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Denver | February 04 2010
We had two totally out of control herding dogs. After one visit we saw significant improvement in our dogs. Every visit and training session is extremely informational and very effective for our dogs. We are really happy with this dog-training program, it is accomplishing what we thought was impossible. Both our dogs and us are much, much happier! Permalink
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Thornwood | February 03 2010
Derby began obeying the commands after the first session. These were the first training techniques that started getting Derby under control. The entire family found the training techniques very interesting. They also helped us break a few of our own bad habits when dealing with Derby. The methods worked for Derby! Permalink
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Port Chester | February 03 2010
Mark explained every step thoroughly and demonstrated to us in an easy way to understand. Mark is very patient as an instructor. Following our first session, Lily immediately responded and stopped biting & mouthing when corrected. All the information Mark gave us about the pack order was interesting and makes sense. Mark gave us "good sense" analogies that were fun. It has been a fun and positive experience for us, our new pup and our older dog has also benefited. Permalink
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Clinton Twp. | February 03 2010
We are pleased that the training does not involve using abusive methods. "Murphy" responds and is overcoming his shyness. We definitely see the methods working and understand it will take some time to be fully successful. Seeing the results and Murphy respond was most satisfying. The home visits are very effective as well as the years of experience that John has. Permalink
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sterling Hgts | February 03 2010
It seems like such an easy approach to training and it works. We have a different dog since the training. We are amazed at her immediate response to the training and we enjoy Lexie so much more. Permalink
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Washington Twp. | February 03 2010
It is really amazing, I have told all my friends about it. Harley and Maria are doing great. I think the trainer is as important as the technique. John is an excellent communicator, demonstrates very well and listens to the client's needs to personalize the plan. Permalink
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Chesterfield Twp. | February 03 2010
John did a great job of explaining things to me. I like John's idea of how we had to fire Rocky from his job as pack leader. I was amazed at how quickly Rocky responded to the techniques. It was a bit hard to be tough on Rocky, but that is exactly what he needed, a boss that could make decisions for him. Permalink
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Lake Mary | February 03 2010
Mike is a natural! The brochures are helpful too. We saw results from the minute he walked in the door. It's worth every penny to help manage behaviors so our dog can be a part of our family forever :) Permalink
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Ormond Beach | February 03 2010
Mike presented the techniques in an organized, clear and coherent manner. The Bark Busters techniques made sense, were easy to follow and explained our dog's behavior in ways we had not thought of previously. We have been pet owners for years and still found many new ideas. Permalink
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Sanford | February 03 2010
It was very worthwhile and it worked! Permalink