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Mary L
Mary L Las Vegas, Nevada | October 29 2018
We recently lost our amazing, well trained dog after 14 years to cancer. Heartbroken, we bought a new Havanese puppy. Our 10 week old puppy desperately needed some training. Bark busters responded immediately. They were extremely knowledgeable and friendly over the phone. Our first lesson was the other night. They stayed for an hour and a half helping us and answering all of our questions. We have been doing homework for the last 5 days and our puppy, Napa is responding very well. We already see a huge difference. We have reached out to our trainers a few times now & they answer immediately. They also have helped us to understand puppy habits & nutrition and what's best for our puppy. So far, I would highly recommend this team. Permalink
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Jenny K
Jenny K Las Vegas, Nevada | October 13 2018
I have a Pomeranian, spay, 1 year old, boy. Barking was his most serious problem, along with severe separation anxiety. Whenever he saw moving objects, like cars and pedestrians on the road, he would bark so CRAZY. When I left home, he'd been barking, so I decided to find a dog trainer, I searched for many choices on the Internet, but I finally chose the bark buster. My decision is correct, Derek and Lissette are so nice! They help me to solve the problems, they will teach me how to train and stop my dog's behavior that bothers me. And I did the homework they have given to me. My dog in the separation anxiety and barking at the sight of the moving object is obviously improved a lot! When I ask for helping to train my dog, Derek and Lissette will come to my house as soon as possible. And when I walked my dog, he couldn't stop barking when he saw the car, and they helped me solve this problem as well! They also told me the health knowledge of dogs that we don't know about it. If some of your dog's behavior bothers you in your life, I recommend bark buster because they will do their best to solve the problem for you! Permalink
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Lisa W
Lisa W Carlsbad, California | October 10 2018
What?! I'm getting a new bone?? Yeah! After only four months with us, Mac is no longer the fearful, aggressive dog he was when we adopted him. We still have some minor issues to deal with but we've come such a long way. We owe so much to our trainers, Bark Busters Vegas! -------7/5/2018 ----After adopting Mac, our Lhasa Apso/Cocker Spaniel mix just three weeks ago, we called Bark Busters based on the reviews given by neighbors on Next Door and also those on Yelp. We knew we were dealing with issues that we had no experience with - submissive urination, anxiety and aggression towards approaching people and dogs. Lissette and Derek Anovick have been an absolute pleasure to deal with. Our initial meeting with Lissette in our home lasted approximately 90 minutes and we were amazed to see Mac correctly respond to each and every technique that Lissette demonstrated. Their methods are unique and extremely effective as we are seeing significant improvement and changes in Mac's demeanor and behavior in just two weeks. The commitment of the pet owner is key....doing the "homework" on a consistent, daily basis achieves results. We are thrilled with Bark Busters and highly recommend them! Permalink
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Dawn C Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada | September 28 2018
We are only starting the training and so far we are very pleased. Both Derek and Lissette are professional and easy to talk to. Both not only offer well rounded, good advice but listen to your questions and concerns. We had our first training session last night and I was pleasantly surprised by the progress even after only 1 session. We were excited to start the training and are now even more excited to continue. Thank you Derek and Lissette! Permalink
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Russ R Palm Springs, California | September 21 2018
Met with Derek for our first "training" session. Derek takes time to listen to the issues you're having with your pets and explains why it is even more important to train the pets owner. The first day we applied the recommended techniques and saw immediate results. Although Derek and Lissette will make themselves available ongoing to address any further issues and provide guidance, it is important for the pet owner to be consistent with utilizing their techniques daily for proven results. I would recommend using Bark Busters for their expertise in helping to resolve any issues you may have with your pets or your issues in dealing with your pets. Permalink
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Robert V Las Vegas, Nevada | September 15 2018
I am Very Happy with the Quality of Service and Professional Training. The Owners/Trainers are a Husband and Wife couple, Derek and Lissette. I called several different Trainers. Derek spent a full 20 minutes on the phone listening and understanding my needs before the first lesson or payment. Lissette helped give us the tools to work with our rescues. They don't train your dogs. They train you to train them. It does require following the exercises and daily practice, but the benefits we have seen so far have been excellent. I think the Lifetime Guarantee is the Best Feature. I recommend this business to help you with your furry family members. Permalink
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Ellie B Las Vegas, Nevada | August 09 2018
I called BarkBusters due to the great yelp reviews, and because they do not use treats or pronged collars. I adopted a 10 year old poodle mix and she had severe leash aggression such that it was nearly impossible to walk her, she would go crazy whenever she saw another human or dog. On our first lesson With Derek and the collar he gave us, we were able to walk near another person without her even barking. Since then we are continuing to work with her and she continues to improve. Derek teaches you how to communicate with your dog so they understand you are in charge. It did feel strange at first but the techniques work and I think my dog is happier knowing what I expect from her. Permalink
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Esther S Henderson, Nevada | August 07 2018
I have only just begun to work with Derek and Lissette @ Bark Busters but I am very excited to continue my training. I was feeling helpless before Lissette came in and gave me some tools to work with. After just the first training session I began to feel empowered. I have the tools to be successful and the support I need to raise a well mannered dog. Derrek and Lissette are always just a phone call away. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Bark Busters. I would highly recommend their services. Permalink
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Kayla C Henderson, Nevada | August 07 2018
After mommy getting in the middle of our two alpha females too many times it was time to call the professionals! Thank you Lissette Anovick and Derek Anovick with Bark Busters! Our first night of training was a huge success already! We feel more confident already and the girls were exhausted after! They're helping us with sibling rivalry, barking, walking on a leash, cutting the cord with mommy, with a few more but especially teaching them that WE rule the house not them! We have 5 weeks of homework to do every single day and I'm very confident with how just the first night helped! If you have ANY trouble with your fur babies be sure to contact Derek & Lissette or your local Bark Buster Trainer! Permalink
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Billie A Las Vegas, Nevada | August 06 2018
"NO!" "STOP!" "Bad girl!" "AHHH!" All common and constant things said (yelled) in our house before we called Bark Busters. I have owned dogs before, but none as unruly as our sweet puppy Penelope. I say "sweet" because deep down we knew she was, and saw glimpses of it occasionally. Derek came out and trained us how to "think dog". He was at our house for about 2.5-3 hours the first time working with us and Penelope, then gave us homework! A little like school, having to remember things and do things a certain way, and having the pay off at the end. It's been over a month since we called Derek for help and the changes we have seen in our Penny are amazing. "It is a marathon, not a sprint." She is no where near winning the "Most Behaved Dog" award, but she's on her way. Now in our house you'll hear more, "Good girl!" "Good... (command, mostly leave it and drop it)" "Thank you for the kisses!" and "What a sweet girl! (because she is more now)" I only regret not calling them sooner and saving myself months of frustration! There's a reason they're the best, and worth every single penny!! Permalink
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