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Franktown | March 12 2013
We first began working with Pete in 2010 when we first got our puppies. Well, over two years and one new home in between and we called Pete for a tune up for the dogs and us! Two days later and we are all back on track! Pete is amazing and as usual wonderful. He helped us understand and didn't make us feel incompetent with our dogs. We are so pleased as our 2 Goldens have been great with staying in the yard when the gate opens ever since the "tune up". Pete has made an amazing impact on our puppies. We tell everyone about our experience with Bark Busters and Pete! Permalink
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Cape Coral | March 12 2013
Patrick explained the method and techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. He repeated the ideas several times to clarify and enhance my understanding. I saw noticeable results by the end of one, two hour lesson. I appreciated the natural techniques used by Bark Busters because I had already tried treats and then everything became of game of how can my dog get treats. My only regret is I did not take the initiative to work with Bark Busters sooner. Permalink
Mattawan | March 12 2013
Pam was perfect for this job/profession. She was friendly, calm, and positive with both our Abby and us. She told us step by step procedures - then showed them- then had both of us try them out. She was the perfect coach - always encouraging. In just 24 hours I see changes in our dog's behavior - and ours. I would highly recommend Pam Moseley as a top notch dog trainer. Permalink
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Joliet | March 12 2013
John was pleasant, easy to understand and connected with Dexter right away. Permalink
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Norwalk | March 11 2013
After rescuing our adult, 7lb Maltese, it became clear that she had never been socialized with other dogs and had aggressive tendencies that my boyfriend and I could not control. Frustrated, we contacted Michael Konstantaras. It was hard to believe, but at the very first session with Michael, I watched our dog begin to transform---literally within minutes! He was able to get my dog to respond to him but then simultaneously teach US how to respond to our dog. It really was amazing. We take great comfort in knowing Michael is on our "speed dial" should we need him, however we are so happy to report that don't! On another note, most don't know it, but Michael donates much of time to training stray, abandoned, and abused dogs with behavior problems who, without behavior modification training, would almost certainly be euthanized. Michael helps these poor dogs get a second chance to find a loving home. For that alone, we think he's quite a guy---who happens to be an OUTSTANDING dog trainer! Permalink
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Edmonds | March 11 2013
Not only for dogs with "issues" but for anyone who wants to get the full enjoyment from time and life with their dogs- Our rescue pup's early years of abuse and stress made her terrified of other dogs that manifested itself by almost unstoppable barking, growling and anguish. Connie's confident approach was the turning point in our lives with our pup. We now look forward to going for walks and greeting both our canine and human friends! Permalink
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Carrie P Newnan, Georgia | March 11 2013
Wonderful job! Whole new dog after 1 session!! Amazing! Even neighbors commented on changed behavior! Very Pleased! Permalink
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Bronx | March 10 2013
Our initial session was extremely informative. Our puppy Chunk is much improved and the techniques work very quickly and efficiently. I was very pleased as you are not training the dog with treats or cruelty. Our training techniques were very pleasant, informative and productive. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters. The results were excellent. We were so pleased with the Bark Busters experience we would certainly recommend them. Permalink
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Randy K Albuquerque, New Mexico | March 09 2013
It was nice knowing that we just need to beef up what we were already doing.Our dogs had been stressing us out. It felt initially that we weren't making any headway. That changed after a few rounds of training. We noticed results.It felt great when we saw real change with our male.We are so happy that we stuck with the program. Thank you for helping us. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall, Separation anxiety, Sibling rivalry
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Valerie R jacksonville, Florida | March 08 2013
After two days of practicing the training, my dog Bruno has only barked twice. He does not bark at dogs in front of my place anymore! Thank you Bark Busters!! Permalink
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