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Lindsey H Grand Rapids, Michigan | June 18 2011
Ken did a great job of explaining what needs to be changed and how to get there. I was very pleased that I saw results right away and if one training does that, I know that long term results are going to last. I read testimonials about seeing a change right away and I was a little skeptical, but it was completely true! I saw a change with my dog instantly when we started to communicate clearly. It is great to finally understand how my dog and I should communicate. Permalink
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Powder Springs | June 17 2011
We got a 2 yr. old miniature Beagle from a rescue group five months ago. He came with a laundry list of issues - most of them manageable & some requiring great patience. When we brought our new Golden Retriever puppy home, things went from bad to worse. The Beagle attacked the puppy twice and his bad habits ramped up even further. Tom came to our house immediately and helped get things under control. After 4 sessions, the Beagle is like a different dog. We can't thank Tom enough for everything he taught us & most of all for keeping our puppy safe. We highly recommend him as an excellent dog trainer. We plan on calling him in the future if any issues crop up again. Thank you, Tom Zebrowitz! Permalink
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Albany | June 16 2011
Beautiful presentation - really listened and took the time to understand our concern and situation. Thank you for such clear directions. The explanation was delivered in a way that was easy to understand. I never realized how my decisions and actions affected my dog in a negative way. Rachel was wonderful, very professional and made us all very comfortable right away. I wish I did this sooner! I am looking forward to practicing with my dog and getting more education and help on our next visit. Permalink
Johns Island | June 16 2011
Michelle helped me understand our dog Stanley from his point of view rather than mine. We were astounded by the difference with separation anxiety after our first session. Our dog seemed to "get it" right away and responded naturally to the techniques. Michelle is an excellent trainer - very kind but firm and made me comfortable. I have already recommended to several people! Permalink
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North Royalton | June 15 2011
We cannot speak highly enough about Kathy Stetz and Betsy Foglia. We really didn't know what to expect when we asked them to help us with our 7 year old Boxer mix and newly found stray Boxer. They took the extra time to help us understand the way our dogs think, and once we understood, the improvement was immediate! In a few short exercises, our 7 year old boxer was so improved with her manners at the front door, we were nearly speechless - and giddy! Nothing tricky, nothing complicated, just subtle changes in how we were approaching situations that made a world of difference. They were also able to show us foundational work with the beautiful stray that we found, and helped us to understand her unique view of the world. Kathy and Betsy also stand behind their word to "partner" with you and continue this relationship after their visit. They are very prompt to return phone calls to provide guidance and support. I cannot put into words how deeply appreciative we are to them for their support and help! Thank you so much, Kathy and Betsy! You are wonderful!!!!! Permalink
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Clifton Park | June 14 2011
She was great providing visual learning clear and concise steps to follow and a recap throughout to summarize. Izzie was listening and receptive to training/trainer and now to me. Its working great so far! The barking has gotten so much better and now I can sleep past 5:00 a.m.! I was very impressed with how it went. Rachel was a great trainer - very calm, patient, and knowledgeable. I already gave out 2 business cards and would definitely share with others. Permalink
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Exton | June 14 2011
Great visual guides, clear sequence of learning. I am now able to get my dog's attention and re-direct him to the wanted behavior. I have tried negative reinforcement which was a disaster. I have tried trainers who use a lot of treats and we did not get the results. Bark Busters has been very good about tailoring the training to our specific needs and schedule. I look forward to our training sessions with Alan. Permalink
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Grand Blanc | June 13 2011
Maril gave us techniques to use right away that worked. She taught us methods that were easy to use. She was very helpful, great techniques to use, it works even when Maril isn't here. Excellent scores in every category. (Cooper, Coon Hound, had bitten 3 people, baby was due in 3 weeks.) Permalink
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Durand | June 13 2011
I like the method over yelling and spanking. That's bad for everyone and accomplishes nothing. Maril has been Very Helpful. She explains the techniques and the reasoning behind them. Permalink
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Cold Spring | June 11 2011
It's the Real Thing. It makes sense and brings calm to the dogs right away. I would not believe this method works so effectively if I had not seen it demonstrated before my eyes! Permalink