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Aurora | November 22 2012
Robin customized training for our specific situation, addressing two very different dog personalities in addition to my husband's and my differences. We ABSOLUTELY observed noticeable training results by the end of our first training session! Very pleased with the training techniques and Robin gave us so many different options, allowing flexibility. Excellent! Permalink
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Atlanta | November 21 2012
I met Cheryl while running around town. I was just adopted by a wonderful Golden Retriever. Cheryl told me 3 things about my dog that I never knew and was very useful. I will be seeing her more often for MY training and my golden training. Cheryl really knows her stuff! Permalink
Troy | November 21 2012
LOVED IT! My husband was skeptical, but really enjoyed it. It has only been days, but the changes are amazing! Permalink
Clawson | November 21 2012
I felt like the trainer really understood my dog's personality and was able to help me to train him properly with that knowledge. Permalink
Birmingham | November 21 2012
WE HAVE A VERY DIFFERENT PUPPY AFTER JUST A FEW DAYS! Very straightforward for someone who has never owned a dog before. John is very pleasant to work with. Permalink
Berkley | November 21 2012
Lisa was great with Lucy, and very comfortable to work with. Lisa was great at explaining why Lucy's behavior is the way it is. I really feel as though I understand Lucy much better. I was amazed by the outcome! Lucy stopped rushing and barking at the doors and windows. She also no longer jumps on our family. I was amazed at how easily this technique worked and how relaxed it all was. Permalink
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Camas | November 21 2012
For the first time I feel hopeful about having a well behaved dog. Thank you, Debbie! Permalink
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Battleground | November 21 2012
Loved it! Permalink
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Naples | November 20 2012
Excellent - I will definitely recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
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Naples | November 20 2012
Every technique was explained and demonstrated in an easily understandable way. I was pleased with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters - the idea of not yelling but rather disciplining in a constructive manner is wonderful. I found the whole training experience to be interesting and enjoyable, and I would recommend Bark Busters! Permalink