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St Johns | July 02 2012
Right away the dogs stopped going to the bathroom in the house. I like the training. It seems to work really well. I have already recommended Bark Busters. Permalink
Charleston | July 02 2012
I balked at the price, but it seems to be worth it. I had no idea that my husband and I were the ones who were making Shadow do all her "annoying" (actually nervous) behaviors. Our dog has SEVERE separation anxiety. She has broken 3 crates, one of which was supposed to be "heavy duty." The last crate is a Zinger crate that is made of welded stainless steel, so she is unable to bust out of it. However, she managed to break her teeth in an attempt to escape. Anti-anxiety drugs don't really work without training, so we called Bark Busters as a last resort before we have to give Shadow up. We figured the training will follow her anywhere she ends up, so we wanted to do what was best for her, no matter if we ended up keeping her or not. Just one day after the initial training, Shadow was behaving like a different dog. She is much calmer, I guess because she feels like she doesn't have to be in charge anymore. We are still working on changing the crate from a confining place to a "safe" place for her, but she is improving by leaps and bounds. Even behaviors we did not specifically work on, like walking with a loose leash, are much better. Having a dog is once again a pleasure instead of being stressful. Thanks, Michelle! Permalink
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Parker | July 02 2012
Pete was great, his explanations and instructions were easy to understand and follow. Within an hour we were able to walk both our dogs on loose leashes either individually or in tandem. I was pleasantly surprised at how very effective and immediate the effects were compared to the methods of other trainers we have used in the past. While there was lots of information to digest, the results speak for themselves. We are happy with our results and the peace of mind of knowing we can get help if we need it or just want a refresher. We will absolutely recommend Bark Busters and Pete to our friends and neighbors. Permalink
Walled Lake | July 02 2012
LISA WAS AMAZING! I was completely enthralled with her presentation and discussion. We were absolutely amazed at the progress achieved in one day! THANK YOU LISA! You've inspired me to be a better pack leader and realize that through hard work and consistency, I'll have a much better and enriching experience with my furry love bug! I'd love for others to enjoy stress free interaction and lives with their furry family members. Permalink
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Lathrup Village | July 02 2012
Maril came in to work with two of our dogs on anxiety leading to aggression. The problem was actually that neither of us were seen as alpha. She worked with us and the turn around was almost immediate. Her suggestions are so logical and common sense but we just didn't see the solutions ourselves. It has been really helpful that over time she gets to know our dogs and can follow their improvements. Many thanks to Maril. Permalink
Ortonville | July 02 2012
I WILL RECOMMEND BARK BUSTERS TO EVERYONE I KNOW WITH A PROBLEM DOG! Lisa answered all of my questions, [and] she made training my dog fun and interesting. I was amazed how simple the training is! I will THANK MY VET for recommending Bark Busters. Permalink
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Donald | July 02 2012
The techniques are clear and easy to understand. Buddy's barking was greatly diminished after each training session. The training is interesting and educational, moving clearly from exercise to exercise. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
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Limerick | July 02 2012
It is amazing how quickly Buster responded to Jeri's commands. I have never owned a dog before, Jeri has been able to not only help us start to train our puppy but answer all of my questions about caring for him! Permalink
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Limerick | July 02 2012
Being a first time dog owner Jeri explained everything in a way that made it easy for us (and our dog) to learn. Permalink
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Pottsgrove | July 02 2012
Behaviors changed almost immediately even with 10 year old dog - great! Jeri recommended a change in food and I'm very pleased! I really like the non-food techniques! Permalink