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Naples | November 02 2010
The training techniques were remarkable; you learn to speak dog. We noticed amazing results by the end of just one lesson. The natural training techniques used by Bark Busters make sense - it's logical. We found the training experience both interesting and enjoyable because it clarified the interaction/communication with the dog. We would recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
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Downingtown | November 02 2010
Alan was very patient and explained the techniques in a manner that was easy for us to follow-even my children. Both dogs were calmer and happier by the end of the visit. It was great to learn how to behave in a way that makes both dog and owner happier. Also, the methods make sense once you understand canine psyche. I enjoyed reinforcing the alpha behavior with my dogs. They seem to enjoy the training sessions as well, even though treats are not involved! The neighbors have seen the change in my dogs' behavior. No more barking, growling, snapping dogs-just two happy calm dogs on a walk. We enjoy our sessions with Alan. He is great with both people and dogs. He takes the time to listen to what we have to say at each visit. Permalink
Mount Vernon | November 02 2010
After rescuing 2 Westie pups in late July, and finding that trying to work with them was going to be beyond my ability (and patience), I decided to call Bark Busters. They told me about how their dog training works, and I especially loved the idea that it was a lifetime guarantee and that they'd come out when they needed to in order to work on new problems, if they ever arose. And they were willing to work with the puppies AND my adult Westie, who had a few bad habits of her own. Stan has been here several times working on our huge list of problems (housebreaking the puppies, teaching them to behave-staying away from the door when I answer it, not destroying stuff in the house, etc.), and even after the very first visit I saw improvement. Our visits have gone from weekly to a more relaxed schedule, but the girls LOVE him and after he leaves we try the new techniques and it's amazing. Thanks, Stan! You're helping make our home a more chaos-free zone! :) Permalink
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Henderson | November 02 2010
We just want to say WOW & AMAZING!!! We cannot believe the difference in our dogs after just one day! Scar & Madison are totally different and so much better behaved! I tell you, if you would have told me in advance, how effective the training is, I would not have believed it. But now I am totally sold! Christine is AMAZING, she did a great job showing us the practical application of what we needed! We are extremely happy with our session!! THANKS! Permalink
James Island | November 01 2010
My dog responded quickly to the new training techniques and as long as I was consistent, Navie my dog, was too. She seems to want to do the right thing and now is beginning to know when she is good or bad-I feel training has been a worthwhile and an ongoing success. Michelle is very friendly and outgoing-excellent! Permalink
Tallahassee | November 01 2010
Leigh Ann was great and she makes me excited to train my dog and see results. Permalink
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Seymour | October 30 2010
Well worth the investment. Happier dog and owners. I wish I had done this with my previous dogs. Permalink
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Frederick | October 29 2010
Wow, is all i can say.. thanks to Maxine and Jon, Matilda is a great dog.. when they first met her she was acting a fool.. chasing the cats pulling me on walks, just being a dog without rules. Now I run the house and have no problems with her.. Its great to be able to walk her and not be walked by her.They are great always there with tips that work.. thank you so much for making Matilda a part of this family... Permalink
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Pelham | October 28 2010
I was at my wits end with my dogs-I have 6 dogs, all rescue dogs and all with different personalities. Leigh Ann was called and she explained the process and I followed it and the results were simply amazing. My newest addition, Ginger, a young shepherd, and my lab had a violent issue and were trying to kill each other literally, I was residing myself to the fact that the shepherd would have to find a new home but I had to give her one more chance so I called Leigh Ann and in just a short time I have 2 dogs that went from trying to tear each other apart to 2 very happy dogs that now play in my living room and sleep wrapped around each other. I have 2 more that I am working with now using the same techniques i learned from Leigh Ann. My basset and my border collie have an issue and I am working with them now. I am simply amazed and grateful for seeking help from Bark Busters; it is totally humane and very gentle to the dogs and the behavior has changed dramatically. Thank you Leigh Ann-you are amazing. Permalink
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Loch Buie | October 27 2010
Barbara was very thorough in explaining the training techniques. By the end of training Chance and Addie were two different dogs. The "BAH" works very well for one of the training techniques. I would most definitely recommend Bark Busters. So far all has been great with the training. Permalink