25 2018
Mark was very professional and knowledgeable. There was immediate results in his methods in just the first hour. Mark came to meet my dogs, Jasmine and Zeus, to address some sibling rivalry and some unwanted jumping and pulling while on walks. He explained how to get into the mind of the dogs and how to establish dominance. I highly recommend Mark and Bark Busters to anyone who needs. Permalink
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David T Ashburn, Virginia | November 09 2018
Can't say enough about the difference one session made with our dog! Her behavior is so much better and she seems happier. Mark explained how and why they use their techniques and practiced them with us until we felt comfortable with them. He even worked with our 5 year old grandson so he could use the techniques and control our dog. I love that they have a lifetime guarantee that this will work. We would highly recommend Mark at Bark Buster's. Permalink
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Sarah Grace F Fairfax, Virginia | October 04 2018
We have two dogs, even though both very lovable, one was starting to think she was more of the alpha and our male was beginning to show some fear based aggressive tendencies. We knew if we did not get some serious training our dogs could end up negatively affecting all four of our lives. We want our dogs to be happy and content and we were getting concerned with their nuisance barking and sometimes poor behavior on the leash, just to name a couple issues. After some research and taking recommendations we decided to go with Mark Renshaw from Bark Busters Home Dog Training. We loved that Mark came to our home and that we recieved a lifetime guarantee. I would HIGHLY recommend Mark and Bark Busters. Mark was not only kind and professional, he was clear and patient in how he helped us learn to communicate with our dogs. After just one day we could not believe the transformation in our dogs and how much better they were listening to us AND how much more relaxed they were. Mark truly taught us how to "speak dog" in a way that keeps us from having to raise our voices or pull on our dogs collars in order to remove them from a situation, like when they would jump all over guests at the door. I was so impressed that this training worked so well without treats or e-collars. I can not say enough good things about our experience! Permalink
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Nicolo P Ashburn, Virginia | September 23 2018
We could not be happier with the results we are already seeing from Bark Busters! Our dog Apollo is 18 months old and has experienced behavioral issues from the start. Prior to Mark coming into our lives, we generally just attributed Apollo's confident personality to his breeds (German Shepherd/Husky/Chow mix) and shrugged our shoulders. When he bit one of our family members, however, we knew things had to change. We tried other trainers such as a 6 week program with Petco but barely saw any results. In just 3 hours of Mark coming into our home, though, Apollo has literally transformed before our eyes. Mark is professional, kind, and incredibly knowledgeable. We couldn't believe that we didn't have to use treats, clickers, or any other gimmicks, but it's true! Apollo is now learning that we are the boss, not him, and that he must respect and listen to us always (something I never thought would be possible before). It is honestly life-changing for our family and we will continue with this program forever. I recommend Mark for ANY issues you may be having with your dogs, he is absolutely, hands-down, the best. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling
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Merritt W Vienna, Virginia | September 22 2018
Mark talked to us first about what we wanted Luna to learn and then taught us how to do it. I did not think Luna would respond to his methods but she did! We have been continuing to use the new methods and see a remarkable change in our dog. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall

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