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Jessica H San Antonio, Texas | August 20 2012
Very easy to follow; enjoyed the visuals. We learned a lot about how our dog views the world and how this relates to her behavior. We enjoyed the personal one on one attention. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Other, Pulling, Recall, Separation anxiety
White Settlement | August 19 2012
Nancy is wonderful! After only ONE visit, our two loving, yet overly-boisterous pit bull mixes showed marked improvement. She has helped me learn how to be a better pack leader. Every suggestion and piece of advice she has given me has been useful, straightforward, honest, and well-explained. Not only is she helping me teach my dogs, she is also teaching ME - and I'm the person who actually needed more training! Nancy is very approachable, extremely loving with our dogs, has great patience in explaining new strategies, is lot of fun, and has a relaxed, friendly personality. Give her a call - you will NOT be disappointed! Permalink
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Powder Springs | August 18 2012
Tom changed our lives on the first visit. we had rescued a dog very unlike the toy dogs we had previously had. we had him for about 6 mos. and we were his third home. he at times seemed out of control and at others was a very affectionate loving dog. we couldn't sleep mornings because he was up at 6 a.m. or so raring to go. he would jump on people if they came to visit and at other time barked endlessly, including at my husband when he came home from work. Tom showed us the techniques to use to get our dog to behave the way we wanted him to. It's been four weeks since Tom was here initially and we can now sleep in the morning. We can have people come to the door and he does'nt jump all over them. We are thrilled with the results and would recommend Bark Busters techniques to anyone with a dog. it even helped us with our 10 Yr. old Shih Tzu. God bless the Bark Busters and Tom. Permalink
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St. Johns | August 18 2012
So great to see results so quickly! Pleasantly surprised at how natural the process is. It was very educational. I would recommend Bark Busters without a doubt! Thank you Linda! What a fantastic teacher/trainer you are! Permalink
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Holly Hill | August 18 2012
We were amazed at the dog's positive response. We have already recommended within 1 hour of our first session. Thanks again Linda! Wow! Now we need to remain consistent! Permalink
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St. Johns | August 18 2012
Mollee responded very well to the training. Better than we would have thought! Permalink
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Fort Worth | August 17 2012
Nancy has been an incredible instructor for us and our lab/basset hound mix, Susie. She helped us identify where we were missing the mark as pack leaders, and after only ONE week we began to see drastic results. Nancy has been patient, very hands-on in her demonstrations, and overall the sweetest lady you could ever let handle your dog. Susie's obnoxious barking has diminished significantly, as well as her jumping and overly needy behavior. She hardly ever barks at the doorbell, and she's learning who the pack leaders in the house are. Walks are splendid now! Susie is the happiest she's been and we are just overjoyed and thrilled at the results--all thanks to Nancy! Permalink
Wynnewood | August 17 2012
We were very pleased with our Bark Busters trainer, Donald Cohen. In our family we have spoiled our pets, but by following the "pack leader" mentality has provided structure for our dog Libby. Donald was incredibly clear and thoughtful in explaining not only the training techniques, but also the theory and reasoning behind it. Libby was new to our family and a rescue dog when Donald had our first training session. He gave us techniques and feedback that had some very quick and positive results. We would certainly recommend Bark Busters..their method is logical, easy to follow and it works. Donald's patience and clear communication were very important to our comfort level in working successfully with Libby. Permalink
Joliet | August 16 2012
The training techniques/commands were very clear and easy. I couldn't believe the results with a simple word and they listened. My trainer was very informative. The dog's way of thinking now makes sense to me. I have already recommended Bark Busters to a friend. My neighbors have already commented on how great the dogs are after just a few days of training. Permalink
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Urbandale | August 15 2012
We were leery about the cost, but in less than 1 hour of our first visit with Deb, we were SOLD. Deb is so knowledgeable, patient and well, she's just plain FANTASTIC!!! During the first lesson our dogs stopped jumping up and actually responded to our commands, they seemed to be much more relaxed. We cannot wait to see what will be accomplished in our second lesson. Permalink