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Dennis and Peggy C New Smyrna Beach, Florida | November 07 2013
It's great to see my dog so relaxed!! in one day with Linda, he finally retired!! Thank you!! He is finally following my commands! Permalink
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Kristen and Stephen B
Kristen and Stephen B Milford, Connecticut | November 07 2013
Richard had been very clear in the instruction and makes sure you are able to perform the steps yourself. Most of the time Liam picked up the lessons during the sessions, sometimes better w/trainer, but overall very well. We like the positive, non-reward based training. Richard is patient and always has time to answer our questions. We have definitely seen Liam make huge improvements since we started!! Permalink
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Tere R Billings, Montana | November 07 2013
It made me enjoy my dog, wish we done it sooner before he ruined the family heirloom 150 yr furniture. Excellent & amazing! We have a different dog, saw immediate results. Tony is in my opinion, unbelievable! Permalink
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Eric L San Diego, California | November 07 2013
My wife and I have an 11 month old Boxer puppy. He is the sweetest, cutest dog you can find. We got our puppy when he was very young, and as sweet as he was/is, man did he have crazy energy! And I wish it was the high-energy that was the problem...Dexter (our dog) began jumping on guests, getting too rowdy, not listening, showing zero respect, etc, etc. We got to a point where we really felt that we could not do all of the things that we dreamed we would be able to do with a dog. Due to the fact that we could not get his attention, and he did not respect us, we could no longer: take him on walks, take him to dog parks, invite guests over who did not appreciate a dog jumping all over them the whole time, take him on trips, and pretty much everything else fun! His lack of respect and attention resulted in us being frustrated and stressed out, but more importantly it resulted in him getting himself in positions where he could be harmed. So, we decided to get serious and find help for Dexter. And after a long and careful research process, we landed on enlisting the services of Justin and Bark Busters. We did not know what to expect, but we knew that we did not want to take Dexter to a class with a bunch of other dogs, we wanted personal attention. We wanted a professional to come to our house, meet our dog, learn about all of his behavior issues, and create a training curriculum that is specific only to my dog! And I will tell you we have not regretted it one bit! Justin has not only helped our pup, but he has helped us be able to implement the training on our own. We can now enjoy our dog for the sweetheart that he his, and we can take him fun places that he too can enjoy! If you are anything like me, and you need more than just a great review in order to make a decision, let me tell you a bit more about our experience: Justin will be the first to tell you that he is not a miracle-maker dog whisperer. If there are issues between us and our dogs, it is mainly because we do not understand how to communicate with them, and they do not understand anything we are saying/doing. Justin taught us how to talk to our dog, how to establish control, and how to understand Dexter's personality so that we are correctly teaching him what is right and what is wrong. We used to get so frustrated with Dexter, he wouldn't listen, he did not have any respect for us, and he had no boundaries. I remember the most rewarding moment was after Justin's first visit; right after he left the house, we saw immediate improvement in Dexter's behavior. That moment where my wife and I looked at each other and said "Look at this! Dexter is totally minding us, and he is respecting our boundaries!" Each time Justin came over we worked on something new. He always came prepared with his next exercises, but he also made sure that we worked on anything else that we felt like working on as well. He always answered his phone, and he was picked right up where he left off the time before. Best money we ever spent! We started using Bark Busters in late August, here we are 2 months later, and our puppy has improved by leaps and bounds! Justin has mad us happy, and he has made our Dexter very happy! Permalink
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Laura L Cornelius, North Carolina | November 06 2013
Bark Busters training techniques are different from what we are used to but it was very enjoyable and educational. We are impressed! Karen was very patient with us. We saw a very quick response from both of the dogs! Now when my father walks the reactive one, he says he is doing so much better! He listens to dad much better and is more relaxed. When they have approached other dogs, he is not nearly as much of a problem! My female is doing quite well, also! Bark Busters has helped a tremendous amount. We are very happy because we can see a remarkable improvement! Permalink
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Trainer note from Karen : They did a great job and they know that additional help is only a phone call away if they need it!
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Luara F Palm Coast, Florida | November 06 2013
It appeared she knew what she was doing and was perfect at explaining the training to us. She knew I was exhausted and took extra time to make sure I understood. Our dog showed the exact behavior changes she said would occur. Linda was very friendly, stayed on task and made us feel comfortable. After the training, I had to go outside, I heard the neighbors dogs barking coming down the street and knew they could benefit. Very Amazed how quickly my dog responded!! Thank you so much!! Permalink
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Keri G Apopka, Florida | November 06 2013
We were amazed that after two hours with Mike, Bella was able to be around our family without barking continually, She still growled a couple of times but quickly stopped when corrected. Mike explained that Bella was fearful and that us being confident in our voice and body language she would become more confident. We loved that treats weren't used. We would recommend Bark Busters because we were able to help our dog feel confident and fit in with our family and lifestyle. Permalink
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Becky W Huntersville, North Carolina | November 05 2013
There was very little barking by the end of the session! However, my terrier-mix still needs some work on her short attention span! I'd recommend Bark Busters because you could definitely see results immediately! Permalink
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Trainer note from Karen : What a great response from a terrier! Amazing job!
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Julie M Denver, Colorado | November 05 2013
Scott has done a marvelous job helping us transform a headstrong, "passively dominant" Bernese Mountain Dog puppy into the well-behaved, sweet and obedient girl we knew she could be!! We couldn't be happier with the results we've achieved with Scott's assistance and Bark Busters dog training philosophy -- well done!! Permalink
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Christine K Huntersville, North Carolina | November 05 2013
From the time Karen walked into the house until she left, the transformation was like night and day. She had plenty of patience and now Pearl is now a much calmer dog! Permalink
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Trainer note from Karen : The tension simply melted off of little Pearl when the owners introduced her to the pack leaders!