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Shannon D Elizaville, New York | April 14 2014
After walking and teaching Maya to look at me, she wasable to see our cat without anxiety, which we've been working on for two years without results! I'm looking forward to the next session! Permalink
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Ben & Vicki V
Ben & Vicki V Grand Rapids, Michigan | April 13 2014
We were very pleased with the initial training session! I wasn't sure our dog would cooperate well because anxiety/barking with a stranger is one of our biggest concerns. She responded well to the trainer as well as us!! I already noticed some changes the day after training! Permalink
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Julia D
Julia D Houston, Texas | April 13 2014
I asked Donna to help me with my dog Roy. I have never had a dog before, and after getting a rescue who was generally well behaved, I still felt like I needed some guidance about how to walk with him and assert myself as pack leader. All of the guidance Donna has given me made sense, and was explained to me in a thoughtful and respectful way. Roy responded really well during the training session with Donna, and during our subsequent practice sessions. I saw a really nice gradual, steady improvement with Roy within a matter of a couple days of practice. While he still has some bad days, he's not pulling me nearly as much, and every day I see an improvement. I recommend Donna for not just the big problems, but the little ones as well. As a doting new dog mom, I needed someone there who could answer all of my questions, and teach my dog in a respectful, easy to understand, and natural way that just made sense. Donna did just that! Permalink
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Trainer note from Mason : Julia is a great dog mom who understands the importance of patience and consistency in educating her new family member. Roy is such a sweet dog who is a bit of an old soul for a young dog.
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Sheila P Montgomery Village, Maryland | April 12 2014
Today was the first day we met with Jim. Our puppy has been with us a little over a month. She has been testing us hard. Very difficult to walk on a leash. Would not even eat out of her bowl. Jim taught us today some ways to be the pack leader. She is already walking better than ever on a leash. She even ate her dinner out of her bowl all by herself. And she is really getting the hang of sit and stay. I cannot say enough good things and this is only our first day! I am excited to work with Angel and make her a part of our home. Permalink
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Susan G Huntersville, North Carolina | April 12 2014
Karen let us know (gently) when we could do a "task" better and she showed us as well as verbally telling us! We saw amazing results after just one session. We have small Yorkies that could be injured with the techniques that some trainers use, so we really like the Bark Busters method. Correcting on a dogs level is a little awkward at first, but it got easier with practice. We absolutely recommend this method of dog training and Karen is great! We are so glad we reached out to Karen and will tell our vet about the good experience we had. Permalink
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Trainer note from Karen : Yorkies are famous for barking, but once Maggie and Mia realized they had a leader in the den, they decided that they would "save" their voice! We still have significant work to do on recall and issues at the front door, but they laid a strong foundation to build on. Great results!
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Tracee R Saint Johns, Florida | April 11 2014
Linda was very clear and communicated well. Mister Banks was not following me every were and now I know how to walk him on a leash! I like the fact the this program is not treat based. I would recommend this company over all the other ones. Linda did an incredible job! Both Mister Banks and I learned a lot! Thank you for helping me teach my dog how I want him to act! Permalink
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Alaina L
Alaina L Cypress, Texas | April 11 2014
This was a great experience and I am very impressed with the results after only one session! Permalink
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Georgia C Denver, Colorado | April 11 2014
For over 20 years I have wanted to own a dog. In 2013 I took the plunge and rescued an adorable 2 year boxer-lab mix. Little did I know, he was incredibly aggressive, even to the point that I was scared to go home. My boyfriend wanted me to return him to the pound, but I refused. After a few weeks, when my dog became extremely violent towards me, I finally called Scott for help. Within about 3O minutes of the first visit, my dog was no longer aggressive towards me, and hasn't been since. I am so thankful for the knowledge and skills Scott has to offer dog owners. My dog's behavior continues to improve with every training session. I would definitely recommend Scott and Bark Busters to anyone who wants a well-behaved dog. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Chewing, Jumping up
K M Milford, Connecticut | April 11 2014
Bailey has come a very long way. Thank you! We would recommend Bark Busters as they were very helpful, very good, great personal one-on-one contact, always willing to help/try new things if something isn't working. Permalink
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Theo B Monroe, Connecticut | April 11 2014
Our trainer Tom was very attentive and considerate of all of our questions and concerns. The results were pretty impressive. We found the training experience to be enjoyable and so did our three kids. I have already recommended Bark Busters . We are looking forward to the training and the end result. Permalink
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