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Charleston | December 30 2009
We had used two other trainers to help gain control over the aggressive behavior of our 6 yr old dog Sampson. We have more confidence knowing that we can control Sampson in various situations. We are much happier walking him around our downtown Charleston neighborhood. Sampson is not as nervous and no longer rules the house. We recommend Bark Busters because it is simple AND it works! Permalink
Rochester Hills | December 28 2009
It was amazing, like a different dog! Lisa was very nice, and we felt very comfortable with her. Permalink
Warren | December 28 2009
We have seen a much calmer, at-peace-with-herself pet, [and] she seemed more relaxed after the training than before. She didn't have to be in charge of security anymore and I think a weight was lifted from her shoulders! She likes not having to be in control! Permalink
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Clermont | December 28 2009
Jim was great!!!! Bella was like a different puppy by the end of the session. I have already recommended Jim to several friends! Permalink
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Orlando | December 28 2009
Jim explained the training techniques clearly and made the training interesting and enjoyable. We saw immediate results with our puppy at the first lesson and we were happy with the training techniques used. We will recommend Jim and Bark Busters to friends. Permalink
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Groveland | December 28 2009
I enjoyed the training as Jim made it fun and interesting. I saw absolutely AMAZING results in the first session. The training techniques were very easy to follow and Jim left clear instructions on what I should work on. I will recommend Jim and Bark Busters to others. Permalink
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Kissimmee | December 28 2009
Jim was very good at making sure we did everything correctly and he was really helpful. My dog was very responsive to the commands and the corrections. I liked that there were no physical corrections involved and no treats or no yelling at or hitting my dog. I will definitely tell family and friends about your techniques and how simple and effective they are. What a great session! THANKS!!! Permalink
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Pottstown | December 28 2009
Jeri was patient, easy going and very knowledgeable. She went over her allotted time and at no time did we feel rushed. Jeri made sure we understood and were comfortable with the techniques she taught us before she left. Permalink
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Blue Bell | December 28 2009
Jeri was very personable. I have recommended her to my neighbors. Permalink
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Pottstown | December 28 2009
Jeri is an excellent teacher! She has been very patient with us and our dog and has always been friendly and understanding. We thought our dog was "un-trainable" and we started seeing results immediately! Permalink