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Ashburn | October 31 2012
Mark is a terrific instructor. He took as much time as we needed to answer questions, listen to our silly stories and ensure we mastered each exercise. Sara is much easier to manage now and we have almost eliminated her potty training issues. Rainstorms and fireworks still present a challenge in that area. Thanks so much for your service. Permalink
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Fairfax | October 31 2012
Mark did a great job helping us with our dog Jax. He was professional, always on time, and kept in touch with us via phone/email in between sessions. Jax, a highly anxious rescue, has shown major improvements and seems much more at ease now than any time in the past 2 years that we have had him. We have recommended Bark Busters to friends based on our experience with Mark. Permalink
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Herndon | October 31 2012
We had Mark and he was awesome! We have recommended Bark Busters to several friends and the rescue we adopted from. Permalink
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Ashburn | September 03 2012
I rarely take the time to leave reviews. In this case, I felt the need to say something. I was referred to Mark through a colleague. I really didn't take the plunge until I did some research. I finally came the conclusion for the price, service, and guarantee it was worth a shot. I have to say we are completely satisfied with the results!!! Our 6 month old beagle puppy is under control. She will 1. Sit 2. Stay 3. Go down 4. Go to her kennel 5. Follow us around the house (not take the lead) 6. Will stay and wait until we ask her eat or go to her food bowl 7. Doesn't rush to the front door when the bell rings, she follows us then waits at a designated spot and does not move until we release her. (1-7 are all without a leash. She was initially trained with a leash but now she listens with or without the leash.) 8. Follows us during walks on leash, again will not take the lead 9. Walks on the treadmill - Great for when winter/rain is present I can go on but will stop here . . . The techniques we learned were safe, effectively, and non-harmful to our puppy. Through the techniques she understands we are the leaders and after that everything really just fell into place. Just one of the techniques I shared with a colleague has all of his five dogs adhering to all his major commands. I am a hero to him at work. His dogs were grown and already set in their ways. He had them transformed in just one evening. To reiterate, I just shared one technique! As for Mark, who has been the main POC for training, he is supportive and encouraging in all situations. You truly feel he is there to help without judgment. He fully understands each client is coming in with a certain level of knowledge and does a good job to bring you up the right level of understanding how to accomplish your training goals. Yes, I said your training goals. In addition to the 'standard' commands, we had a list of thing we wanted our puppy to do and we have completed the list. I have recommended Mark to others and will continue to do so. If you follow their instructions and just spend a 10/15 minutes each day with your dog you will see the results. I encourage you to 'shop' around and compare prices, referrals, convenience of training times and location, not to mention the guarantee. You will find this will be your best option. I wish Mark continued success! Permalink
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Leesburg | June 08 2012
First let me say that Mark is amazing, as is the Bark Busters program. My dog had several issues that I wanted to correct, such as; excessive barking, not listening, and aggression. The techniques that are used for training are very easy to follow. My dog started to show improvement during our first session, and it was great seeing results so fast! She has just finished her fifth session and is a totally different dog. Not only is she less dominating, but she is much happier and loyal. She no longer barks, she comes when called, and is able to go on walks without trying to attack every passing animal. Permalink
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-Smith | June 22 2011
It's a common misconception that veterinarians have the most well-behaved dogs. It's often the opposite! I adopted my basset hound at 2 years of age when I was in vet school. She came to me poorly trained, and I unfortunately did little to correct that. Over the years I put my efforts into helping other people's dogs instead of my own, and her bad habits worsened, to the point where my life often revolved around them. It took 8 years for me to finally get frustrated to the point where I needed to ask for help. I had a few colleagues who had good experiences with Bark Busters so I decided to give it a try. I had little expectations for success, as other methods I had tried did not work, and I had allowed her anxiety issues and bad behavior to go on for far too long. I was blown away by the results we had even in the first training session. Mark was extremely thorough and patient walking us through their methods and the first few exercises with our dog. I was shocked when I was able to let a treat drop to the floor and my dog listened to me and didn't immediately go after it! Mark also outlined a clear plan for the exercises we were to do in between sessions, and I was pleased to see that they were easy to follow and we didn't back-track. By the second session we were able to put her in a crate, which I hadn't been able to do in years without a major meltdown on both our parts. Mark even came with me to work, where my dog has had the majority of her anxiety issues, to work on training. I learned through Bark Busters that I have a very trainable dog, I just wasn't doing it right! All parties involved, including my dog, are much happier now. I truly feel that the Bark Busters training method can be effective, when owners commit to doing the homework outside of appointments as well as the work during the appointments. Permalink
Fairfax | April 13 2009
I've spent almost a thousand dollars on other trainers without any tangible results. I was getting more tense as my little shih tzu's separation anxiety was getting worse. After my first training session with Mark, you can see a lot of difference with Chuey. He learned and retained all the "tricks" without threats or treats. After a month, you can see a more confident dog. I wished I've met Mark earlier but always better late than never! Permalink
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Vienna | September 13 2007
Mark saved our lives. We had a brand new puppy and no idea what to do or how to train him. Within one session, Mark had us working with the dog to sit and stay. He also established boundaries in our open floor plan home whereby Harry would only go in the kitchen, family room or mud room - a big help given that he was not fully housebroken. I don't know that we would have been able to keep Harry without Mark and he is how the favorite member of our family! I can't thank him enough for everything he did, recommendations on house training, food to feed him, nutritious treats, what we should expect and most importantly how to work with him in a very effective and fun manner. Permalink
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Charlottesville, VA | August 14 2006
We didn't think there was any hope for our alpha dog's behavior. After learning the techniques from Mark and the simple "laws of the pack" we had a completely different dog. We only required 2 visits to gain control! We can never say thank you enough!! Now that we're out of the Northern Virginia area, I'm sorry to see that there's no franchise in Charlottesville. Permalink

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