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Montgomery Village | December 05 2010
We noticed an improvement in our dog's behavior on the leash after the very first session. With Jim's help, we are learning how to effectively communicate with our dog and become the leaders of our "pack." Jim was thorough, patient, and creative. He knows his stuff, and we look forward to working with him and Bark Busters in the future. Thank you, Jim! Permalink
Charleston | December 03 2010
Michelle for mayor! That's our campaign. She delivered on her promises. Our 2-year-old Shiba Inu (Sammy) needed some focused attention and Michelle came in, analyzed the situation, outlined the plan and delivered the training. In the areas that we identified as problematic, Sammy has improved dramatically. We continue to reinforce Michelle's training and Sammy continues to perform and excel. We are very pleased with Sammy's progress. And we are more than pleased to have been introduced to Michelle and Bark Busters. Permalink
Lockport | December 03 2010
We observed noticeable results by the end of the training session. Both dogs were walking and sitting in an orderly manner. We were pleased with Bark Busters' natural training methods and would recommend them to our friends and neighbors. Permalink
Joliet | December 03 2010
The techniques were very well explained and shown to us. We were able to follow them without any problems. It was amazing to see how Snoopy (German Shepherd) responded to commands given. She actually did what she was supposed to! What a difference! The natural training techniques seem to be more relaxing for the dog and made for better responses. We found the training experience very knowledgeable and interesting. We learned a lot. We could not believe how well the training worked with Snoopy! We already see a difference in how she is acting. Working with Snoopy will be much easier and a lot more fun. We are happy with the results so far. We wish we had done this a long time ago. We would definitely recommend John and Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors. Permalink
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Lehigh Acres | December 03 2010
Bark Busters Home Dog Training of Fort Myers provides great ideas that really work. Patrick Logue, our dog trainer, is awesome. He did a great job and knows his stuff. He is very patient and kind. The lesson was interesting and covered a lot of stuff, but it was still good. We saw a noticeable change in our dog's behavior after just one, two hour lesson. We recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
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Naples | December 03 2010
The training techniques were very easy to understand and modeled clearly - excellent effective teaching. It was quickly evident that our dog is "teachable" and it was also evident that our dog had trained us!!! The natural training techniques applied were both humane and appropriate, and the whole training experience was both interesting and enjoyable. The time went by so quickly; there was much to observe and learn. I would recommend Bark Busters as this experience is bringing peace to our household! Permalink
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Orland Park | December 02 2010
Vicky explained the techniques in a way that was easy to follow. She used her notes as well as personal observation while she was here with us and our puppies. I observed noticeable results by the end of training. They were already sitting and staying when told to. They never really did that before this training. I like that they don't get a treat every time they follow directions-they'd get fat. I found the training experience interesting and enjoyable. Vicky was very friendly and knowledgeable. Permalink
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Clackamas | December 02 2010
We noticed great results after the first visit. Our dog is more calm and easier to control and enjoy. Permalink
West Ashley | December 01 2010
Very thorough explanations throughout the training session. Amazingly Bailey seemed to understand the methods immediately. We were impressed and found the experience especially rewarding. We would highly recommend Bark Busters because of the effectiveness of training and simplicity of instruction. Permalink
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Selkirk | December 01 2010
The training techniques were very straightforward and weren't confusing to me or my dog. My dog seemed to be catching on quickly to the techniques. Permalink