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Goose Creek | March 25 2011
I love that the techniques are so simple...but more importantly they are not at all negative (pinning, yelling etc.) I think our family and our puppy Zoey are closer already! Permalink
Daniel Island | March 25 2011
Our dog is much happier and so are we! Bark Busters is great because the behavior changes have persisted. Permalink
Sullivans Island | March 22 2011
Bark Busters was very informative and we learned a lot not only about our 11 yr old Shitzu's aggression but about ourselves. I would highly recommend BB to anyone who has a younger OR older dog! Michelle was very easy to work with and very professional. We very much enjoyed her style of teaching. Permalink
Awendaw | March 10 2011
Winnie our 7 year old Corgi showed amazing results right from the start. It was fun and extremely interesting - WE'RE the ones who need training! We worked together to find the right level of correction with her to alleviate her becoming fearful but still get our message across. I've already given out 2 business cards to friends to share this great program. Permalink
Vet Tech | March 01 2011
The techniques were personalized for me and 1yr old Pitbull Mix named Cricket. By the end of the first session a noticeable difference was apparent! I was very excited to try the techniques myself once the trainer had left. I recommend Bark Busters to friends and colleagues, gentle yet effective... Permalink
Daniel Island | February 23 2011
You could see that Rembert (our 5 mth old puppy) understood what "bahh" meant during the first lesson - it works! We are delighted with the techniques and our trainer. Mouthing was a big problem and is now completely under control after just a couple weeks. Permalink
James Island | February 15 2011
James was excellent! We saw an immediate difference on mouthing, jumping and walking on the leash that continues to improve with our consistency and leadership. The whole process was interesting and enjoyable - would highly recommend this service. Permalink
Ladson | February 11 2011
This training has been life changing for us and our pets! We love you guys! Every session has brought so much difference to their behavior. 360 degrees from where we were-the passive training techniques have done more than any other training technique I have ever tried. The training experience was stress free for us and our dogs, we enjoyed learning right along with our pets! Permalink
James Island | February 01 2011
When Michelle rang our doorbell I was reminded just why we called Bark Busters. Both, my Labradoodle and my Pomeranian wouldn't let up. There was constant barking until Michelle made the dogs feel at ease with her there. That's when the first training session began. And boy what a session that was. I was amazed at how knowledgable Michelle is and how easy she made it for us adapt to the training program.. but I was more amazed at how just one session achieved excellent results. Michelle made the training fun and exciting. My wife and I look forward to spending more time learning with our dogs and can't wait until the next supervised session. Bark Busters is well worth the investment. Permalink
Daniel Island | January 26 2011
This training is worth every penny! Michelle is a fantastic trainer, very knowledgeable and a great communicator (with dogs & people!). We saw results on day one and frequently get comments on how well behaved our dog is. I give full credit to Michelle and Bark Busters. This program is easy to use. Michelle makes the training fun and gives us clear instruction on how each family member can participate in the exercises. I'd recommend Bark Busters to any dog owner. Permalink

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