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Plymouth | April 28 2011
Maril explained everything very clearly and focused on the problem behaviors I mentioned right away. Kody, after 3 days (and truly after day 1 w/ Maril) has already become much more attentive, respectful & well behaved. After trying other methods with my previous dog, these methods are getting a much better response. Excellent on every score. Permalink
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Pleasanton | April 26 2011
My dog's entire disposition has changed for the better since working with Karen. He is more relaxed and a much happier dog. Other people have even noticed the change in him. The Bark Busters methods work! And Karen is a dream to work with. I highly recommend them. Permalink
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Beaverton | April 25 2011
Bark Busters really does provide immediate results. My 1½ year old pit bull was such a fearful reactive dog, I feared taking him out and having people over to my home. With the help of Lisa and sticking to the rules he is a changed dog. Thank you for all that you do. Permalink
Birmingham | April 25 2011
OUR TRAINER [John] WAS VERY GOOD! He really understands how to work with people. I was stressed out before the session but he explained it so well my stress WENT AWAY. They are very interesting techniques and they do work very well. Monty was ALREADY behaving better! Permalink
Champlin | April 24 2011
I was at my wits end. I have two siberian huskies, Chaos and Ditto, and they were out of control on walks. I tried gentle leader, got my vet's assistance, everything I could think of. After one meeting with John our lives have turned around. The girls show me much more respect, very well behaved, and in one short day I've gone for three walks with them smiling the whole way as they healed perfectly. Our walks are SO MUCH FUN. John is a magician, honestly, a magician. With a little work on my part and his guidance, it's like aliens stole my dogs and left perfectly behaved look alikes behind. John was kind, listened to my concerns, and guided me in what needed to be done to make our lives work. Thank you, thank you, thank you, John! I will continue working with them - it's worth every second of training! Permalink
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Naples | April 23 2011
June and Colin Glass made the Bark Busters system thoroughly understandable, easy to follow and fun to put into practice. Well done. Permalink
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Cape Coral | April 23 2011
Patrick Logue with Bark Busters was AWESOME! Great trainer, very personable and easy to talk to about our dog's issues. The lesson was eye-opening and it was fun to watch our dog walk to heel and obey, especially with my husband. After one, two hour lesson our dog was much calmer. Much less barking at passer-bys and doorbells. Patrick was very knowledgeable and patient explaining the Bark Busters method. Permalink
Naples | April 23 2011
The German Shepard is often a misunderstood breed. Colin's no nonsense and patient approach helped make the trainings both meaningful and fun. Bark Busters personalized style addressed issues such as walking on the leash without pulling, door manners and attentiveness training. He helped me acknowledge some behaviors that I unknowingly encouraged that contributed to her ways. Jewel is now a favorite at the dog park and I have the confidence that she can shine in a variety of situations. Colin included my girlfriend as part of the training team. Bark Busters =happy owners and happy dogs! Permalink
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Douglassville | April 23 2011
Our dog really needed to learn some manners. We were so frustrated with her barking, growling, and jumping on everyone that came through the door. Donald Cohen with Bark Busters showed us how to get control of the situation. We were surprised at how quickly she responded to the training once we had a starting point. We still have some things to work on, but we are very happy with her progress so far. Permalink
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Franktown | April 22 2011
Pete's explanations and instructions were so entertaining and informative even my three daughters paid attention. We saw amazing results in minutes with our two dogs. The Bark Busters training taught us how to build a "relationship" instead of just experiencing a "training." I remain amazed at the results and Pete has been very patient with training the humans. We have already recommended Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors. The concept of training is easy because we integrate it into the relationship with our dogs. It really works! Permalink