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Lorna S
Lorna S Largo, Pinellas, Florida | September 25 2021
I don’t believe there is enough room to write how impressed and delighted we are by Sharon’s ability, professionalism, kindness and patience. She is truly the best in the business. Her kind and calm manner changed our dogs behavior instantly! We now get to enjoy having guests over without worrying about our dogs jumping and barking at them - and I am certain our guests will appreciate it as well. Rather than simply correcting behavior, we now understand the psychology behind our actions and our dogs reactions. We now have three dogs and two parents who understand each other and can show affection and play in a constructive way. Thank you Sharon! You are the best! Permalink
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Marcela G
Marcela G Clearwater, Pinellas, Florida | February 22 2021
Sharon did amazing with my 2 pups. Within the first week I was already seeing the difference. Their behaviors began to change within a few days of consistent practice. We had a successful park day with other dogs. She helped me to understand that I have to go about my day to day a bit slower so it calms their minds and they don’t feel rushed or panicked. They are less anxious and responding to me better and better. Sharon has helped me understand how the dogs minds work and they need to feel safety and stability in order to feel calm. She makes working with the pups easy and doable. Permalink
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Lori K
Lori K Treasure Island, Pinellas, Florida | January 29 2021
We are so glad we decided to call Bark Busters and happy that it was Sharon who came to train us. All of us! We adopted a mixed breed that we had been told was a Chihuahua mix and we expected to raise a small dog. At six weeks, he was 38 lbs. As older, but not too old, adults, we found we needed help. There are a number of reasons that BB and Sharon were an encouraging solution. Having a trainer come to the house is first. They get to see the behavior, environment and dynamic of the household. Now I know how important that is! With Sharon, we prioritized the behaviors we'd like to improve. For us, it was jumping on people, mouthing, walking on a leash, and barking to start. In a short 3 hours, we had a primer that was already fruitful! Mac's response was immediate. We have worked to be consistent and assert ourselves as the leaders in our pack. Good news, it's working! After about a week, we reached back out to Sharon for a booster lesson and some reminders. How great it was to be able to consult our trainer as some behaviors develop or as we forget what to do! Further, since Sharon was familiar with our home and circumstances, she was spot on. I imagine that we'll need to reach out as he grows, but feel assured we'll have the help we need with Sharon. Permalink
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Sally C
Sally C Tarpon Springs, Florida | November 29 2020
We have had a successful training session with Sharon at Bark Busters! Our puppy, Dolly, has been scared of her crate and with the tools and guidance given by Sharon, Dolly is now going into her crate and is able to make it through the night without major anxiety. We have used other tools such as leash training and appropriate play with success as well. What a huge difference Sharon’s training has made! We have more to do but feel confident about it .We highly recommend! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Chewing, Other, Pulling, Separation anxiety
Larry G
Larry G | March 05 2020
Very capable trainer. Clearly works well with dogs. Has great insight on my dog. She was kind toward me - teaching me how to better handle my dog to meet my expectations. Permalink
Brenna H
Brenna H | February 05 2020
Sharon is wonderful! We noticed major improvements after (in!) our first session. It’s so helpful to have her come to us, where she can observe our puppy in her environment and with our other dog. Sharon took time to get to know us and both of our dogs (not just the one who needs training), taught us dozens of helpful tools, and gave many tips to help us start thinking from the canine mindset. She is highly responsive when we have quick questions via text, and has made herself available for consultation in whatever way is most convenient for us. We have never hired a trainer before, and have instead trained our dogs by doing our own research. Our new puppy challenged us in ways that our typical methods did not correct, and now I cannot overstate how critical professional training is to a healthy pup and home. We look forward to continuing to work with Sharon as our puppy grows. Permalink
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Vanessa W | June 12 2019
I got my adorable malti-poo last week and wanted him to be trained. (First time dog owner) I did my research and I loved Sharon’s approach. First of all she has the best personality and you can tell she loves her job. She is patient and makes sure you are comfortable with what you are doing and understand the reason why it will work. She even provided a workbook to remind you on what to do. A TRUE DOG WHISPERER!!!!! Sharon doesn’t use treats or clickers, just old fashion love and respect. My dog loves and respects me not afraid (even though he is ruling the house with his cuteness) I had one session and I see a big change in my dog already!!!! Side note: I recommend you get the lifetime training for the different stages of your dog’s life. BEST MONEY I ever spent. Permalink
Alyssa P
Alyssa P | March 12 2019
Sharon is super nice and effective. My dog Kristy responded very well to Sharon’s training each time we’ve had Sharon come to our home to help us with a host issues as Kristy’s behaviors evolved. Housebreaking, mouthing, jumping, barking, stealing, pulling and attention demanding. Permalink
Tiffany L
Tiffany L | December 20 2018
I absolutely Love, Love, Love Sharon! She has been working with our two 19 month Rottweiler since they were 3 months old. My boyfriend and I chose the lifetime plan which was very reasonably priced for two pups. Sharon is very accommodating to our schedule and always shows up on time and explains in detail how we’re going to work through the problem at hand. Also before she leaves each session she leaves a breakdown on what you worked on that day and how to continue training until your next session. As much as I wish I could say that once you train a dog it’s done, Wrong! Dogs behaviors change as they get older... they go from a baby, to a toddler, to a big kid, teenager, before they hit adulthood. I love the fact that all I have to do is send Sharon a text, letting her know the problem or issues we’re having and she will schedule a time that works for us to help us work it through. She will also give you a call, text or even FaceTime for some quick tips to help before your session. This has truly been one of the best experiences that I’ve ever had with a dog trainer for any of my 12 rotties my family and I have had over the last 23 years! Permalink
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Coury A | July 16 2018
This was our first time using professional help and Sharon did an excellent job in helping us to understand dog behaviors while also showing solutions on how to make corrections. Sharon gave us her full attention and explained things in an “easy to understand” method. Sharon took her time to make sure we were not nervous after she left. Sharon has been a great help and it is comforting to know that we can reach out to her with any questions! Overall, a great experience! Permalink

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