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Virginia Z Spring, Montgomery, Texas | March 24 2019
My husband and I rescued Cadet from a local shelter. Her record reports she was house broken, had to be shaved due to matting, and that had been in this shelter for over 30 days. During her time in shelter she also had bladder surgery. At time of adoption she was about 2 1/2 weeks out of surgery. Her 1st week home she was very timid, did not play with toys, she also exhibited signs of separation anxiety. Since she had bladder surgery it was difficulty to tell if her accidents were due surgery or that she was no longer house broken. Vet visit confirmed inflamed bladder, she was started on medications. Her accidents decreased significantly in number after meds were started. Due to separation anxiety she harmed herself trying to get out kennel when we left her for a couple of hours. At almost 3 weeks in our home, she continued to be very timid. We called Bob to help with separation anxiety and increased accidents. She was hurting herself in the kennel and had accidents when left alone we knew needed help. Bob spent 2 plus hours with us. Bob taught us how to communicate with Cadet without making her more fearful, establishing our leadership/dominance over her to help start to feel secure. Besides giving her a little more time to come out of her shell, bladder to heal, he also gave us suggestions for when we had to leave her home alone. My husband and I continue to use the what Bob taught us and love on Cadet. He asked us to call him and update him in a 4-6 weeks. To my husband and my amazement he said he was not going to charge us after 2 1/2 hour with us. We would highly recommend Bob to friends, he helped us with our unique situation, advised us, and despite all the time he spent with us he did not charge us. Permalink
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Katelyn W Houston, Harris, Texas | March 23 2019
Axel is a Miniature Schnauzer who is about 2.5 years old. He is the sweetest dog but we had issues with him barking excessively when people came to the door, jumping up on us, and had issues pulling hard on his leash during walks! After just one session with Bob we noticed such a difference in Axels behavior! He is very attentive to our commands now where as before they were more of a “suggestion.” When we practice our door drills, he will not go past our designated “stop” area! Amazing story......the same afternoon after our first training, my husband left the back gate open and Axel saw his chance and started bolting toward the opening! My husband used what Bob taught us and “Bahhhhed and snapped” and Axel stopped in his tracks and turned around and and listened to him! He was amazed! Y’all, this was just after one session!!! We can’t thank Bob enough for the tools he gave us to have a better relationship with our little puppers! Permalink
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Barbara S Spring, Harris, Texas | March 07 2019
My dog ruled the house. I am finally beginning to have some peace and taking control for the first time. Thank you Bob. Permalink
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Sesha K Cypress, Harris, Texas | March 01 2019
I am so pleased with the training of my little dog Oscar by Bob. Prior to the training, I could not sit and eat a meal without Oscar jumping all over me and barking. Even when I was walking, he was pulling me in different directions. After the training for 2.5 hours, he is obedient and listening. What a difference the training made! I know I have to continue to train Oscar. Permalink
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Josh D Katy, Texas | February 25 2019
Our rescue dog was dealing with several issues including jumping on people and dog aggression. After our lesson we saw vast improvement immediately. We even walked past an aggressive dog today and our dog kept his focus on me which has never happened before. I would recommend this program for anyone who wants to get control of their dog. Permalink
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David M Cypress, Harris, Texas | January 15 2019
This was one of the best money we ever spent. Bob was great and showed us how to train our dog. I have instantly seen great results I would recommend him to everyone Permalink
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Julie N Tomball, Texas | January 10 2019
Ok, I have to admit I was totally skeptical about the progress that could possibly be made in one session with my “wild child” 7 month old Lab, Mia. She has been a super jumper, leash puller, barker and just generally ignored basic commands. Bob arrived at the same time as a serviceman at our house this morning. He witnessed Mia’s very unacceptable jumping at the door and having to be held back forcibly when the door was opened. We sat down and went through the program and what to expect while Mia was in her crate. When she was let out Bob immediately began the procedures he had explained to us. Her response was amazing! He worked with her then turned things over to us, guiding us through each exercise. I was totally amazed with the immediate progress Mia showed. This was our first session, thus we have not covered all issues, but what we have covered has generated incredible improvement. Since Bob’s departure, we have only had two “incidents” needing correction. I can’t wait to see how tomorrow goes and look forward to our next session in a couple of weeks. Thank you Bob for giving us the tools to make our time with Mia more relaxed and fun for all of us. Permalink
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kerrin K Spring, Texas | December 08 2018
Bob came to help with our 7 month old German short haired pointer. We needed help with pulling when on walks, jumping and staying when someone was at the front door. She has bolted out twice and luckily she came back. With Bob's help she stays back until called. She won't jump on guests when they come in either. He also helped with walking on a leash. This has taken a bit more time since she is a hunting dog and wants to run after anything that moves. Our kids are amazed on what Bob could do. Thanks Bob for a job well done! Permalink
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silvia K Tomball, Harris, Texas | November 26 2018
Bob's training was amazing, who would have known that it would be that easy. We have a completely different dog, he is now obedient, loving and very well behaved. The jumping and biting stopped immediately. It is truly UNBELIEVABLE that a dog can be training in a matter of hours, I am still in awe and have not stopped telling everyone I know about it. It has now been 2 weeks and he hasn't forgotten anything, George now walks without a leash and walks next to me, not ahead or behind and follows my every step. This training was the best investment we could have done, worth every penny Permalink
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Kat C The Woodlands, Texas | October 18 2018
Bob was amazing! I have a Pitbull and he understood that Pits are a lovable breed. The father-son duo came in, spent time training us to be leaders to Moose, and helped us onto the path to showcase how awesome/trainable Pitbulls truly are. Their patience and guidance was a dream sent; along with their willingness to take the time to go through every step and method was really nice to experience. I would recommend Bob and Brett to anyone, already we are seeing major improvements in my dog's behavior! We are for sure sticking with them and Bark Buster for any-all dog training. Thank y'all so much for everything! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Other, Pulling

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