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Des Moines, IA | September 29 2010
My husband and I really enjoyed the training. We were very pleased that by the time Deb left our home from the first lesson Jake was already doing the things we were focusing on with just a little bit of correction! The techniques are very easy to follow; easy to apply to everyday living without too much "extra work." I have already recommended Deb to others needing help with their dog. Permalink
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Wyomissing | September 28 2010
Our first Bark Busters lesson was fun and enlightening. We have a 2-year-old Westie mix who has dealt with a lot of change. With each new change, she had become increasingly more "testy" and territorial. In our first meeting, Donald walked us through the Bark Busters methodology. I was pleased with Bark Busters' gentle, intuitive training philosophy. We had purchased a shock collar in the hopes of "curing" our dog's incessant barking at strangers. Not surprisingly, the collar only frightened the dog, making the problem worse whenever the device was removed. Donald showed us how to take control of the situation, asserting our status as "pack leader." Though I was skeptical, his methods worked instantly. After a few days of consistent practice, the barking problem was almost a distant memory. The methods that Donald showed us have worked in other areas as well. Our pup is more trusting and attentive, and defaults to our leadership position. This was a positive experience for us. I would recommend Donald (and Bark Busters) to any frustrated dog owner! Permalink
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St. Augustine | September 28 2010
It's unbelievable the difference in our dogs, even after the first day! Thank you! Permalink
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Des Moines, IA | September 28 2010
Deb made the training enjoyable and I actually saw results within the the very first lesson. The natural training techniques that Deb taught me are excellent and easy enough to follow that I will recommend Bark Busters to anybody needing help with their dog. Permalink
Dallas | September 28 2010
Rebecca Jones is actually a trainer of people, and she is extremely effective with her gentle encouragement and her friendly methods. Permalink
Waterford | September 27 2010
After two other training facilities, we did not find what was necessary or effective. Bark Busters was a welcome assurance we were now on track. Having the therapist come to our home and seeing the environment we had was extremely beneficial as the entire family could be there and hear it all at once. We had been using a field/zap collar on our Golden/Huskie, as she loves to run. We do not use this technique any more. She knows what is expected. We were not walking the dogs as they pulled and "walked us." They were walking beautifully before the therapist left. To know we can call anytime with issues that might arise in the future is very reassuring. Permalink
Oakland Township | September 27 2010
Torie was much calmer, and looking more at ME for directions! Permalink
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Joliet | September 27 2010
We noticed a difference in Madison (Labrador retriever) after our first training session. Being consistent and patient is very important and the key to success. We would recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors. Permalink
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Milford | September 27 2010
We are so happy to be "on the right road" so we can enjoy Butch and he can be happy, safe and do what we need him to do. We would recommend Bark Busters because it is humane, works and Richard and Vicki are very nice and very helpful, provide good tips and ideas. Permalink
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Cape Coral | September 26 2010
Not only did Patrick explain the techniques, he also demonstrated them. Patrick's explanations used very common and easy to understand scenarios. Of our three dogs, our "problem" dog had a completely different attitude. He is now our BEST dog. We saw noticeable results with all three of our dogs by the end of the initial two-hour lesson. The natural training techniques used by Bark Busters are simple and effective. I think I learned more than our dogs did during the lesson. For our dopes, the training is natural. I loved learning how to effectively communicate with our dogs. I recommend Patrick with Bark Busters of Fort Myers. People have commented on how well-behaved our dogs are and I told them it was because of Patrick and Bark Busters. Patrick saved our family. We were about to separate into different homes because of "his dogs" and "my dog," but now we are all communicating and getting along great! Each day I am more amazed at how well this works! Thank you Patrick and Bark Busters of Fort Myers. Permalink