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Bronx, New York | May 23 2013
Mark was very thorough and clear about the training methods and rationale for those methods based on dog's natural instincts. Mozart responds well to the training. I think he enjoys performing well. The techniques are kind and in keeping with positvie behavior training. Mozart and I enjoyed the lessons. They tire Mozart and increase our bond. I think Bark Busters is an effective natural training system. I was very pleased with Mark's skills, knowledge and patience. His manner is considerate and easy to learn from. Permalink
Kalamzoo, Michigan | May 23 2013
We have a very head strong Portuguese Water Dog, Gina, This was the first meeting! Pam is very good. I think Gina will take the entire year to come around. This will work, it just takes time! Pam explained the techniques clearly, I need to learn only a couple on each visit or it is confusing. I found the training experience interesting -enjoyable, no- it's hard work. Gina requires constant repetition/over time. I miss the treats, but will get over it. We won't always have a treat when we need her to do something. Permalink
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Woodstock, Georgia | May 23 2013
Several years ago we rescued an English Springer Spaniel named Jack. Jack was raised as a stud dog and lived in a 10 x 10 outdoor kennel for 4 years. As a result he was never socialized. The longer we had him the more trouble we had any time he encountered another dog. Walks were out finally we contacted Bark Busters and Ryan came to our rescue. He spent an afternoon working with us. He was very patient with Jack and more so with the 5 of us. Ryan's ability to communicate with Jack was amazing. By the time he left Jack was following instructions and walking on the leash. Since then Ryan has followed up with Jack's progress and given us advice every time there has been an issue. Jack seems to be happier now. He understands that he isn't in charge. This is all thanks to Ryan. Permalink
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Denise and Charles N Winchester, Kentucky | May 23 2013
My husband and I weren't sure what to expect. We thought it would be hokey, but Kendra was fantastic! I will highly recommend Kendra to other people. She is an outstanding trainer! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Jumping up, Other, Separation anxiety
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Schaumburg, Illinois | May 22 2013
Christine and Bark Busters were a perfect fit for our family and our new puppy. Training took place in our home and our schedule. Christine was so thorough and helpful throughout the process. We could not have asked for a better trainer. Permalink
Summerville, South Carolina | May 22 2013
We used Bark Busters to help train our two treeing walker coon hounds. Michelle was fabulous. She helped with separation anxiety, crate training and basic training. Our dogs no longer shake/move/chew their crates. They no longer jump all over us when we walk in the door (still working on new people). They listen and respect us as their leaders now (because they so did not before!). Michelle was patient, kind and, most importantly, firm! Our dogs listened and respected her instantly which meant they were trainable! and Michelle gave us those tools. I highly recommend this company and most of all, Michelle. thank you so much! Permalink
Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina | May 22 2013
I don't know what I would have done without Bark Busters! I hired Bark Busters shortly after I got my rescue Weimaraner. It was a great call, as it turns out my dog had some issues that I would have been ill-equipped to handle without professional help. Words cannot express how much better I feel knowing I can pick up the phone and get help from Bark Busters at any time. Thank you! Permalink
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Black Diamond, Washington | May 22 2013
Cleo has had some bad habits for a few years now. I thought I had tried everything and had virtually given up on changing her behaviors. When Jack told me that we could meet for an initial two hour session and that might possibly be all she needed, I thought to myself, "well you haven't met Cleo!", but sure enough, after the first session, she is 95% improved. We will continue to work with her at home on our own with a goal of 100% which I now believe can happen! Thanks so much, Jack! Permalink
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Naples, Florida | May 21 2013
The training techniques were outstanding and quite easy to follow, and we immediately noticed the difference with our dog, who understood perfectly. The training experience was both interesting and enjoyable, and we would absolutely recommend Bark Busters. They were very professional, with great personal integrity. Permalink
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Theresa S Clarkston, Michigan | May 21 2013
Very friendly and helpful. I love that they teach in-home! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Chewing, Jumping up, Puppy management, Recall, Separation anxiety