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Kalamazoo | December 04 2012
I loved that Pam went through personal experiences with me. They were very funny. Anytime I was even remotely frustrated, Pam would tell me about how hard it was for her too at first and made it much more reassuring. Stella was starting to listen much better by the end of the training. Permalink
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Scotts | December 04 2012
Pam was very thorough and to the point. Salsa took to some of the commands very quickly. I was very surprised. The natural training techniques used by Bark Busters is better than giving treats all the time. I have already recommended Bark Busters to someone at work. Home dog training is what I wanted in the first place. Sessions are longer which is good. Not just 45 minutes (like some classes) Permalink
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Aloha | December 04 2012
I thought you might like an update about Ratchet. He's doing spectacularly when I bring him to work, everyone loves him and he's minding me very well. He's actually sleeping at my feet under my tiny desk :) I even got the OK from by boss to bring him in every Monday, since that seems to be the day he freaks out. (I believe it's the garbage truck that comes that freaks him out, since he alerts to the dumpster trucks that stop by at work) I work at an industrial company so there are all kinds of potentially scary things for him, but he's been prancing through the workshop like he owns the place, even when all of the machines are going and making hissing sounds and thumping sounds and all the motorized forklifts go flying by. He spends most of his day sleeping next to my desk, and he's the first one to greet every single person who walks through the door like it's his personal office. Everybody loves him here and they all stop by to see him. I wanted to thank you again for everything you've done for us. Ratchet is like a completely different dog, he's so much more calm and I enjoy him so much more. Thank you for teaching me to be his leader and giving him guidance. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Permalink
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Tim R Golden, Colorado | December 04 2012
I am a veterinarian at Lookout Mountain Animal Hospital in Golden, CO. Brian was great! I'm looking forward to more lessons and furthering our relationship with Brian and Bark Busters. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Chewing, Jumping up, Other, Pulling
Trainer note from Brian : Thanks, Dr. Ruggles! It was a pleasure working with you and your pack!
Milwaukee | December 03 2012
After the first hour, I saw a change in my dog. He's listening better & I don't have to keep repeating myself. Permalink
Rochester | December 03 2012
WE ARE VERY PLEASED WITH THE TRAINING. Sequoia has made significant improvements! Thank you! Permalink
Clarkston | December 03 2012
VERY HELPFUL! :-) Permalink
Madison Heights | December 03 2012
JOHN WAS VERY EASY TO WORK WITH AND UNDERSTAND. The program is not difficult, and is effective. It is exactly the kind of program I wanted. I wanted to understand why my dog acted the way she did, not just get her to respond for a treat or something like that. I was happy with the results and glad to see my dog respond. It let me know we would be able to follow the program. I am excited to see the transformation in my dog as I learn to communicate properly with her. Permalink
Thiensville | December 03 2012
Well -- after having two Beagles for over a year, my wife and I were at wits end trying to train them to keep them from peeing on the carpet and bedding. We were to the point that we literally were going to give the dogs up. Our vet suggested Bark Busters and we called the 800 number. That evening we received a callback and an appointment was set. Nikki, quite literally, saved the day. She told us all the things we were doing wrong (and honestly, no book, internet page, etc. mentioned the things she did). She spent over two hours with me and I have taken the training to heart and followed what she suggested to the letter. I am happy to report that not only have we been accident free for two weeks (a record in our house) but we are enjoying the dogs much better as well. I HIGHLY recommend Nikki and her services! Permalink
Johnston | December 02 2012
After the first training session we noticed a huge difference in our dog. Our dog was less anxious and more relaxed, a TOTALLY different dog. This has made our house a more peaceful environment. Loved the in-home training experience. It's great that you can train your dog without constantly giving them treats. We are constantly saying, "WOW" this really works!! I would recommend this to anyone who has a puppy or simply can't find the right training technique. We went through a 6-week puppy class that was based on treats and came out frustrated at the little progress we observed. Working with Deb within the first hour in our home we noticed a huge difference. We understand our dog better and how to work with him. THANK YOU BARK BUSTERS for helping us with Stanley!! Permalink