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Oregon City | December 10 2012
We sought out Bark Busters to avoid physical punishment, and we were 100% right to do so. We learned a lot in the most relevant setting - our home. All the questions we had - sometimes off-topic from the immediate discussion - were answered thoroughly and in specific, helpful detail. The results were like night and day between his initial unwillingness to allow guests and his eventual acceptance at the end of a few hours of training. Attentiveness training was especially helpful. Everyone who has seen Bert before and after even a single training session needs no additional recommendation. His growth speaks for itself! Permalink
Joliet | December 10 2012
John was very thorough with all of the training techniques, which were all very easy to understand. It was amazing to us that there were immediate results! John did a great job with Tanner and us. We do not believe in physical force to train animals. Bark Busters techniques are 100% safe for Tanner and we loved that. It was nice to have the trainer come to our house, in our enviornment to teach us the techniques. It was also nice to have the one on one experience versus the group dog training experience. We would absolutely recommend John Sullivan and Bark Busters! John was great! And seeing results in just a couple of hours was amazing. John showed us just how easy it was to train Tanner. We were a little worried before he came, but have all the confidence now that we have proven techniques to use. Permalink
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Kaye G Torrance, California | December 10 2012
I first signed up with Bark Busters about 2 years ago when Lori was trainer. We have 2 rescue dogs with barking issues and 1 who is aggressive to other dogs. After Lori moved, Sue Doyle took over. We only worked once or twice and then I didn't follow up on training like I should have. We have 2 family dogs that visit on Thanksgiving and it has always been stressful so I decided to call Sue again. She came quickly. The first training session she worked on greeting people at the front door and the second session we worked on meeting other dogs. The day of the last session the first dog and 3 people arrived, then 4 more people, then another dog and lots more family, and our dogs were very well behaved. We made it through the holiday with no confrontations and all had a great time. Sue showed me many techniques that truly helped--now all I have to do is keep up with the training! If I have problems again I know she will be out in a few days to help me again. Permalink
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Rose & Al W Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida | December 08 2012
Toby was responding to both James and Rose immediately. Toby's walking on a leash well already! Permalink
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Carmin M Barrington, Illinois | December 08 2012
Snickers is a different dog! We have already recommended Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors! Permalink
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Kim G Parkland, Florida | December 07 2012
Bark Busters is very patient and thorough. Both dogs were better behaved after the first lesson, and after the first week, the change was amazing. The techniques are easy to adjust to and easy to practice. A little stressful at first because I had to break a lot of bad habits, but the fast results were a welcome change. Permalink
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Coal City | December 06 2012
John was very professional. We could not believe how well our dogs responded to his training and commands. We are very pleased. Permalink
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Naples | December 05 2012
Bark Busters was highly recommended to us and the training still EXCEEDED our expectations. Patrick was great! Excellent in presenting the Bark Busters concepts in understandable terms. Permalink
Richland | December 04 2012
Pam explained the training techniques clearly and watched to make sure we understood. I was amazed at how quickly our two Goldendoodles responded to the training. I am very pleased with the positive training techniques used. I'm not sure Gus and Gracie realized they were being trained. It was interesting the way Bark Busters used the psychology of the dog and your body language to achieve a very pleasant relationship between you and your dog. Permalink
Kalamazoo | December 04 2012
I loved that Pam went through personal experiences with me. They were very funny. Anytime I was even remotely frustrated, Pam would tell me about how hard it was for her too at first and made it much more reassuring. Stella was starting to listen much better by the end of the training. Permalink