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Chadds Ford | July 19 2010
Alan was great in explaining the flip chart so that I truly understood it from a dog's point of view. By the end of the training, Lola had already seemed more relaxed and responded well on leash-training. I loved how it was training without treats, and I was also a fan of giving Lola educational toys. Lola and I both enjoyed the training. I have recommended Bark Busters to all of my clients-so far I have had one sign up. Alan has been great! What a patient and kind person! His re-visits are very educational, and we have learned so much and have a much happier, relaxed pup! Permalink
West Ashley | July 19 2010
Absolutely excellent results starting the first lesson! Our dogs are much better to walk, they listen better, they look to us for guidance, and no more fighting between them. We liked that the techniques do not use any physical consequences but still work great! We looked forward to our visits and always received helpful critiques and good feedback. We were very pleased with the overall training. We are so happy to have our dogs back together! We hope that by maintaining our leadership and communication they will continue to see they do not have to fight with each other. I have already recommended them to several neighbors! Permalink
Mt. Pleasant | July 19 2010
IT WORKS!! We were so pleased with how easy this system is and how effective it has been with our springer spaniel. Permalink
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Cocoa Beach | July 19 2010
Terry was very kind and caring. She spent many hours in person and on the phone assisting us. Permalink
Troy | July 19 2010
Couldn't believe how effective this program was! We are going to be a much happier family! Permalink
Birmingham | July 19 2010
It works, and we have amazing results. Duncan (German shepherd dog) does the recommending himself with his good behavior! Everyone notices! Permalink
Berkley | July 19 2010
It was amazing to see the immediate results in our dog's behavior. It is good to know that now he doesn't feel "in charge." He can sit and relax. He was ALWAYS moving before training! Permalink
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Jacksonville | July 19 2010
It was a big help with four big dogs and having the techniques to train the two puppies. Both brother and sister are now well-behaved, and I can enjoy walking them without pulling little me down the street. Linda visited two times and definitely saw the progress I made. Thank you. Permalink
Lake Orion | July 18 2010
My husband and I had just adopted our first dog, and we thought that the training was going well until she started acting what we thought was aggressive to other dogs. I had been thinking about enrolling Storm in obedience classes, and after the interactions with other dogs, I called Bark Busters the next day. After talking with Lisa and meeting with John, we learned that Storm was not aggressive, she was showing her dominance. That was something we had never even considered! John asked us a few questions about Storm, then was able to tell us exactly what she was doing without even seeing the behavior! We were very impressed! It was such a joy to learn how to "speak canine" and learn how to train in a way that was not violent. Family had come to our house later that evening and noticed a huge difference in Storm's behavior. I'm excited to continue the learning from John and Lisa and work with Storm! Permalink
Somerset | July 18 2010
I was a proud owner of two Siberian huskies-Lucki n Charmz. Lucki was a male who showed calm and pleasant characteristics-unlike their breed. So when Lucki was 2, I rescued a sick Siberian husky, "Charmz," and they were best friends. Lucki was her caregiver as well as I was. Ten years later, Charmz died, on July 4, 2009. Ironically the day of independence! She was running in heaven, something that she did not do since she had a full hip replacement and femur at the age of seven. Two months to the day, September 4, 2009, Lucki joined her sister in heaven. I knew Charmz needed Lucki 'cause all she knew was us. Devastated and brokenhearted, I went and found my "Star-Lite," a 9-week-old female Siberian husky! My Star-Lite was all the characteristics of a husky breed! What a challenge, she was dominating and stubborn...after participating in local training classes and having no success, I contacted Keith at Bark Busters. When he first met Star-Lite, he saw my challenges and immediately swung into action! After his first three-hour visit of numerous challenges in ONE puppy-Star-Lite was calm, submissive, not jumping, not biting and non-vocal. Keith walked into a handful of issues and hit on all of them as well as trained me how to address the issues with words and body language! Keith also made himself available via phone for when I needed him. On Thanksgiving, my little girl was acting up, and he returned my text again on a day Keith was with his family celebrating! Keith is our "Dog Whisperer." Star-Lite now is 1 year old, and we still have Keith come and visit for basic review and training tips. I miss my Lucki n Charmz very much, but Star-Lite and I have a bond that is so rare, and we owe that to Keith! Thank you Keith for your patience, knowledge, skills and understanding. She is my shining Star thanks to you! Permalink