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Kat C The Woodlands, Texas | October 18 2018
Bob was amazing! I have a Pitbull and he understood that Pits are a lovable breed. The father-son duo came in, spent time training us to be leaders to Moose, and helped us onto the path to showcase how awesome/trainable Pitbulls truly are. Their patience and guidance was a dream sent; along with their willingness to take the time to go through every step and method was really nice to experience. I would recommend Bob and Brett to anyone, already we are seeing major improvements in my dog's behavior! We are for sure sticking with them and Bark Buster for any-all dog training. Thank y'all so much for everything! Permalink
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Ron G Houston, Texas | July 24 2018
Bob really helped us with Reba, our 4-month old lab puppy. She was doing all the typical puppy behaviors, jumping on people, chewing fingers, barking and fighting walking on leash. The results of Bob’s training (us) were immediate, but more importantly we are now able to provide consistency and timely communication to our dog that is getting better every day. Permalink
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Sean T Tomball, Texas | July 17 2018
The program trains you to lead your dog and with a little effort you will see a big improvement. We are less than one week into the program and have 6 month old puppies. They are already responding to the training. They use to run out the door every time it opened and now stay back and stay quiet. Leash work is improving everyday. Permalink
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Melissa W Tomball, Texas | July 08 2018
After our very first visit with Bob today we already feel like we have a New outlook on life with our dogs!! We still have our sweet & loving dogs, But they are listening to us without all the screaming and craziness! Tonight was the first night seriously in about 5 months that it has been peaceful and calm in our house. We are happy and our dogs are happy! I truly feel this is going to be a life changing experience for our family and these dogs are part of our family. Thank you Bob! Permalink
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Marsha M Tomball, Texas | July 08 2018
Amazing results in just one session! Just unbelievable!! Thankyou so much! Puppy and older dog both responded positively. Thanks Bob Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Chewing, Digging, Hyperactivity, Jumping up
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Sandra G Houston, Texas | July 07 2018
My son's dog Bernard had dominant issues and other behavioral issues. He would constantly bark at you until you gave into whatever he wanted, he would jump on people when they entered the house, and attack the vacuum cleaner. Bob showed me how to deal with all these issues. And within a few days, I noticed a change in Bernard. After a few weeks of working with him, I noticed a huge change. It is like he is a different dog. I will have to admit, when Bob showed me the methods, I thought they were silly and thought how could this possibly work. Miraculously they do. The key is to work with your dog daily. That is the only way you will see results. Thanks Bob! Permalink
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Tara V Katy, Texas | April 22 2018
We adopted a beautiful German Sheppard mix. He was very hyper when he met new people and was not very friendly with the cat. This along with other habits changed with just one session that gave us great guidance to continue working with him on. I will recommend this company to anyone that needs even the smallest training with their dog or puppy. Permalink
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Randy G Houston, Texas | April 12 2018
Bob was exceptionally knowledgeable about training dogs, specifically knowing what my dog Madison needed. He was very clear on the procedure of steps for us to be in control. We noticed a difference the first day . I highly recommend Bark Busters Cypress. Thank you Bob. Permalink
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DEE M Cypress, Texas | October 29 2017
Very enjoyable encounter with our trainer from Bark Busters. We learned a lot and are anxious for our next visit. Snap and growl is an amazing thing. Permalink
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Shelbey B Tomball, Texas | October 14 2017
I've already seen a tremendous difference after 2 day's! Bob was so sweet to our pups & his methods were immediately successful. I have 2 pups with very different personalities & he worked so well with both of them. Bob was accommodating to their needs & very patient with my rescue pup who gets scared easily. I would wholeheartedly recommend Bark Busters to anyone looking to better understand their pup & to better communicate with their pup. I was truly amazed at the difference from day 1 & am so excited we made this decision. Permalink
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