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Naples | September 26 2012
Thank you Colin and June. We both enjoyed the experience and the dogs are continuing to do well. Permalink
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Naples | September 26 2012
Excellent training program - easy to understand and follow. Thank you Colin and June!! Permalink
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Brandon | September 26 2012
We have an Italian Greyhound named Alex. We wanted to properly train him so he would listen, come, walk without pulling, and generally behave. I read some books, but the hands on approach was more beneficial for us. We started working with Joanne Rice in January when Alex was 8 months old. She made four home visits and was available by phone for any questions or concerns. She will be available in the future if we need her again. She gave us several tools, the collar and a book. We worked on many things; walking, greeting at the front door, calm behavior at feeding time, dog/people interaction, jumping, marking in the house, and some aggression problems in the back yard. (aggression towards me with certain lawn tools) I'd been nipped in the rear a few times. We've slipped a little here and there, but we're not looking for perfection. Alex is fast, active, bouncey, and quite smart. He just turned a year old and I have to say he is a pretty responsive little guy for still being a puppy. It makes for a much better relationship with your dog. They respond; it is up to us human owners to stay consistent, use what we were taught and follow through. Your dog will love you for it! Permalink
Bayville | September 26 2012
I rescued a Great Dane/Black Lab mix...They said he was unadoptable but, I fought for him. I just wanted to give him a chance. He was so out of control that I had him for 3 hrs and had to return him to his original owner...Thats how bad he was at 1 yrs old and 105 lbs and never had proper training you can only imagine nipping and very pushy...I then heard that the owner couldn't take it anymore he detroyed their home ran rampid around the house etc...I couldn't get this dog out of my mind and he was doomed if I didnt do something. The shelter recommended Paul Pagano and in 1 session, I can't believe the difference in Bear...He is so much calmer and he doesn't act out or nip me anymore...He seems so much happier too. I am not a stressed out wreck anymore and we are bonding now...Thank You Paul we saved Bear from Doom and I believe he is going to be a great companion for me...Looking forward to your next visit so you can see how much he's improved!!! Thanks for teaching me and Bear...I am now more knowledgeable on the training process...You are the best!!! Permalink
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Naples | September 25 2012
June and Colin are knowledgeable, patient, great teachers and fun! Permalink
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Maple Valley | September 25 2012
I don't often write reviews for things I buy or services I receive, but in this case the situation was very special to me. A couple of months ago my wife and I lost our eight-year-old yellow lab, Bo, to kidney failure. We were heartbroken that we could not save her, and after some time we decided to save another yellow lab. We found a yellow lab in Texas that was less than two-years-old. She already had a litter of puppies and for some reason was left at a shelter. She was full of love, but she had no manners and no training. She seemed to be too much for us to handle the first two days and we were thinking of giving her back. We could not control her. Enter Jack Knudsen with Bark Busters. Thanks to a referral from a friend I contacted Jack and Sarah Knudsen who promptly called me back. I was desperate and Jack rearranged his schedule giving me a two and a half hour session the next day. Jack showed up at my home on time and his training and tips were nothing short of a miracle. My wife and I were so impressed we signed on for a guaranteed year's worth of training. We now had a dog we could deal with after one session and we had a great night. Jack came back a day later and spent another hour with us and we are now working on our training at home and our new rescue dog is improving by the hour. We are very thankful for the quick, passionate, and professional service we received. I would not hesitate to recommend Jack and Sarah Knudsen to family and friends. Many thanks to them for giving my wife and I the knowledge to keep this wonderful, loving dog. Permalink
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Lexington | September 24 2012
Kendra was very friendly and professional in her approach and presentation. She was very attuned to the specific needs of our dog and created a behavior plan that fit her needs. We were very pleased with our initial session and look forward to working with Kendra in the future. We've already recommended her to our friends. Permalink
Royal Oak | September 24 2012
Lisa was very professional & enjoyable to work with. The training is natural and makes sense. I saw IMMEDIATE RESULTS which was very impressive. I WOULD RECOMMEND BARK BUSTERS TO ANYONE WHO NEEDS DOG TRAINING! Permalink
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Lexington | September 22 2012
Kendra explained in great detail how dogs think and helped me understand my canine. She was very professional and she is amazing with dogs. I was pleased with the structured format that I was given to help me train my dog. I have already recommended Kendra. Permalink
Dallas | September 21 2012
Rebecca was very clear and easily answered all of our questions. The "Bah" made an instant difference. It makes so much sense to communicate with the dogs in their own "language". I like not having to touch my dogs to communicate with them. The 3 hours went by so quickly! This training has helped me be a better pack leader and enabled me to develop a closer relationship with them! Permalink