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Ocala | April 25 2012
Mister showed great improvements in the first hour. Very Impressive!! Permalink
Citrus Springs | April 25 2012
Great ideas we have not thought of. Laura has been excellent & follows up regularly. Permalink
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Sherwood | April 25 2012
We began to notice results within the first few days. We have a very young puppy and it's hard to get her to focus at times, but I know if we keep at it, she will do great! Permalink
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Sanibel | April 25 2012
Patrick Logue, our Bark Buster trainer, was very clear and thoughtful. The Methods used by Bark Busters are in a word, amazing. Maverick, our Golden Retriever, was quite responsive. He paid attention to Patrick first then to us! The techniques are quite humane, quite a change from the prong collar we were used to as recommended by other trainers. The method makes sense! Seeing the world through a Maverick's eyes makes it easier to understand his behavior. Permalink
Grosse Pointe Farms | April 25 2012
Amazing... a different dog, meaning better! Why would I recommend Bark Busters? Because it's effective and I love the fact that it doesn't require treats! I was very impressed with Maril and the Bark Busters training method. Thank You! Permalink
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Eastpointe | April 25 2012
Maril explained things so well that I can't believe we didn't already know the stuff - it is all very common sense. I was shocked at the immediate results we saw. I like that I don't need to use treats to trick my dog into a certain behavior. It was very fun! Makes me want to have Maril over every day! Real & instant results - who wouldn't love that! Permalink
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St. Augustine | April 24 2012
Linda is a very good read of a person's character/mood-she was great to work with and made everything easy. I was amazed at how quickly my dogs responded-proof that Bark Busters knows what they are doing and has developed a quality program for all dogs. I loved that there were no shock collars, clickers or even treats! It forces you to connect to your dog without distraction. Linda made it fun and interactive- we both learned a lot. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters, even for people who have "good dogs". It's so important to learn about how your dog thinks and behaves. Worth it! I really look forward to continuing the program. Permalink
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Palm Coast | April 24 2012
James explained everything really well, and the results were very fast and effective. I was amazed at how in just minutes my dog was behaving and responding to my commands. Permalink
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Jacksonville | April 24 2012
James showed us step by step how to keep our dogs away from the door as guests entered. My black Lab Bella pulled very hard on the leash, but by the end of training she was not pulling and walked by my side. Amazing! Permalink
Shishido | April 24 2012
I was at the end of my rope with Cheech my 90lb. beyond stubborn pit bull and made numerous calls to dog trainers. I was surprised by the lack of response to return my calls but... Bark Busters did and I scheduled an appointment with Karen for our free consultation. I was concerned that a female trainer would not be able to control my disobedient hulk of a dog. I was very impressed by Karen when she came to our home for the free consultation. Karen spent so much time with us and just on that first visit made a huge improvement and gained our trust. Cheech and I both love Karen and he has made great improvements in his training, he still has a ways to go and Karen is the ONE! I absolutely recommend Karen she is wonderful, patient, & understanding. Permalink