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Shakopee | April 05 2012
Jean has been a Godsend. I had been at "the end of my leash" and in one session, she has given me hope! By the second session I knew I had found the solution to my dog problems. The natural methods have helped me commumicate better with my dogs and have already given me hope for the future. In 15 minutes a day, my life has gone from chaos to more controlled. I can see no longer being the person with "those dogs" in my future. Thanks, Jean. Permalink
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Eden Prairie | April 05 2012
Jean did a great job and we are particularly pleased that she included the children in an age appropriate way. We are amazed at how quickly Bo responded and this technique has proven a great fit for us. We have already recommended Bark Busters and are so happy we did this. The experience has been very positive and we were also very pleased with the reasonable pricing. Permalink
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Minnetonka | April 05 2012
I couldn't believe how well Kody understood and responded to the "bah" growl technique. It works! We had used the clicker/treat method in the past and it always bothered me that we had to give him a treat to get the desired result. I prefer using praise. Jean is great. She's always ready to come out and help. Even on garbage day! Thank you! Permalink
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Minneapolis | April 05 2012
Even after one session, it was like we had a new dog! Permalink
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Eden Prairie | February 04 2010
When we called Bark Busters, Guinness was a classic "C" dog with basic attentiveness issues. He definitely felt he was running the show. We have been so pleased with his progress from simple sit/stay to big improvement in greeting guests with something other than fanatical barking. We would recommend Bark Busters techniques to anyone. Permalink
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MINNETONKA | February 04 2010
Becca has made good progress. The training methods are very effective. Jean has been extremely helpful and responsive. We are confident that with continued effort and consistency on our part and occasional support from Jean, that Becca will be well adjusted and comfortable with our family. Permalink
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Stt. Paul | February 04 2010
Bark Busters training was very interesting and informative. I especially like the fact that it is non physical. I know so many dogs and dog owners who would benefit from this training. Jean was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. She's aware of Dexter's needs and mine. Permalink
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Prior Lake | February 04 2010
Bark Busters could not have come to us at a better time! We were embarrassed and frustrated by our dogs' poor behaviors. We have been a much happier family since learning the Bark Busters method. Jean is so patient and encouraging. We would recommend she and Bark Busters to anyone. Permalink
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Hopkins | February 04 2010
Jean did an outstanding job explaining the training techniques in a way we all were able to understand. We saw a great deal of responsiveness from Kodi during the first training session. I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone looking for training. Permalink
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Excelsior | February 04 2010
I would highly recommend Jean to anyone who owns a dog! The training is easy and highly effective. Permalink

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