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West Ashley | July 19 2010
Absolutely excellent results starting the first lesson! Our dogs are much better to walk, they listen better, they look to us for guidance, and no more fighting between them. We liked that the techniques do not use any physical consequences but still work great! We looked forward to our visits and always received helpful critiques and good feedback. We were very pleased with the overall training. We are so happy to have our dogs back together! We hope that by maintaining our leadership and communication they will continue to see they do not have to fight with each other. I have already recommended them to several neighbors! Permalink
Mt. Pleasant | July 19 2010
IT WORKS!! We were so pleased with how easy this system is and how effective it has been with our springer spaniel. Permalink
Mt. Pleasant | June 16 2010
The methods were clearly explained, the communication was simplified, and the experience was very interesting. We have overcome several issues and seen a signficant change in Bella! Permalink
Mt. Pleasant | June 16 2010
After trying some other training techniques with poor results, Bark Busters performed miracles with my 5-month-old German shorthaired pointer. We still have a lot of work to do, but Cooper is now a manageable puppy. Bark Busters is well worth the investment! Permalink
Charleston | May 29 2010
Bark Busters uses great training techniques and adjusts the techniques/strategies for each individual dog, so it does not feel like a single approach to all dog behavioral issues. They did a phenomenal job of listening to our concerns and observations and responding with new training suggestions. We continue to improve our results each day, but we've noticed a tremendous difference overall with Kashmir since we began the training. Permalink
Charleston | May 29 2010
Excellent-I was AMAZED at how quickly my 3-month-old pit bull puppy's behavior changed. Rockerfeller now listens to me! Permalink
Mt. Pleasant | May 29 2010
Great, natural way to train dogs. Not difficult to understand and implement. They were knowledgeable, enthusiastic and helpful. Training was perfect for Chase's temperament to please. We felt the methods were "user friendly" and not overwhelming. Thanks! Permalink
West Ashley | May 29 2010
The explanation was great! The training techniques made complete sense, and we wondered why we were just now learning it. Zeus had stopped jumping on James and Michelle within 10 minutes of training. We had an "of course this will work" moment because our dogs finally understand us. We can now walk our dogs in peace! We have already recommended James and Michelle. We really liked the training and results. We've tried many other training techniqes and got the best and fastest results with Bark Busters! Permalink
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West Ashley | May 25 2010
We are Buddy's third owners, and he is only a year and half old! The techniques made so much sense when the reasons were explained-making it easier to remember. Our results progressed in relation to our consistency. It took me a while to get the pattern-thanks to James I am getting it! James is very intuitive with people and pets; he makes both feel very comfortable and establishes a "can-do" attitude. We needed to make this work as Buddy's rescue history was looking grim. Bark Busters knows their stuff! Permalink
West Ashley | May 25 2010
Bark Busters was always available to respond immediately if I needed extra help outside of a training session. This has made me the "pack leader" again, and I am grateful that I can feel confident in my ability to command my dog's actions. This training has made a huge impact on my relationship with my dog and has made a much stronger and healthier bond with us. I really enjoy that I was able to gain the control without being physical with him! Permalink

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