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Bainbridge | May 17 2012
Hi....I just wanted to say that LEIGH ANN IS THE GREATEST!!!!! She is such a wonderful person to work with (training me LOL!) and my Havanese Maggie..17 weeks old......we have had two sessions so far and Maggie was a "different dog" after the first visit!! I had already trained her to do some of the things I wanted her to do but there were some things she would not do!! This cute little 4.69 lb ball of fur was very aggressive and would not COME TO ME! Leigh Ann showed me how to teach her to come with the 20ft leash...... I can even get her to pee pee potty when she just wants to take her time and smell around...... she gets on her potty park and does her business!! I am really excited at what she has learned and for the professional help of Leigh Ann! As for me....I spent a lot of money for my pet and I wanted her to present herself as a well trained dog.....a pet that I would be proud of.....and we are well on our way. Dogs from birth do not come trained......that is our responsibility IF we want them trained.... and that is fine... to each his own...but I did want her trained and I am SO proud of her and Leigh Ann for her progress! I would recommend Bark Busters to everyone! Permalink
Joliet | May 17 2012
I was having some behavior issues with my six year old dog. By the end of the session, she was a lot better and I felt that I could manage her. Permalink
Joliet | May 17 2012
John was excellent in training the dogs and us. He is a big help. The techniques were excellent and easy to understand. Permalink
Shorewood | May 17 2012
Once I learned to put myself as the pack leader it became easier for both me and my dog to learn. Permalink
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Morris | May 17 2012
We saw immediate changes. We would recommend our dog trainer John Sullivan and Bark Busters. Permalink
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Channahon | May 17 2012
Our trainer was very thorough in the the explanation of the training techniques. Mr. Sullivan is a great trainer. He taught us how to make Ruby behave and he taught us how to lead her. Permalink
Joliet | May 17 2012
John was great! We learned a lot in just the one session he was at our house. I feel he is training us to properly train our dogs. Permalink
Joliet | May 17 2012
Great experience. John gave us hope we can keep both our dogs in our home and that they will have a happy life together. Permalink
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Romeoville | May 17 2012
We appreciate John taking the time to answer our questions and patiently working with us and our dog. We look forward to seeing him again at our next appointment. Permalink
Braceville | May 17 2012
John gave very easy to understand explanation and techniques in the course of the training. I was amazed at the difference in my dog and the ease of applying the training techniques. I was very pleased with how John handled my dog and she loved him. I would absolutely recommend this technique and trainer to any pet owner. Bad habits have been corrected and my pet is so much more enjoyable. I should have done this before. Permalink