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Minooka | May 12 2011
We have been following the techniques John taught us for several days now and no toileting accidents in the house. Yay! Permalink
Coal City | May 12 2011
Our trainer was wonderful! Instructions were so easy, clean and clear. Our dog is very stubborn yet we saw immediate results. The two and a half hours went by before I knew it. It was very interesting learning. I would absolutely recommend John Sullivan and Bark Busters to my friends and family members. John was amazing and very knowledgeable. He was also very personable and great with the kids as well as the animals. Permalink
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Johnston | May 12 2011
I cannot believe the change in our dog! The results we saw by the end of the first lesson were unbelievable! Yes, I would recommend Bark Busters. I used to hate having strangers come to our house, or somebody ring the door bell or for a door bell to ring on TV. Now my dog & I can both relax! Thank you! Permalink
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St. Augustine | May 11 2011
Linda's presentation made sense and was fun. There were big improvements in a lot of Jack's more problematic behaviors. We really like that treats and shocking were not used. It was a new and unique concept for our family. It is humane for your pet, enjoyable and we like that Bark Busters comes to us! Linda is a great instructor. She was calm and thorough and spent a lot of time making sure we understood the concepts. Permalink
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'70 | May 10 2011
Bark Busters is simple to understand. As a former K-9 handler during Viet Nam I not only found this technique really surprise me but also excited me. No harsh handling or string arming of your pet. Communicating with your animal and training the trainer sure makes life easier for both of us. For the basics of a well trained pet, sit, stay, come, heel, etc...I am amazed at how fast my dog is learning these skills and also how excited she is to please us. Thank you. Permalink
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Fort Myers | May 10 2011
Charlie, my dog, showed huge improvement immediately after the initial 2 hour training and is improving more each day. Patrick Logue was entertaining and fun to work with. I would recommend Bark Busters because, in my case, of the extremely quick results. Permalink
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Sedalia | May 10 2011
Although it was alot of information at first--I reviewed all the helpful written materials until I have a good grasp on it. Pete was excellent at explaining all the training techniques. By the end of the training it was clear that my dog, Pepsi, was doing more listening. I was extremely pleased with the natural training techniques and really like the fact that there were no hard and fast rules, not a "this way or the highway type of training." Pete allowed and encouraged me to set my rules in place and explained how Pepsi would interpret what I wanted. As a vet tech and ranch owner, I know animals and Pete's instruction gave me extra insight into the whys and hows. My experience was very enjoyable and I have already recommend Bark Busters to at least 3 people. I enjoy the fact that Pepsi's jumping on people is now controlled! Permalink
Clawson | May 09 2011
I manage a veterinary clinic (Berkley Animal Clinic) and I will HIGHLY RECOMMEND your training to my clients! Permalink
Lexington | May 09 2011
Kendra explained each training technique thoroughly with demonstrations and by allowing me to practice the technique so she could determine how Charlie reacted and how I should use corrections and praise to get the best results. It was absolutely phenomenal to see how Charlie responded to her leadership from the moment she came in the door. The training techniques work great. Kendra had some training aids that helped me give a stronger more demanding correction [not physical], when needed. Kendra made the training very interesting. She was very upbeat and fun to work with. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters. It is an exceptional training program. Kendra was amazing, I could not have asked for a better trainer than her! Thanks to Kendra and Bark Busters, Charlie has become much calmer and more attentive. He has progressed well and everyone is pleased. Permalink
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North Fort Myers | May 05 2011
I was amazed at how quickly my dogs responded to the Bark Buster method. They are on their way to being much more silent. One dog is a rescue who has had good training, but just barks a lot. With the help of Bark Busters and some practice, soon he will not. Permalink