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Walter and Sharana T Humble, Texas | April 18 2023
My baby dog is untrained and he reacted the way I knew he would, he is very stubborn so i know its going to take time and patience. I feel this would be an excellent fit to get him where i need him to be. Permalink
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Brian M Houston, Texas | April 15 2023
Mason is awesome!! He did an outstanding job in explaining dog behaviors and to help me understand what I had to do as the owner to make a more relaxing environment for both of us. It didn't take long for Graycie to warm up to Mason and change behaviors on the things I pointed out. She kind of made it look like I was making things up about here the way she responded to Mason and myself just in a matter of minutes after his arrival. Since the initial visit I had, I've been doing the homework daily and its paid off tremendously. Most of the challenges I wanted to address have been corrected. I definitely would recommend Mason to others. Thanks Mason!!! Permalink
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Jessica P Houston, Texas | April 14 2023
Mason helped us with our dog's constant jumping and barking at anything and everything. We noticed a huge difference in their behavior almost immediately. We are very impressed and would recommend Mason to everyone. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Pulling
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Dan F Houston, Texas | April 13 2023
The training was thorough and by the end of the session our dog was on the road to breaking his bad habits. Would recommend this to any concerned dog parent! Permalink
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Cami O Houston, Texas | April 12 2023
Mason came in our home and really helped us with our 4 year old German Shepherd, Junie. Within a few hours, Junie was relaxed with Mason, understanding her training, and not pulling on her leash when we took her for a walk. She is aggressive and has a hard time meeting new people as she is territorial in our home. I was shocked at the progress in such a short time and can’t wait to continue her training so she can be a happier girl! Highly recommend Mason and bark busters to help your dog. Permalink
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Gina M
Gina M Houston, Texas | April 10 2023
I want to thank Mason for a relaxed and fun training session for Milo and myself. He spent alot of time leading the behavioral change and then allowing me to do it. I certainly appreciate all the education and tips. I definitely would recommend him and Bark Busters to help me connect with my Aussie Milo. Looking forward to practicing with Milo and showing you our improvements. Permalink
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Rachel L Houston, Harris, Texas | January 23 2023
Mason is amazing!! I cannot express how amazed I was with the work Mason did with my 8 month old standard poodle Haifa after just 1 lesson!! He was able to show me how to take control & stop the negative behaviors. He got me to really understand how the mind of a dog works and how to communicate and interact with them that harmonizes and aligns with this born given nature. The techniques & exercises he taught me are simple , quick and very effective. I saw Haifa’s issues (jumping, barking, leash pulling, counter surfing, craziness at the front door…just to name a few) just basically stop after one session!! These philosophy & techniques of Bark Busters is genius! But it’s Mason’s approach teaching that make those concepts work. What a great teacher & coach! I’m so very happy! Thank you Mason! Permalink
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Kristine R Houston, Texas | September 20 2022
Mason did an amazing job with our two dogs, Rosey and Chewy! He taught our family dog training techniques and in a short time, we’re already seeing a difference in their behavior. We’re getting control of the barking at every person who passes by and we’re working on the leash pulling and recall. He was patient, knowledgeable, thorough, and just great to work with. We are looking forward to more sessions with Mason! We highly recommend Mason at Bark Busters! Permalink
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Eileen G Houston, Texas | September 15 2022
Amazing training session with Mason. Specifically designed for My baby, Mango. Addressed all of the issues Mango and I were experiencing. I saw miraculous results in just 1 day. It takes work on our part but if you want to make your pet a more manageable companion I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Bark Buster's ❤️ Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Jumping up, Pulling
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Caycee B Houston, Texas | September 12 2022
I can't say enough how much this helped us speak dog! We had an immediate behavior change with Mason and how he guided us to work with Finneas. We continue to follow his instructions and even changed Finn's food it was sooooo helpful. It was almost like magic for us. Finn is so relaxed and just super sweet without any bad behaviors he was starting to try :-). This is my 2nd dog and I wish I had found Mason with my 1st one. I love the method he teaches it is easy and works!!! Do not hesitate to book if you are looking into it. We will be back should anything else arise :-) Permalink
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